Darksiders PC Game Review

In games on November 21, 2010 at 6:25 am

Analysis: Darksiders 2010 PC Game

Almas, War and Apocalypse, a powerful infernal action-adventure epic.
Launched in the early stages of this year 2010, Darksiders has been the surprise of a year heavily influenced by the quality Hack and Slash. Following its successful PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, THQ did not want to neglect fans supported and launched a few months after the version of PC. The first adventure of war, the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, is a powerful action-adventure epic that will leave no one indifferent.

At a time when the industry in which it is increasingly difficult to start a new IP and it has the support of critics and audiences, THQ, however, conducted a remarkable effort in supporting the Games to Vigil earlier this year to create a new intellectual property based on the fantastic designs of the popular comic book artist Joe Madureira. The company was rewarded with Darksiders, a title of great quality.

And what is the result of strong cross-references is this adventure? A fantastically cohesive game, which has a very powerful artistic direction that came, in turn, to a PO resounding playable and addictive. At the time we think that the game would not have a big commercial backing to be released while Bayonetta or titles like God of War III, but the game managed to sell over a million copies in its first weeks on sale. A large number of fans chose Darksiders and discovered that Joe Madureira, Vigil Games and War itself had something to offer the world of video games, and now also in PC.

In Darksiders Guerra, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. A trap is upon us and we will find those responsible and kill them.

The Covenant is Broken-History-
As by now the reader knows, the protagonist of Darksiders could not be more unusual, this is war, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The beginning of the game may seem confusing, but within minutes we will be aware of everything that is happening.

War gradually discover the complicated web of betrayals that has, without intention of ruining the experience to anyone with spoilers, yes, we will advance some data that will be totally harmless to the reader.

So we begin our adventure at present, land on a planet plagued by the arrival of a punishment that falls from the skies. What at first seems a terrifying meteor shower, quickly becomes worse when these masses appear to be glowing demonic monsters.

Darksiders 2010 pc game is the first work of popular comic strip creator Joe Madureira on the world of videogames. The creator credits include graphic novels with X-Men, Battle Chasers and The Ultimates.
For reasons not describe the civilization is destroyed, and War, our character, after a first few minutes of struggle against everything and everyone is finally subdued and we explain that the Covenant of The Children of Men, Lords of Heaven and Slag from Hell has been broken by the rupture of the legendary Seventh Seal. What does this mean? What we will learn in the course of the game, but the direct result is a forced dream of a century for our protagonist, which means that when you are awake to the lost civilization and the world little more than ashes.

That’s when our real adventure begins, in an environment that in his opinion may seem incredibly sinister, but benefiting greatly in their look colorful personality that breathes Madureira designs, which will describe later in the artistic side of game .

The performances are quite spectacular movements. Will require not always knock out the enemy, with these ominous birds, for example, simply jump on them and press the appropriate button.

So in terms playable Darksiders offers exactly what we expected of him, a Hack and Slash from the old school, but with sufficient additions of new-style elements to consider it genuine.

The combat may seem simple at first instance but, as in most video games that include progression of the character, is improving slowly into a few hours of play in a range of resources enough variety to satisfy the cravings combative any fan of the genre.

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