Best applications for Twitter

In games on November 22, 2010 at 11:17 am

Founded by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Evan Williams in March of 2006, and launched publicly in July the same year, the social network for microblogging Twitter allows users to publish what they want in 140 characters, space on the web, by instant message or from a mobile phone text message. Currently has approximately 150 million registered worldwide and growing at a steady rate of 300,000 new users per day, which published more than 100 million tweets on a daily basis.

As we know that those who entered in this article are people interested in much say in few words, we move quickly away from absurd introductions and we get full naming and describing, in 140 characters (or less), applications and tools you need to know if you’re addicted to the famous network of the bird.Let’s start:


Twittercounter: want to know how famous are you?Put a counter and see the number of people entering your Twitter account.

Retweetrank: Shows the influence of your tweets on your social network and how many are republished by other users.

Twtrfrnd: you still or I do not follow you?Use this tool to compare supporters between two users to know if you have common followers.

Foller.me: what interesting Eres for me? Access a complete analysis with statistics on topics of interest and keywords of any user.

Untweeps:We can hear inactive users to know what bird has closed its piquito forever.

Twit Cleaner: Analyzes the people that we follow and creates a detailed report on each of them to know what their most common interactions.

Friendorfollow: Application that allows you to know who we are and we do not follow, who follows us and we do not follow and who are our true friends.

Twitaholic: want to know who is really famous?Let you have a one and look at the millions of people who follow the Twitterati network.

Twitaholic: These are the ten absolute leaders of Twitter.

Give life to your tweets

Twitpic:Share photos with speed and simplicity.Required if you want to expand your information with an image that is worth more than 140 characters.

TwtGal:Creates a beautiful photo gallery to share with your followers.

Yfrog: Shared videos (and photos also) in a very simple and fast way.

Qik:Lets you record, transmit and share live videos from a telephone and comment in real-time with your Twitter followers.

Twtpoll: A tool that lets you create surveys for Twitter users invited to participate in any topic that interests you.

Twitterkeys: text is boring? Adds icons to your tweets with this expressive tool.

Twitterkeys: not everything is text in life!

Optimize your account

Twitterrific: Nothing better to manage your Twitter account from a convenient window on your desktop.This is tremendous.

Twalala: already a famous enough?Make disappear the tweets of all users that bother you or topics you’re not interested.

Twittermail: Post images, writes long messages and receive all replies to your tweets from your email account.

Tweetbeep: An alert via email keeps us abreast if someone made a comment about us or a topic, site, or particular keyword.

Twuffer: is time to Tweet?Program a list of future tweets to these published automatically in a day and a specific timetable.

Bit.ly: Compresses urls in only 20 characters.These addresses are associated with your profile to have always at hand so you’re interested.

Tweetdeck: Streamlines and sorts the notifications for new tweets without having to enter your Twitter account.

Twitterfeed:Updates your Twitter from your feed reader by adjusting the frequency with which you want to receive messages from Twitter.

Twitbin:Something like a TwittChat.A sidebar on your desktop that allows you to converse with your followers.

Twitter Times:Creates a newspaper, in real time, with the most important topics of the timeline of your Twitter account.

Twitter Times: the newspaper of Twitter.

The most interesting

Twitscoop:Helps you to be aware of the hottest topics of the social network in real time.It is updated automatically.

TwitTangle:A tool that allows you to tag and sort accounts that interest you.Ideal for those who are still large numbers of users.

TwapperKeeper:Organizes the tweets on a topic, keyword or user you want so that you can then consult them comfortably.

Trendistic:Presents statistics on the most popular topics in Twitter and what people is saying about them.

Tlists:Directory in which you can find, create and view lists of topics that interest you and share tweets with other users.

Trendsmap:Displays in real time, the most popular topics according to their geographic location in the world.

Trendsmap: Look what you are talking about in Europe!

There are many other tools and applications that help you enhance your Twitter experience.Sites like Twitdom or TwitTown function as real directories full of interesting proposals to discover.So it is high time that you create a Twitter account and you wear to investigate.Don’t miss the opportunity of piar worldwide to what interests you!


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