Ubisoft: Kinect will be depleted for holiday season

In games on November 20, 2010 at 11:49 pm

As many already know, Kinect is a seventh-generation game manufactured by the American company Microsoft, controller which is designed especially for the Xbox 360 video game console (although it will also leave in its version for PC). Kinect main feature is that it allows players to interact with the console without using the touch or some sort of command: just handle the game voice, gestures and movements of the body.

This game controller has already been recently launched, and promises to be a great success in regards to sales.In fact, the French company Ubisoft Entertainment is one of the many that believes in the great notoriety that will acquire this innovative system.

The video game developer carried out a series of statements regarding Kinect, which were performed at the hands of the own Vice President of sales and marketing company, Tony Key. However, it is important to mention that Ubisoft thinks will that Kinect be depleted in a lot of opportunities for this Christmas, that Microsoft will not bring buyers available sufficient unit quantity that will be sued.

“We believe that Kinect will be difficult to achieve.””Will quite exhausted in this Christmas, secured Key.Executive stated that this situation will give because the Microsoft guys are made impossible to work faster to produce more units of Kinect.

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