UniBall PC Game Review

In games on November 16, 2010 at 12:44 am

UniBall is one of the longest running independent FREE games on the Internet.

Josh “C:\” Langley, originally came up with the concept in 1998, and since then UniBall has developed into an amazing fast-paced game of both teamwork and individual skill that is nothing like any other game on the internet. The community has grown with players, constantly learning new skills and strategies in order to compete with the best.

At the core, UniBall resembles a simple hockey or soccer-like game, set in outer space. You control your ship to defend your goal, knock the ball away from opponents, pass to teammates, and shoot to score! For experienced players, UniBall becomes much more of a teamwork and strategy game where different skills such as ball-handling, learning tendencies of opponents and teammates along with other team-based strategies will take you to the next level.

UniBall has many different community created maps that you are able to play on, as well different game modes. The most common of these modes is called “hockey”. The objective is to score enough points against your opponent to win the game in a individual or team match up. There is also a dodge ball mode, where each team is given a different color and the object is to hit the opposing team with the ball and reach the score limit before the other team. Lastly, there is even racing! You and your teammates must race around the track, boosting and hitting other opponents into walls, so that you do not cross the finish line last.

For all of the competitive players, UniBall offers many different leagues and tournaments to compete in, the majority of them created by its community members. The official UniBall ladder ranks individual community member in 1vs 1 ladder duels, and squads in team ladder matches. At the end of a ladder season (typically one month), the top duelist and top squad are given a distinct chat color as well as unique chat icons to distinguish themselves from the rest.

Bundled with UniBall is BR Chat, the game’s chat client and squad manager. Here you will chat with other players, join or create your own squads, join leagues or tournaments, and receive help and support from the administration staff. BR Chat is the number one resource to meet and interact with the community. Some of UniBall’s players have been around for 10 years and still chat with the people they’ve met to this day, so it’s a great place to meet some new people and get involved.

Once you get a feel for the controls and start interacting with the community you’ll understand how truly addictive this game can be. Beyond the simple concepts lies a surprisingly complex game that can take a lifetime to master.

UniBall HQ Website
Download Link

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