Swinglet CAM: photographs from the sky

In games on November 23, 2010 at 9:12 am

Swinglet CAM is a “flying camera” easy to use, secure and very attractive to look at while does its job. Its mission is to obtain high resolution photos automatically on the basis of ordinate (GPS) user-defined. While many argue if their marketing and use is legal or not, this small and quiet spy plane can get air with a resolution of up to 12Mp images, giving you many hours of entertainment and that is better still, provide you with an overview of any sector for many different uses that may occur to you. Since monitor crops in a field to control, in a discreet manner, all activity of the neighborhood.A very special how toy?

Most interesting aerial photographs tend to be most at risk for flight cameras, however, to this toy company Switzerland senseFly is very simple and secure. This is because your radio to 35 MHz. link system allows control of the aircraft to a distance of 2 km. While the range of operation exceeds the 20 km., security measures advised by the manufacturer indicate operating the aircraft at shorter distances.Its lightweight design (500 g) and thank you use batteries Li-Po Swinglet CAM can reach a speed of up to 50 km/h winds not exceeding 25 km/h. using a small electric motor (brushless) located strategically at the back. In addition, as part of the product, the system incorporates a digital camera (integrated electronically to your computer), an external hardware that connects to any laptop in minutes to offer you an entrancing experience. Note in action:

The spacecraft flight control system is performed automatically, i.e. can operate in stand-alone mode using an application configured before telling you the flight control system coordinates upon which you must navigate, height to reach, speed and other data of interest.When everything is connected and ready to go, (aileron control tilt give us notice with a simple automatic movement) is sufficient to release it in the air and Swinglet CAM control system shall be responsible for the operation of flight. Once the mission is completed, the aircraft will drop automatically on space selected in advance. Remember that the system works using GPS coordinates which should be incorporated to “flight plan” prior to the same though for those more experienced “pilots”, the team brings a command that allows you to operate the aircraft without Automation.

Control software is very easy to use and works on any platform (still – SenseFly)

Software that accompanies the product allows you to alter the flight strategy while the device is in the air to allow you to obtain images of sites not foreseen at the time of organizing observation flight.This way we can add or remove reference points to the “autopilot” that explore areas larger or smaller than expected. With a capacity of up to 20 points of reference to delimit the area of flying, the system offers the possibility of making pictures of excellent quality and stability thanks to its system control interrupts energy impulse engine to avoid unwanted vibration and perfect images at the appropriate time.Other advantages to highlight are, as we mentioned before, its design and materials used in its construction that allow you to use its features as “glider” while gets images.No doubt this is a very interesting artifact and “ready to use“, elementary condition to not forget it for few days, make the list of orders to Santa Claus.

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