Weekly summary of news (No. 15)

In games on November 18, 2010 at 2:05 pm

Technology helps keep us connected. We on social networks, text, messages mobile phones and instant messaging systems can communicate in real-time with subjects that are on the other side of the world. That is why, today, since this dark corner of my lonely room, I connect with all of you to tell them about the ten most important week technology news. Traficas data on Facebook? You’ve been asleep because of your iPhone? Are you break with your partner?Find out all reading this article (and make me feel virtually accompanied).

(10) Dato: Facebook sellers passing developers who sold ID (UID) users and their users to companies contact lists that could provide a more accurate advertising their products.”Facebook has never sold user information.” We have zero tolerance for data brokers because they undermine the value expected by users of Facebook”, assured the social network from his official blog and added:” Furthermore we would not be so stupid we lose such business, huh? “.

(9) Piar pago: Twitter has released the first version of “featured tweet”, a new kind of sponsored tweets that introduce advertising in the search bar and the timeline for users using HootSuite enforcement.This action is part of a strategy of social network seeking to monetize their millions of users. However, this would not be something striking: except in the porn industry, never seen birds that generate money.

The bird in its nest expected to his mother bring you… money!

(8) Importantly compete: Google has filed a lawsuit against the Department of the Interior of the United States, which accused of having illegally favoured Microsoft – at the expense of Google Apps – requiring, arbitrarily, any messaging considered for purchase solution to be part of the “Pack in line for productivity of business” from Microsoft, thereby negating any possibility of competition. Without doubts, ésto, and that the telephone charge US 30 days service in February, is the acme of injustice.

(7) Holografía: A group of scientists of the Department of science optical of the University of Arizona (USA) has projected holographic images that you can generate distance images in three dimensions of facts or events in another place, with a frequent updating content almost real-time.This new system will revolutionize the way in which we enjoy the film and television: we will now have the NA’vis walking by our living or Jigsaw waiting for us to have breakfast in the kitchen.

Jigsaw just waiting for you in the kitchen for breakfast.

(6) The ermitaño: A UNICEF study more than 3,000 children between 12 and 18 years who are actively involved in social networks, revealed that 42 per cent said to have friends who only know online, and only 14 per cent found ever with these people.It is “bunker generation”, a group of teenagers who are enclosed in your room to connect to the Internet for hours and without any control of parents with consequent “isolation” of his family. “Isolated” and a “bunker”?Seems to me or people from UNICEF was studying the multiplayer mode of the Medal of honor?

(5) A little while: flaw in the implementation of the iPhone, with regard to the change of daylight saving time, alarm made thousands of European users lifted an hour later than planned. Also page endgaget.com, also reported that several u.s. users them has sounded the alarm one hour before by this same bug.The balance was an hour of Oriental and African users in absolute tranquillity.

(4) Mobile doctor: Ándago company has developed a tool that gathers data from patients and sends them to a system of management of personal health records that can be scanned by health professionals from a mobile phone.Just as doctors are concerned that the system suggested already repeatedly Diagnostics and erroneous treatment as “Herniated disk fragmentation”, “Formatting liver” and up to an “update the TCP/IP protocol for a box of hemorrhoids acute”.

(3) Couples rota: A study conducted by journalist and graphic designer, David McCandless, who has been responsible for parsing the States of 10,000 users of Facebook, has established two weeks before Christmas and the day after Valentine’s day are the days in which the majority of couples are separated. I don’t think necessary study your sentimental status on Facebook to realize something so obvious, especially if your cartitas for Santa Claus in ask a new girlfriend, and on the day of love give you a 357 Magnum your partner.

This gift is a both suspect.

(2) Hackers pago: as announced in its official blog, the computer giant Google will offer rewards for those who discover their web application security flaws.The Security Division will pay between 500 and $3.133 (357 to 2.238 euros) to whom data to help identify these problems.The truth is the best offer telework can be found: work from your home, putting you in places that you do not correspond and collecting more money than employees in the Finder.

(1) The Supreme Court of the United States violencia: Supreme debate to prohibit minors from purchasing violent video games containing content on sexual violence or murder.The final decision is taken in the middle of the year 2011 at base a case study of the legislation, that still has not entered into force, that prohibits in California the sale or rental of video game violence – specifically, to wake up “deviant interests or móbidos” juvenile-under 18 years.On the other hand, the Court would remind young people that Uncle Sam follows esperando…

We are now you and I.I will take this moment of intimacy to tell you that… Ey!Do not you go!Do not abandon me!Good, but I hope to see you in seven days.I will here be, to make you company.And thou?You’re here?

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