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Italian setting and programmers for this German clone! European Fable: what will come out?

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In the small village of San Pasquale the young Scarlett (oh yes, the protagonist is named so even though we are in Italy in the game and has red hair …) is waving his beloved Benedict (ehr), who is leaving the home country decided to seek his fortune as a mercenary. Not even time to say goodbye to a group of masked Dervishes attacking the village spreading death and destruction. Eventually the attack is rejected but there are many victims remained on the ground, including Benedict, who died to save the life beloved. But it is only the first shock that will end forever the life of Scarlett as we knew at that moment, the protagonist learns in fact have a direct link with none other than Death, who needs your help to be right in a series of shady individuals who crave nothing less than immortality. The same is also responsible for the attack in San Pasquale, whose ultimate aim was precisely the elimination of the girl, the only human being able to counteract the plans due to its link supernatural.
It ’s so that Scarlett is a journey to Venice, driven by the desire to save humanity or simply to avenge the death of his beloved: it is for the player to decide what reasons move the protagonist in the events to follow.

If we mentioned Fable opening article, it was not in error, because after a few seconds of the game parallel with the title of Molineaux is inevitable: the graphics and gameplay reminiscent in many respects the most well known franchises fable dashed by Italy German Deck13 developers seem to have much in common with the magical Albion.
It follows that this is an action-rpg Venetica alternating real-time battles with periods of dialogue and exploration. Protagonist of the adventure is cited Scarlett, so no editor that allows you to create the hero of dreams: we can still customize clothing and weapons.
Scarlett has always lived in peace and harmony, thus beginning the game with a heroine we will be able to perform a few tasks. By completing missions and defeating enemies will still get to spend experience to increase his skills in addition to the cash needed to provide it with equipment more efficient. Nothing new under the sun, but the gear is well established and good level of customization, allowing the player to decide how to develop character, whether rated for combat rather than magic. The combat system is very simple and uses only the left mouse button for the attack, which added the ability to dodge attacks, gives the fighting still fun and rewarding, especially once they had built up enough experience, you can have combos and powers with which variegate the action.
Scarlett has four different types of weapons: sword, spear and hammer, a sickle most enchanted donatale by Death, the only weapon capable of killing supernatural creatures.
Be reported as the protagonist also has the ability to travel into an alternate reality, a kind of supernatural world, inaccessible to others. In practical terms this enables them to escape from enemies while we are preparing to close, while allowing us to catch them by surprise behind them, as long as it moves in reality they can not see, can also detect otherwise hidden passages and cross .

The part is finding enough classic places you visit, you talk to people, accept missions inevitable then stores, at which buy and sell items or upgrade equipment, and trainers, from which we learn new skills once accumulated enough experience. Do not miss classic puzzle, usually easily solved. Besides the main quest the game offers a variety of missions, help to gain experience and increase capabilities of Scarlett in view of the fighting more difficult.
Like other titles in the genre, the player is granted a certain freedom of interpretation, which becomes manifest in dialogues with multiple answers, thanks to which Scarlett characterize according to two tea towels well defined: the noble heroine who fights evil or the young woman eager to revenge against the killers of Benedict.
The maps are not extensive or too populous, however once you are in Venice, there is enough to explore and discover, to keep you busy for several hours. The control system is rather rigid in the sense that it can not be expected to deviate from the road: the character can not jump off a step if a pebble or bypass these obstacles the path. The environments of the interactivity is limited to certain items, but never force not to lower our guard, because they are not highlighted in any way: we need to approach and then only see a small icon indicating that the object in question can be raised or handled. It passed by a run, for example, the indicator is very easy escape.
What is missing in the world Venetica PC Game is probably a certain epic quality, a higher dimension that conveys the idea of a vast and living world: but the impression is always to move in a small pond. Take an example. After the assault on San Pasquale life of the protagonist is distraught. Death charge of recovering the mythological weapon, then head to Venice to face the ultimate enemy. It seems there is about a long journey, but in fact the weapon in question is located near the village, while Venice is … the next screen. To reach it you must first defeat the demons that haunt the mountain pass and blocking all access roads: when you are ready to do so we discover that this is just two toponyms giants. And so on, using an approach sometimes too light.

Old Generation
The technical sector is the weakest point of this production. On a PC with a good configuration, even at maximum resolution with all effects enabled, Venetica denotes a sector graph showing a generation ago, if not more. The modeling of the protagonist and the various main characters who meet in the course of the adventure is perhaps the best managed, but already the secondary PG suffer excessive repetition, due to the little variety of faces and clothes. The graphics of the landscape is also very poor, with low resolution textures that if you return a good yield in the landscape, they reveal all their limits once approached the view. Despite this, the frame rate is not particularly stable. If nothing else loads of transition between different locations are fast enough.
From the perspective of sound, the game uses a discrete bill dubbed into English, though not particularly inspired in terms of interpretation: a pleasant soundtrack, although for most of the time remain in the background too. Finally pretty good longevity, which should reach about twenty hours or more, depending on how long the player devotes even minor developments of history.

OS: Windows XP with Service Pack 2, Vista or Seven
CPU: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or similar
RAM: 1024 MB RAM (WinXP), 1536 MB (Vista and Seven), 2048 MB (Vista 64 and Seven 64)
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT with 256 MB RAM or similar
HD: 10 GB of hard disk space
Video Game Review
*Developer:Deck 13
*Distributor:Koch Media

Veneto is a small surprise in the world of action-rpg. Developed by a European house with obvious poverty of means, thanks to a fairly engaging plot, a charismatic enough protagonist run-in and game mechanics, still managed to entertain the gamer that knows how to move beyond poverty technique. If ol’innovazione look no originality at all costs, Venetica will involve and entertain the right, waiting for the next blockbuster overseas.

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