Rare not discarded development of games for Nintendo 3DS

In games on November 19, 2010 at 4:09 am

Rare Ltd. (or simply Rareware) is a British video game company which was founded in 1982 and works for the American company Nintendo since 2002. The developer has been in the news recently because it has big plans in regard to produce games for 3DS.

While not carried out a public official listing which makes it possible to verify this, it is important to consider that a group that integrates Rare has risen an entry on his personal blog (popularly known as Scribes) which you can very well determine the intention of the company by developing suitable for 3DS games.

Indeed, the entry may be noted clearly that Rareware boys not discarded this at all, because they have as one of its Basic projects involved in the innovative world of portable consoles, which are doing furor since some years ago.

The Rare blog published an advertisement pretty funny, which says that banjo-3DSie is confirmed but that the word “confirmed” refers to a “100% speculation”. In addition, the company added: “we have not done many projects portable field from Diddy Kong Racing DS and Pocket Paradise, but we might get your finger again?”Possibly in 3DS?”Not me up I say so”.With this suggestion is just possible to imagine what the ideas which are being evaluated in Rare.

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