NBA Elite 2011 PC

In games on November 18, 2010 at 1:22 pm

First Look: NBA Elite 11 (A.K.A. NBA Live 2011) – 2011 PC Game Reviews

NBA Elite 2011 PC
Renovated, experienced and fast-paced, EA Sports NBA Basketball reinvents their best
Change of name and new look. The NBA in EA Sports takes control ideas have restored grandeur of the final delivery of the NHL series, and recycles it for basketball success. Maximum natural movement and release system to the basket completely changed for the new jump to the Elite.
The new EA Sports NBA will not be remembered only by assuming major gameplay changes, but also for the name change will bring. Live leaves your site and nomenclature Elite sports series of the American company, and the franchise suffers many changes.

Although the series had in recent times an upward and NBA Live 10 was a more remarkable basketball video game, EA Sports has decided to pre-empt a hypothetical future decline and has rejuvenated the series almost completely. The idea, according to its leaders, is to provide the player all the building blocks necessary to achieve the most amazing experience and at the same time realistic as possible.

Changes in controls appealing, but the palm takes the new animation system, and physical ball and players.

Welcome to N.B.A. Elite 2011 PC Game
The control is the key. After the brilliant experience of movies like Fight Night or the aforementioned NHL series, EA Sports guys have realized that with similar formulas, adapted to the basketball-could benefit from this sport in a revolutionary way.

To do this the first step had to do with treatment of the ball much more polished than previous releases. No more situations like trying to steal the ball from an opponent and it does not take off your hand just because he was not expected to happen. At Elite we can try to steal the ball into the opponent with the right stick, and if correctly intuit their movement and we stand at the precise moment the chances that we get on the ball are totally in our favor. The dynamism and animations on the fly is the key point.

The enormous depth to debut in the control of Elite 11 will make the difference between stars and players “means” more pronounced. As in real life …
On the offensive use of the right stick is similar to previous releases. So all the dribbles and movements to avoid the defenses performed with crescents on the lever, quarter circles, diagonals and sudden movements of the stick left or right depending on the maneuver you want to perform and to which side we want to run.

The shots also have more to do with ability than ever. The right lever is again the key, and we urge pulling with arms and legs to make the field goal, and when released at the right time launch carried out correctly. Theoretically, and on paper, the movement is extremely simple, but the key is how difficult it is to guess the time we release it to hit. A deceptively simple approach similar to previous installments in its database, but now full of nuances: It depends on many elements as the player’s skill, the distance to the basket, the presence of a defender in the middle of the path.

The physics of the ball has been one of the major improvements needed by the now defunct NBA Live series. NBA Elite 11 (NBA Live 11) is launched with the intention of polishing this section.
On the other hand, already talking about dunks, we must also take into account the presence of defenses, this time in the history of our sport. Now the ability to alter a mate in flight by moving the stick in the right direction to change our trajectory makes a difference. The player will adjust to changes in the way of a convenient and effective, causing us to adjust to circumstances and opposing defenses that surround us.

The NBA Elite series rookies crash at their annual meeting, despite the name change, and will surrender 11 at a time to determine the final stretch of this 2010. With it will check the health of a franchise that reinvented, and observe how she has laid the myriad changes that promise made in this edition.

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