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In games on November 22, 2010 at 4:14 pm

By Erman Porttal – PCGameTrek Video Games Magazine

The search company Google is threatening to enter fully into the world of video games, following a relentless expansion in services over the Internet.

The video game market (PC Games, Console Games) even with the scourge of piracy, remains buoyant and profitable. Although in the beginning was a thing of companies dedicated almost exclusively (Atari, Nintendo, SEGA …), with the arrival of Sony’s 32-bit was the first major companies in the world of electronics and / or computing want to take advantage of a sector with great potential. The consoles stopped being toys for good, becoming multimedia devices with multiple capabilities and had come to everyone. This has been exploited especially in this generation thanks to Internet connectivity offered: voice and video chats, surfing, playing movies, series and music streaming, etc.

Of course, if we talk about Internet, there’s an actor who does not want to miss any event, none other than Google. No, do not be afraid, we have not heard of any “gconsole” or anything, but the Mountain View giant wants to join the new fashion, of course, style. I do not know if you heard of Google TV, the new commitment of this company to venture into the living room of our house. It is basically an interface to provide online applications that appear directly on the TV screen, which can be handled by the TV itself (there is Sony) or external devices to the DVB-T tuner (which appears Logitech). Call it a way to expand the functionality of a device in advance only for the viewing of audiovisual content.

The truth is that this issue is not very exploited. Some people have purchased a hard drive player that supports multiple formats, which has mounted even a small computer or who simply use their console, but use is often intended to watch series and movies. However, it is very convenient to have a Windows with their sensitive lyrics and a keyboard and a mouse in a teleconference from several feet away. So here comes Google, which gives developers a way to create specific programs to run on television, with a control or an appropriate interface. And where there is a possibility of launching applications of any type, here come the games. And if not, tell that to Apple AppStore which is full of video games, and even was the case before the JAVA mobile. As the aim of this paper is not explain what Google TV is, the better you see a short video to continue talking about it.

As I say is not intended to deal with Nintendo, Microsoft and, of course, Sony, one of his allies in this adventure. It does not seem interested in the hardware, but they are others who believe the devices that carry its software solutions. Here we have the Nexus One, that if he did really well HTC, was the only phone that could be defined as “made in Google”, the first and last time. They do Android, terminals that do others, a way to avoid competition and gain market share. Its main rival Google TV is curiously Facebook, one of the few enemies to beat that remain on the Internet and who has not been able to overcome any of his inventions, be they called Wave, Buzz or otherwise.

A place on the TV allows a new route of entry for their services, such as Picasa or GTalk. Can you imagine video conferencing via TV? It seems so far away. And if you use those services on TV and Google Android, why not continue using the PC? For that, another way of eating ground to competition on the Internet in all areas, games as well. Because one of the reasons for the success of Facebook is its applets among which are the games that we simply do not leave it to several of causing anger among a large number of people who do not need more than a video game for entertainment for a while each day without much difficulty.

I’ve seen a few suspicious movements in recent days that do nothing but point out what is an open secret. First, we have Google releasing the pasta in Zynga, the creators of the famous Farmville. Over a hundred little million investment, said soon. This has been followed by negotiations with other studies such as Playfish, recently acquired by Electronic Arts and also with significant presence on Facebook. Parallel Logitech has announced its intention to sell peripheral device for Google TV and presumably also for compatible televisions, since that is their primary business. Among them would be a command to play. And if I say that Google TV will soon be compatible with the Android SDK, it seems clear that we will not have to limit ourselves to pc games in Flash, but as we encounter more serious conversions from the mobile platform.

No I watch people go to pay for games of this caliber on your TV, but if the offer is wide and have enough free overtones to get a large audience. Then there is the obstacle of having to buy separate devices, either the peripheral or even the “tuner” to call it somehow. On the opposite side we have the PC, which at the end of the day and comes with everything standard, or even the consoles, which although would have no way be compared in terms of games, another world is the subject through Internet multimedia is still a little green. So I still maintain my reservations: not the same play for a while connecting to your computer from wherever they have to turn on the TV specifically for care of a shabby-farm (with all due respect).

Personally, I see Google TV itself, beyond the games, with a mixed feeling. On the one hand, it is another step in Google’s world domination. Almost monopolistic control of online searches, hardly a day that we went into YouTube, and is embedded securely in a corner of your browser, or even whole provides us with the browser, is coming to our phones with Android, you probably have a email account and uses Buzz GMail, Google Calendar, Google Reader or any of its other services; when searching Google Maps employ a direction, a good part of the online blogs are created on Blogger … and so on to infinity. Yes, above all, and what gives him more strength to this company is that owns almost complete Internet advertising, which allows all the above is free, and has such great success. And now he wants to enter our room and take our television?

On the other hand, the idea seems interesting and it was rare that anyone would step forward to unite in a much more comprehensive and easy Internet and television. Each one made war on their own, separate and specific services including YouTube, Hulu, Netflix or even general-interest channels. What was missing was someone to put order into chaos and surely no one has more potential than Google for it. I as a consumer, and sure many of you also, since the Internet provides many facilities to see what we want when we want every time I go at about the disastrous national television, except live events obviously. We will see what is the matter this fall with unknowns as what other manufacturers will join Google, which will be the availability of content (especially in our country) or what level and will use the applications, including games.

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