Alice: Madness Returns 2011

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Impressions TGS 2010: Alice: Madness Returns PC Game – PC Games 2011

Alice: Madness Returns 2011 PC Game Preview
Knives, platforms, puzzles and hallucinations. The Machiavellian and Alicia’s troubled mind.
Alice returns to Wonderland, but not to the writer Lewis Carroll, but of American McGee, one designer that we released a troubled girl in a game that seemed out of the worst nightmares of Tim Burton. Ten years after our hero has made woman, but her head has not been settled. We show an increase in hallucinations of Alice from Japan.

American McGee’s Alice was a PC game that won back in 2000 many fans due to its Machiavellian approach. And it’s sweet Alice of Wonderland Lewis Carroll narrated in his book was maliciously reinterpreted in this title, to give us a protagonist who just psychologically unbalanced after losing his parents in a terrible fire.

It’s been exactly 10 years since that bizarre adventure, and the original designer, American James McGee (participant in works such as Doom or Quake) wants to return to its glory days, precisely through its newly established company: Chinese Spicy Horse.

Moreover, for anyone to worry, become also the original producer and writer, apart from many of the benders that gave voice to such important characters as the Cheshire Cat. So all is ready for anything to fail, or at least that is what appears after witnessing the presentation that EA has given us the TGS.

See what a pint of nuts! It has grown, it has made woman, but the level of his hallucinations increased in this new game. We believe that not going to see who stand in this sequel …
Alice, what have you done?
The name of this sequel, Alice Madness Returns PC 2011, therefore, already represents a declaration of intentions. Because, as a good successor who wants to be, the game takes place ten years after the first title, a time when Alicia has left the Rutledge Asylum to pass into the hands of a psychiatrist in London. However, all this commotion has done little, because the loss of his parents continued to torment her with a growing hallucinations.

But this is nothing but good news for us, we’ll see how Alice returns to Wonderland, where they are safeguards to make us live a new, dark and spooky adventure full of exploration and combat platforms, three elements and succeeded by his successful merger in the first Alice.

Here is one of the favorite weapons of Alice, a pepper capable of launching projectiles at tea to which we point out in its weak points. Can anyone guess what?
However, this time we have new challenges, enemies and levels that exceed, in addition to all graphic and artistic advances that allow the ten years of difference from the first delivery. Precisely what is most surprising is the title, thanks to a visual imagery that takes us to the troubled mind of Alice, filled with mushrooms and jump on that purple potions that allow us to shrug to achieve the most hidden corners of the set.

Some scenarios that seem to be proposed, each of them, a version of our completely different character, yet not much is known with certainty. Yes, what can confirm is that she take a sword for melee attacks and a special machine gun with which to attack from a distance.

This then highlights the visual level, but especially for the artistic style that demonstrates, through worlds that seem drawn from the best (but sometimes more sinister) fairy tale.
Therefore, you can rest assured, because the fighting will go into action to distract us a little about the platforms and the puzzles that dot the game. And for that you have a relevant fact in this regard, this new Alicia, rivals will lead to puzzles, in an attempt to achieve something similar to that shown in the Zelda series, where every enemy has a different weakness to exploit.

“This is to give the work a greater sense of variety,” McGee sentenced as he told us that there will be hidden objects and collectibles, perhaps to give a little more replay value to a product that is linear in nature when it appears in PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 during the next 2011.

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