Chime PC Game Review

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Chime 2011 Experimental Puzzle PC Game Review:

Since their birth, rhythm game were able to pretend to know how to make music on any instrument: guitar, plastic, batteries, microphones and transformed the average gamer sofa in a perfect John Lennon 60. Nobody, however, there had yet to play with geometric forms. Now you think Chime, Zoe Mode’s new production for the initiative of Steam OneBigGame. The intention is to amalgamate the kind of game with the rhythm of the puzzle; the result is a truly amazing combination.

Among the forms and melodies

The purpose of Chime, in two words, is to place the figures on the game grid on-screen to create squares or rectangles: these forms, the passage of the “time bar”, adding steps that we are instrumental to the song “playing.” The more you fill the area of quadrilaterals, the more the track will take on its original musical form. At first glance, the game play is very reminiscent Tetris: indeed some “bricks” are similar to those of the historical masterpiece, both in form and in the joints. It’s up to us; however, place them where they saw fit, an approach that should lead us to achieve 100% coverage.
Once created, the square began to fill up: in this phase can increase the available space next to other pieces, after which the figure will be finalized and ready to be taken into meal by the time bar. This line moves horizontally along the entire area of the game: when it encounters some form complete words or adds notes to the basic music. To enjoy the musical pieces in their entirety, therefore, you need a good percentage of completion of the grid. All this, believe it, it’s harder said than done. It still feels the lack of a tutorial that given the unique game play, would have helped more than one player to understand a few basic rules and familiarize yourself with the controls, whose configuration is possible either via the keyboard (highly recommended) or through mouse. Let’s look quickly via keyboard commands, the cross direction is used to move bricks, pressing two buttons allows you to rotate them in order to obtain the desired joint and a third key blocks them. The only complexity is to understand, during the first few games, what are the precise combinations likely to trigger events (hence our consideration of the tutorial).
E ‘in terms of how that Chime PC Game reveals its nature as a semi-amateur production: The main menu offers only one mode and a free time. A good score in the first unlock the songs for the second, nothing more, and nothing less. The longevity, it is evident in the long run this is undermined by excessive austerity, to the aggravation of what we think the lack of multiplayer, a veritable lifeline in these cases: the developers did not conceive any mode online, offering only the global rankings the best scores for each level.
Despite those flaws, Chime knows how to be appreciated for enchants the player in front of the screen: while trying to guess the right snap the minutes pass in a relaxed and carefree, always looking for that higher score that often leads to the syndrome of the ‘last and then it stopped. From this point of view, Chime does not disappoint, showing a good range for most hardcore players.

A few good songs… Chime Game For PC 2011
We must admit, the soundtrack chosen by Zoe Mode is the highest quality. First, it was not easy to find a genre that marries well with so relaxing and addictive gameplay, and the choice of electronics-ambient and which seem apt. In addition, the selected artists are of the highest level: Philip Glass, Markus Schulz, Paul Hartnoll, Fred Deakin and giliegina on the cake, with its Moby Ooh Yeah.
Unfortunately, this beauty is not accompanied by the abundance. The composers we have mentioned are, in fact, the entire park sound, five songs, not one more, as well as Xbox LIVE Arcade version is now out months ago. Just this delay in releasing the PC version we had, lawfully, hope for some extra gift. For the remainder of the technical sector is the average of such productions. The graphics are clean and simple and almost zero boots, Chime PC Game advantage that makes the classic title suitable for a “lot on the fly.”

RAM: 512 MB
Processor: 1.7 GHz
Video Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card, shader model 3.0
Hard disk: 178,9MB
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
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Final Remarks
Chime is yet another nice surprise to find among the semi-amateur production of the Steam platform, one that must be accepted with a smile. Why is simple, addictive, relaxing, fine? It ’s a rhythm-puzzle-game (forgive the neologism) of the atmosphere that makes its core, thanks to an excellent ambient soundtrack able to escape for a few minutes the player, while playing with the geometry as an exercise in school, no teachers, and, unfortunately, not classmates, given the lack of any multiplayer mode. This coupled with the fact that five tracks soon become few, does not allow the production OneBigGame to reach an assessment of excellence. Like, I mean, does not prevent us warmly recommend if puzzle pc genre interests you.

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