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In games on November 23, 2010 at 12:05 am

The Flintstones 2010: In Las Vegas Again – Video Game for Flintstones 50th Anniversary – Latest PC Game News & Reviews

Here come the Flintstones PC Game, with Peter and Paul at the head, running through the circuits of the PC 2010 a crazy race not good enough for his fame.

The Flintstones, these characters so charismatic to have jumped to the big screen a few times, we watched on TV since childhood and made us laugh with their adventures and their appliances of prehistory, have now decided to participate in a great career from 2007 Rock in Veges to Las Vegas again, the great “Boulderball Run”, and with them a lot of riders who want to like our characters, be the first to reach the goal.

The races of this style are the main touchstone know-all-in “Mario Kart PC Game“, the brilliant work of Miyamoto. There have been many who have tried to copy it, even Nintendo itself – “Diddy Kong Racing” – but only Naughty Dog PSX Crash Team Racing “has been able to reach their level. Now, in PC, SWING! Entertainment also attempted, but with more pain than glory. Let’s see why.

The Flintstones 2010: In Las Vegas (PC) Graphics

To begin with, there is no selector 60 Hz, and have not included even one over scan to remedy this deficiency, so it starts and our disappointment that, despite being a French game developer, have not even care what minimum quality required of a PAL PS2. And of course, the anti-aliasing reappears in all its glory.

The best thing about the game in terms of graphics is the variety and quality of textures, which despite not being in “hi-res (high resolution) are quite good and varied. Textures of stones, rocks, wood and others are visible quite well polished and gives the sense intended.

With regard to the models give the impression of being a PC game. Tracks with sharp objects and environments, almost all semi-empty, it saves only a few details to go through a set of 32 bits (for example, the giant dinosaur that bridged a career).

The variety of tracks is another point that is saved from the burning, but being very empty environments and without personality, is a point that is overlooked when we be running. And I say running to say the least, since the sensation of speed is zero. Not even the turbos to the tracks we will give that touch of sparkle that should detach.

The Flintstones 50th Anniversary Game: In Las Vegas – Game Details

The modeling of the vehicles and characters in Flinstones PC Game 2010 that go into not meet the minimum requirement. Cars disappointing, with few details and modeling very poor, with many angles and with a character inside that only knows how to make a move, what do you want me to say?

Moreover, apart from the turbo and invincibility, the other items are all very similar in their effects. A point in their favor is also that those items have been transferred very well to the environment and the style of the TV series.

When you start racing you will find four vehicles, but at no time will your features, if you have more grip than the other, or faster, or it does not matter the vehicle you pick, why are all the same. Winning races to go in the Championship mode will open a door and another car appears. The bad thing is you have to start from scratch each time the Championship mode you unlock a circuit, which is always a little heavy going at the beginning of everything.

The Flintstones 50th Anniversary Game Play:
Playing only have one career choice and championship, and when the championship mode is activated winning Grand Slam. If you enable all tracks have 12 in total, with its attendant mode will mirror the 24 tracks you’ll find in the game.

In multiplayer mode will include more game modes, a career type, other deathmatch and capture the other flag. In total there will be 4 multiplayer modes, but in battle mode there are four more sub-modes, which are the most, used to play with your friends.

Returning to the 1 player mode, the AI of opponents is not optimized much, so although there are 5 levels of difficulty will not be very difficult to win almost every race, and I say almost all because what matters here are the time total tracks, not every track itself. No matter what you do not win every race, while you’re total time is less than that earned you a clue, you will be the champion.

Finally, just to mention the high load time to put up with. Charging time for the cars to the tracks, to return to run a single track takes a lot of time (long overdue, by the way). This is a detail that speaks very badly for the optimization of the loadings by the programmers.

The Flintstones 2010: In Las Vegas Again Conclusion

The truth, disheartening. The Flintstones 50th Anniversary 2010 Video Game PC version is a game that should never have gone out for PC, as much for PS3. And even then it could have alienated much of what we’re seeing now. These characters deserved better to make your entry into PC.

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