Dragon Age Legends for Facebook is confirmed

In games on November 21, 2010 at 7:13 am

For fans of free games that are both fans of Facebook, recently boys Electronic Arts took place an advertisement that will surely be to their liking. It is the arrival of a new video which you can enjoy free shape thanks to the Facebook platform game a few days ago made public.

It’s Dragon Age Legends, an ideal game for fans of the saga of BioWare.Done, through Dragon Age Legends can be accessed much information related to the second part, without fail to mention that you will also unlock multiple exclusive content for this edition also, it is important to consider that Dragon Age Legends would be as a kind of presentation which gives rise to the development of a completely new part.

Responsible for the development of the game came to give statements with regard to this, stating that Dragon Age Legends will be based on tactics and co-operative gameplay in order to exploit the multiple strengths that Facebook has as much as possible.

The announcement was carried out at the hands of the general manager of Electronic Arts, Mark Spenner, who assured that this video game will be characterised by its “deep and sophisticated experience” without fail to mention that you will involve innovative materials in the future.In fact, the idea of EA is continue captivating fans with this type of video and numerous content for their games.

“We have had the privilege of working with BioWare to bring Dragon Age universe to hundreds of millions of players from Facebook,” expressed Spenner.


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