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Review: PES 2011 PC Game – New PC Games 2011

New season, new installment of the legendary Pro Evolution Soccer. “Candidate for the title?
When a series takes a step forward in a supply and two back in the next is that something is not working. After the encouraging PES 2010, Konami returns to its old ways and gives us another Pro Evolution Soccer totally inconsequential. Interesting for the fans, forget the rest … PES 2011 PC offers hours of fun but also frustrating and, above all, the feeling that there must be much more demanding of a saga that in the past provided us so much joy as this.
Steps forward, steps back … The Pro Evolution Soccer series has become something that the fans never know what to expect. There is absolute uncertainty with each release of a franchise that once seems to rise with the notable PES 2010 PC Game Review, and regresses sharply in the following episode, 2011 delivery in question.

Sensible speed drop by Seabass and Co. for this release, in its efforts to introduce innovations in the gaming experience, have changed some mechanics that were beginning to be successful in the last episode. Therefore, we expect great things from PES 2011 PC Game. The path of Chapter 2010 aimed extraordinary ways in the future, but Konami has decided to change course and outcome frankly surprisingly discrete.

Problems? “In the analysis we will try to clarify them, but the biggest is that PES 2011 lets clearer than ever that Konami did not just find the site of the series in the market. In previous years, in its heyday PlayStation 2, the franchise was known for being a formidable arcade, though perhaps for the FIFA push slowly has been taking an approach to simulation aspects that just do not fit into the formula. The new release of Pro Evolution Soccer PC Game is a very dangerous no man’s land between arcade and simulation, with elements of both sides not just build a consistent whole. In short, a completely indefinite limbo or not please fans of one style or the other, and that only please the fans of the series.

New season, new installment of Pro Evolution Soccer. “Candidate for the title?
Champions-League for Methods of Game
Gradually Pro Evolution Soccer is catching up with its rivals in terms of game modes, and in this sense PES 2011 is the most serious alternative that the series has offered so far.

A solo player level in our own desk where more time will probably invest in the Master League mode is one of the great pros of the game when giving it a huge life. Here, as is traditional in the series, we take a real team and lead to higher levels or create one from scratch with the template of classic saga and manage to make it grow . The truth is that it is a very attractive method, as you know the veterans of the series, a true bottomless pit of hours spent, all this in spite of having some remaining elements back to the player as much participation, for example The management of all the intricacies of a signing by the observer.

The UEFA Champions League is returning, and the Copa Santander Libertadores, which debuts are the two big bets as to leave part of the game. The two have a very similar approach, with a special pulse by Konami at the time to take advantage of the tournament and to play it alone or together, and the licensed teams behind them in both cases.

In fact, regarding the equipment available in leagues and exhibition games little comment. The full list of clubs available to it and framed it in real leagues following this link you can see, likewise there are national teams and other European clubs that have increased significantly with the additions of some notable absences as if coming Bayern München. Moreover the 40 teams who dispute the Cup are available within this modality, but against all odds, not for solo play. Within the South American clubs can only play games with the classic fast Boca, River and International.

The national teams are there, with the possibility of reissuing big games with teams that starred a very placid performance in the recent World Cup.
The community, moreover, is again a point in favor of tremendous importance in the series, especially considering that this is a game to enjoy with our friends. Here we can re-create the profiles for our fellow football exploits, record in great detail even the smallest statistical and preference of their games. A fantastic tool that knows no rival in the current generation of consoles, and that is the great bulwark in regards to local multiplayer.

And at last paragraph is talking about on-line, real engine of the play experience of a sports title. Here are multiplayer versions of nearly any alternative that offers the game playable as a modes, with presences Leagues, Cups, friendly and even the Master League, which debuts with a multiplayer that moves it within the expected parameters. For the moment, and although the multiplayer is thoroughly tested, we were unable to test the latency of the title in back-end servers because of problems outside the magazine, so we’ll wait to have another version to update the text analysis if they have some kind of lag.

Dance Steps – The Positive-
As there is much to say about Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 and do not want to distress the reader with an analysis too long, we decided to divide the factors of the text between positive and negative aspects of his role playable, obviously starting with the first.

Among them we can mention a number of patterns that are characteristic of the series and not lose their degree of importance in this release. The first is, of course, that of accessibility and how much fun it is to play any delivery of PES with our friends, especially if they do not have much experience in the genre since this new chapter is as intuitive as all above.

Again, the dribbling is really complicated to make. On these occasions appealed to the change of pace and power of our players will be the only option to break down enemy defenses.
In fact the unpredictability of the game and the vagaries of AI in resolving aspects of the game could be something framed in both positive and negative side interchangeably, something that would depend on the player profile. But we decided to introduce it in this part to be an essential feature of the franchise that brings the ability to surprise with its eccentric goalkeepers, as fickle in the shooting at goal or state of random form of the players.

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