Heroes Might and Magic 6

In games on November 12, 2010 at 1:58 am

First contact: Heroes Might & Magic VI PC Game Analysis – PCGameTrek.Com

Strategy, RPG, shift resources, creatures, heroes and new fantasies dynasty changes.
One of the great classics of the turn-based strategy and role is preparing to return. Classic Spirit and exciting new playable level for a new and epic story, where the Angels plan to revive a new war.

A remarkable number of opposing factions, a fantasy world as a battlefield and a highly addictive game system like the phrase “one more turn and ended up” perfectly describes the series Heroes of Might & Magic. Not surprisingly, therefore, that each announcement of a new installment of this saga will be received with open arms by fans of the role and strategy shifts. Precisely because of that, and after the good results achieved with Heroes of Might & Magic V, Ubisoft and Black Hole have decided to continue the saga with two decades behind him, to offer a new game with interesting innovations that aim to optimize the experience of PC Game: Heroes Might & Magic VI

The interior of the castle will be presented in two dimensions, while our wanderings abroad remain in three dimensions but without the option to rotate the camera.

The struggle for control areas
Set 400 years before the events narrated in Heroes of Might & Magic V, the title will carry us to a world ravaged by a war that will involve five different factions, which has already been confirmed that we will find Necropolis, the Griffin Empire and Hell. This is a step backward from the previous installment of the series in the sense that it was reached eight factions have different due to the expansion, although it seems that Heroes of Might & Magic VI reach the figure of ten different armies through content updates. That said, to see what other armies also included to provide updates on this issue, although of course the classic features all the ballots have to repeat the title role in central.

It goes without saying that each faction will have different strongholds that we can go better and better with the gold and resources that we collect throughout the games. But here it is important to highlight areas of control. These are areas which are encompassed under the mines and areas of interest of all kinds, which provide benefits or extra resources each turn, the player who governs. Therefore, capturing a control point will gain total control over a small parcel of territory, which will enhance these areas feuds. Not surprisingly, the hero of another player can go and take off a mine that is under the influence of our area of control, but only extract the resources of the mine if it stays there, ie leave the structure as in This issue will be part of the control area of our hero and, therefore, their assets will go to our coffers.

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