Ready at Dawn broke relations with Sony

In games on November 18, 2010 at 9:40 am

In recent days, Sony has been in the sight of all specialized in technology and video games, especially by rumors of appearance of the PlayStation Portable 2, alleged PSP Phone images, and the fall in prices of PSP Go due to the little relevance that is taking on market gamer sites.

In addition, some days ago the people of Ready at Dawn (God of War franchise creators) are no longer wishes to continue working with the Japanese company portable console.It seems that this decision was caused by limitations of hardware which presents the current PSP, which do not benefit games developed for the above-mentioned undertaking.

And it seems that the idea of developers is decisive, and would only work on Sony device if you improve many aspects of the physical components of the console.In addition, Ready at Dawn has argued that already experiencing a strong frustration for the PSP, security breaches which allows piracy grows and affects the coffers of the developers.

According to declarations, Ghost of Sparta is the latest game developed by the company for the Sony console and will only work when the Japanese company presents the new version of the console or improve existing features so far.

At this time Sony has decided to not give statements thereon, but we can assure that the statements of Ready at Dawn have fallen them as a cubetazo ice water.

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