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In games on November 11, 2010 at 11:31 am

Stephen Hood Interview – Chief Designer: F1 2010

Passion, realism and ambition. Its chief designer tells us the intricacies of F1 2010 PC.
It has been too long without a good game of Formula 1. That’s the first thing I thought developers Codemasters when they joined the project to bring high-speed thrill of the new generation of consoles. We met with the F1 chief designer to find out why 2010 promises to be the best game of the genre in the last decade.

If there is one company that dominates the genre of video game driving, this is Codemasters. The British company is responsible for conducting real milestones as the titles belonging to the sagas Colin McRae and TOCA Touring Car, among which include the recent Dirt or Grid.

Therefore, one should wonder that would be like water in May by announcing that the British were to take charge of the F1 license after all these years covered by Sony. And the truth is that feelings are taken from our latest tests are very positive. F1 2010 PC Game is presented as the grand title of Formula 1 of the last decade and to prove we went to visit Stephen Hood (Chief Game Designer), with which we did an extensive tour on the circuit of possibilities that will offer its simulator. Then, the communication we had with him from the “cockpit.”

Stephen Hood (Chief Game Designer) we clarified that his team wants to return the glory days of Formula 1 simulators. It is a glory that F1 2010 has all the ballots to overcome the checkered flag on 24 September.
PCGameTrek: What was your reaction when called to develop a new F1 game?

Stephen Hood: It was a joy. In fact, I joined Codemasters developed specifically for this title once they achieved the licenses, a process I have to say that was nice, having already worked with several people in this company. But I think there was something more important, and we all liked the idea of trying to create the best game Formula 1 as possible after so long that the industry receives quality titles. Therefore, it is a great pleasure to be here.

“You took some inspiration from previous Formula 1 simulators? And by the way, what is your favorite video game?

It seems absurd, but my favorite video game is Formula One for many years when I was 15 and he spent a great time playing with my Amiga and Atari ST. At that time, I loved to play the titles of Geoff Crammond (author of the saga Microprose Grand Prix). Some time after that, Formula 1 games jumped to three dimensions and there were titles that sometimes were better and had previously unknown aspects from the point of view of realism and licensing. However, I believe that in recent years we have not received any Formula 1 game broadcast achieved the feeling of being in a car. That’s where we come. F1 2010 PC, we recall the glory days of Formula 1 titles.

The recreation paths, boxes and cars promises to go one step further than any other simulator on Formula 1. The British Codemasters have implemented the requirement imposed this fast competition.
Have you been in contact with the Formula 1 teams to get the most realistic driving experience possible?

Absolutely, we have been in contact with many teams on the grid, but what really surprised us is that they were so willing to help. I think they have the same impetus to finally get us a realistic game. For example, do not want to feel frustrated to see a title where their cars do not behave as they should in reality. So we took our time to attend grands prix, to meet the drivers and for details like where to put the mechanics and engineers during races.

We want to create a game which is not only realistic about the control of the car, but also be realistic in the garages. For this reason, we got a lot of information from teams like Red Bull and McLaren, who helped us create an experience as close to reality as possible.

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