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In games on November 17, 2010 at 11:35 am

Eduard Punset Praises The Educational Potential of PC Games

British PC Gaming Magazine Online Gaming Blog

The well-known science writer Eduard Punset wanted to address one of the latest articles on his personal blog a topic of interest. To be more precise, should interest many of the issues discussed here, but this time Punset wanted to refer to pc games to break a lance for their educational potential.

In his article argues that the so-called “digital natives” will be much better prepared to “acquire the skills to survive in societies of tomorrow.” Trying to educate young people with the same methods with which we were taught to us not only “find no work, but will be unhappy.” According to scientists, shapes individual experience over the years, the brain, so that a young man who keeps up with the latest technology will have a brain better equipped to succeed in tomorrow’s society.

Punset also recommend the book “Do not bother, Mum, I’m learning!” Marc Prensky. This is the best scientific study to reveal the secrets of video games and computer programs.

Educational PC Games 2011 for All

A young man who is lucky enough that his parents let him play PC games learn to fly airplanes, drive fast cars or plan for the development of a city. But also to distinguish the essential from the inessential in tenths of a second or improve psychomotor coordination. Finding is a study of surgeons who play video games have increased by 40% its capacity for coordination and precision.

PC games are the entertainment of this and be aware of their values when the generations who have grown up playing them prevail over those who do not have. We must not lose sight of the great educational value they possess, just as television, film, radio or a book. And none of them teaches you so much.

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