Galaxide PC Game Review

In games on November 13, 2010 at 10:10 pm

Galaxide PC Game 2010 may seem like another shoot-`em-up, at first, and that`s exactly what it is, but with a couple of additions. The sole purpose of this game is to entertain classic shmup fans and test shooting and tactical skills. Lasers, missiles, spaceships, explosions, power-ups, upgrades, bosses, the game has it all. You start with a basic setup of your vessel having nothing but a weapon firing a single laser. Besides destroying other spaceships and turrets, that are attacking you, you need to collect silver and gold coins that are used to purchase wide variety of upgrades at the shop. I encountered the first shop after the 9th level with only 219 coins in my pocket. To tell you the truth, I was a bit disappointed finding out I could only purchase one or two upgrades. Seems that most of the upgrades only improve timed power-ups you pick along the way after destroying either blinking vessels that are supposed to be cargo transporters or, sometimes, the usual spaceships that are attacking you. Weapons like double and triple-laser were present but out of reach at the time and, sadly, I never came across the second shop or past level 27.

You might want to scout out the levels after the first shop to decide what would be the best upgrade, but, for me, it was a 20-seconds machine-gun. The machine-gun is a timed power-up that seems to be frequent after the first boss. It was fun, the first time I picked the machine-gun power-up. Hard-rock / metal tune, a bunch of fast bullets coming out, its probably the most helpful power-up in the game and the machine-gun really comes in handy when you`re facing a lot of laser and missile turrets.

After the first boss, rotating structures appear to provide a good cover against enemy weapons, giving you some tactical advantage, or disadvantage in my case, as I just kept bumping into them. And although it was not intentional, I discovered that, by destroying a rotating structure, you might get a power-up as well, the only problem was that it took a lot of firing to destroy a rotating structure. Fortunately, if you need to fire more quickly than the default auto-fire is capable of, you can do so by testing the speed of your fingertips. The whole task becomes much simpler if you`re using a gamepad.

The boss on the 20th level was very challenging for me. It looked like a dish rotating and throwing fireballs of some sort in groups of 5 or so. It appears that the boss was dropping coins while receiving damage and, while I lost a life trying to defeat the boss, once the bass was defeated I ended up collecting extra-life power-up and with almost 400 coins! According to the manual, you can receive a wide-variety of awards during play, but I failed to get any of them.

There`s an online hiscore that you can submit to and it was very rewarding finding out I reached the top 10 place on the “hall of fame“ chart. While its a single-player game, you can still have multiple players created inside the game and each player will have a separate account with separate stats. Only the highest local score can be submitted to the Internet.

Its a polished game with colorful graphics, a bit retro 2d/3d style. Some of the graphic effects are interesting, music is pretty good, sound effects are fair, but the game was just too hard for me. While I managed to pass the first 20 levels after several attempts, I found second area very disturbing, but fun, as the game throws a bunch of new enemies and some weird missiles at you, out of nowhere and without any warning.

If you want to see the sample game videos or download a trial version with 14 free levels, you can also visit the official Galaxide PC Game page.

Galaxide Rating
The final verdict would be 8 out of 10 for a well-priced game (7 bucks) that will provide days of fun.

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