Puzzler World PC Game

In games on November 25, 2010 at 8:48 pm

Puzzler World 2010 PC Game Review

Are you the type of person that buys a puzzle magazine from the newsagents when you go on your summer vacation? I am…its like having turkey at Christmas its tradition; I just can’t help my self. I get to the airport, visit the newsagent, buy my puzzle magazine and I know that this puzzle magazine will last me for the whole holiday.

Puzzle magazine favourites – Puzzler – who, incidentally are the world’s biggest puzzle content supplier have now gone one step better and released a new game called “Puzzler World” on PC, iPhone and iPad.

Puzzler World PC Game offers two modes of play, Challenge Mode and Quickplay. Challenge Mode offers a staggering 560 progressively more difficult puzzles set across eight types of puzzle e.g. Crosswords, Wordsearch and Sudoku. Completing, a puzzle unlocks a variety of bonus puzzles such as Hangman, Chain Letters and Equate to name but a few.

Once a puzzle has been completed the player is given the opportunity to open 1 of 3 presents. Each present contains a different amount of ‘Hint Tokens’ so choosing the correct present has beneficial gains to the player as they are awarded more hint tokens to aid them along the way. Hint tokens come in very useful on the more difficult puzzles as they can be traded in for, clues to help solve any stubborn problems a player may encounter.

Quickplay as you would imagine allows the player to instantly jump into any main puzzle type supported by the game. Puzzles located inside Quickplay are much easier when compared to Challenge Mode but I suppose this is the whole point.

Puzzler World is an incredibly addictive game especially if you like traditional puzzles like I do. Highlight of the game has to be the Japanese Link-A-Pix puzzles that will be a new challenge for many picture puzzle fans. The graphics are bright and colourful and lend themselves well to the game making it instantly likeable to the young and old. At over 500 hours to complete the game Puzzler World is certainly worth it.

Final verdict 8 out of 10

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