Top Fighting PC Games

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Top 10: Best fighting games (PC)

Today I went into the drafting of PCGameTrek and told colleagues: “I want to write an article about the best fighting game!” Then you pushed me and I practiced a combo of 80 hits. Another gave me a punch and to counter their attack with a Hadouken. Finally, someone threw a chair and pulled his head making a bloody Fatality … Ok, none of this really happened, but the truth is that today we will talk about the best fighting games. Here is the list of Top 10 most violent fighting pc games according to PCGameTrek.

10) The King of The Fighters ‘98 (SNK – 1998): The kings of violence. In 1994, SNK wanted to send a fighting game where characters could be all of the titles of the company. But the success of the franchise was this that forced the developer to release a version of The King of The Fighters each year. So in 1998 appeared KOF ‘98: DMNE, Japan, and KOF ‘98: The Slugfest, United States, which contained many characters from past titles, a situation that made him one of the most acclaimed games of the whole saga. Equipment and trained fighters from different countries and then the option to build your own fighting trio, presenting real life scenarios, the emergence of new teams in each title, the opportunity to propose a story to the game and the ability to add a fourth fighter to perform special moves made this franchise a genre classic. The Orochi Saga, The Chronicles of N.E.S.T.S. Tales of Ash and weaved a story that could last many years (there is always something to fight, right?)

9) Dead or Alive 4 PC Game (Tecmo – 2005): Fighting in the mud. For some reason I really do not understand, women and fight (especially if there is mud involved) are being extremely well. Dead or Alive 4 was a gorgeous game with scenarios that you made and colorful, a fair amount of characters and battle arenas whose boundaries played a key role in winning a game (nothing better than our enemy cornered against the wall) . Its plot was the continuation of the events described in Title predecessor as ninjas led by Hayate the corporation trying to destroy the beautiful Helena DOATEC. However, what most attracted attention were those girls mushy we could choose to show our bravery in combat. Gravity helps to feed our fantasies while watching their tight clothing outdoor human hinted that moved from side to side and bounced at every blow. A pity … was a sin to hurt those beauties.

Tekken 3 (Namco – 1996): Combat Arena. Tekken 3 is probably the best game in the franchise because, besides being fast and fluid, was one of the titles that are most used the three-dimensional space at the time of receipt. Not everyone is hit in the third King of Iron Fist Tournament, we must also recognize the environment and exploit its advantages to dodge fists and kicks in 8 different directions. World domination, mysterious disappearances and deep desire for revenge were mixed in the terrible and bloody history of the Mishima family and their struggles for control of his financial empire Mishima Zaibatsu. With skin-deep drama, classic combos, and 15 new characters, this game always fighting a boss looked extremely difficult to beat. An unfortunate way through the cinema seriously injured in the series, but Tekken is now in its sixth version. Just know that they feel no shame at all … One of the wrestlers is a tree trunk more than 200,000 years old!

7) Soul Calibur IV PC (Namco – 2008): Tools of the trade. A fight when there is nothing better than to split a powerful element in our opponent’s head. This is the spirit that permeates the Soul Calibur series which is characterized by incorporating a large number of weapons into combat. Some may prefer more Puritan-hit combos, but surely there must be nothing better than to plunge a sword into the chest of an enemy (sounds violent but also sincere, they can not deny). High-resolution graphics, a variety of game modes and details that were grown delivery delivery (destructible armor, meters of spirit and each character’s special powers) turned it into a franchise that brought out the best from other fighting titles and gave add value to a genre rather crude and repetitive (that I’m telling you, that you spend all your time doing the same moves in every battle). Prepare your swords, katanas and lightsaber to Starkiller, Yoda and Darth Vader have been invited to the games. May the force (and resistance) with you!

6) Super Smash Brothers (HAL Laboratory – 1999): Battle of friends. Admit it: Nintendo’s characters are very … “bondable”. The golden hair and delicate features of Link I envy generate deeper, I’m very angry that a mustachioed plumber Mario achieved as a princess and love Kirby … Kirby just hate him with all my heart. Super Smash Brothers (Melee mostly) achieve the exact balance between the violence of the fight and colorful subjects nicer digital world. Twelve characters from different games company Japan got together to give us a feast of lights and sound that soon became the fifth best-selling title in the history of the Nintendo 64. Its unique gameplay twist he gave his characteristic pseudo-sport. The idea was to stage your opponent to the ground as we were saying these airborne platforms. Run, jump, dodge and throw everything in your path, a slip here could sentence you to defeat! And be careful with that banana peel!

5) Killer Instinct (Rareware – 1994): The heir was not. Rareware The company teamed up with Midway to bring forward the first draft on gender Nintendo fight. Killer Instinct was one of the few games in the genre developed out of Japan that rocked the big title fight. Innovations like prerendered graphics that simulate a three-dimensional, never before used visual aids such as zoom, animations in 10 characters and plenty of deadly combos made him a key piece that left a mark impossible to erase. Violent instincts were tested in a tournament organized by Ultratech, a multinational company engaged in the manufacture of weapons he wanted to test their new inventions in a futuristic world absolutely polluted. Who left on this planet could ask whatever he wanted (as Ultratech had the money to get it). Its 1996 sequel did not do a combo Ultimate, a No Mercy or Humilliation its closest competitors. However, his memory is still present in the minds of lovers of combat. Is it not time to bring it to the next generation of consoles?

4) Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes (Capcom – 2000): Many geniuses fighting. Nothing more, nothing less than 56 characters (plus a final boss) took part in one of the best fighting games of all time. The world’s most famous comics Marvel, along with fighters from Street Fighter and other beloved characters from the Capcom universe came together to fulfill the dream of fighting with our favorite superheroes. The game let us choose three fighting styles in teams of three characters, giving endless combinations of fighters who turned against each item in a unique encounter. This fourth crossover franchise motor had a set of four buttons (two fists and two kickoff) plus two to call a character who achieved a simplicity in handling very appealing to many casual players who came impressed by its many bars of power and multiple combos. With full funding of movement, this visual feast should be part of the first three best games of the list (sorry, if I did not want to imagine how many hits me before hitting the ground I give these guys).

3) Virtua Fighter 5 (SEGA AM2 – 2007): K.O. technical. The latest installment in the Virtua Fighter series, and shows a wide visual quality over its main competitors (AM2 team pioneered the use of polygons and changes in camera for video games) was the most demanded title users with the right combination of buttons to make combos of punches that both those who want to achieve all we do is to press all the keys in the hope that some unknown stunt ends with our enemy (Did you have never done?). Improving with every sequel since it was launched there by the year 1993, Virtua Fighter 5 featured a series of characters with unique fighting styles from around the world: Judo, Kung Fu, Sumo, Jeet Kune Do, Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, American , etc. Do not be impressed by the presentations of each fighter, always choose who you like and … Tighten all the buttons and do not let you move the lever! Something spectacular has to go!

2) Street Fighter (Capcom – 1987): The law of the street. After a soft start that became monumental since its second version, street fights became a landmark that marked the path of the genre to achieve a piece of quality and quite funny. Lots of recreation enjoyed around the world with the appearance of memorable characters like Blanka, Ryu, E. Honda, Ken, Guile, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, Zanguief, M. Bison, Vega, among others, which had its own characteristics of combat in a game that moved us to different places around the globe to reach our destinations. Few video games contain such deep stories of betrayal, pain and redemption as we find in this franchise. Fortunately, favorable winds brought new graphical improvements that revitalized a series that, despite the passing years, it remains as alive as from its first appearance. With an incredible bonus stages which included the destruction of barrels and walls, Street Fighter is the second fighting game that every user should play in your life.

1) Mortal Kombat (1993): The final blow. We all know that the battle for the top of this list was found between these two classic melee. But as always PCGameTrek reward creativity, we decided that the Mortal Kombat franchise deserves the podium for having based his popularity in the constant search for innovations in the genre. The use of flesh and blood actors in early versions and the transition to three dimensions then were small change compared to the great discovery that made the real added value to the series: the incorporation of the Fatality. Then turned to other pursuits not so happy (Friendship, Babality, Animality, Brutality) these auctions that take advantage of absolutely stunned enemies have appeared throughout all versions of establishing itself as the indelible mark of the series. A dozen titles full of blood (which will include titles that tried to win a place in the adventure genre) will give more than sixty characters possible beheading, maul, eviscerating, dismembering, savagely beat, make baby or give a gift to anyone who dares to confront this mortal combat. Without doubt, the king of shock.

There were also other great fighting games like Guilty Gear X2 # Reload, Last Blade, and curiosity, we can not welcome you to Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. In this world if something is left is violence, so I ask you … What are the best fighting game you played?

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