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Batman: Arkham City is “finished” and enters polishing phase
Until its release Rocksteady going including new features.

New Batman: Arkham City PC Game 2011

Although the game’s release is still far in time, the people of Rocksteady seems to have already finished programming Batman: Arkham City, at least the key.

As stated in the last podcast of the Official PlayStation Magazine in the UK, and the title can be played from start to finish by the company itself, and from now until the release date of the game, the team will focus on correct possible bugs, polish certain aspects and adding new gameplay features.

Batman: Arkham City will be released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in late 2011. You can find more details about the game in our first contact in the journal recently.

Grandeur, violence, power, technique, ambition and redemption. The Dark Knight in Arkahm City.
After the surprising success of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady the boys preparing their awaited second part. Significant expansion of resources and prospects for a game that tries to be much larger in all respects to its already outstanding first half.
We confess. When they began to show the first footage of Batman: Arkham Asylum felt the same apprehension of hundreds of thousands of fans superhero created by Bob Kane had already been let down so many times before. For good looks to present the game on screens and videos, until I saw the title in motion and beta EIDOS sent us we could not relax and trust in one study, Rocksteady, which until then had only the most well developed Discrete Urban Chaos: Riot Response.

And Arkham Asylum is successfully debuted in July 2009 and scored 8.8 in its versions for PC PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in PCGameTrek, and a 9.2 in its version compatible, something superior in technology . Logically, and with a critical and commercial success of such, needless to say did not take long to reveal that a sequel was in development. This responds to the name of Batman: Arkham City, and promises to significantly extend the claustrophobic confines of the original.

The city is one of the protagonists of the title. “We are trying to create the city’s richest and most detailed ever assembled in a video game.”

The means for this sequel has increased dramatically, and all that their makers can feel comfortable, to expand the gaming experience and “do an Arkham 1.5¨, as stated Sefton Hill, creative director magazine GameInformer game. “We want to make the same jump that we made from nothing to Arkham Asylum. We repeat this step again to Arkham City. We have the same level of ambition.”

The biggest star of Arkham City is precisely the city itself. If the first part of a closed environment was chosen as the Arkham mental hospital to avoid falling into the boredom that might result in a town of that size, for Rocksteady sequel has been released from the corset and your hair completely loose . “What we do in Arkham City is to create a place with the same attention to detail that we use on the island of Arkham and has some history in every corner. We would not be a large empty place, we want something that has a real treasure within. We try to create the largest and richest city that ever assembled in a video game. ”

If Arkham Asylum had many battles in which we were surrounded, now things will get worse, especially the ability of the enemy to take elements of the stage and beat them.
The truth is that it really interesting to see Batman moving in open after the brilliant experience that led to Arkham Asylum in a radically opposite. “As we designed Arkham Asylum our confidence started to grow. After the release of our confidence grew even as a study,” Hill said in a recent interview with Develop portal. “Now we are really excited because, as a developer, I see the team and I feel we’ve reached the summit. We still have places to meet.”

The ambition is multiplied exponentially, and the size of the city and with it the playable area. The city lies before our feet, and it seems we can move through it with very respectable levels of freedom. A time to move again to have the same methods as in the original game, with our wings to plan and achieve our hook height positions as major allies.

To bridge the vast distances that this time is open to us is still unknown whether the firm will have the legendary Batmobile that characterizes his protagonist. In its original charge specified that it was not introduced out of context, but in the second installment seems more than necessary to move through the streets. More clues? The Collectors Edition is attached a miniature incentive maneuver would be somewhat absurd if the meteor was not in the game itself.

Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets … Batman has always been characterized by use, and in Arkham City will require not only more, but will also have more complex challenges to overcome them.

Kitten 7 Lives
Thus the Dark Knight returns, but only do so …. For example, Catwoman debuted in excess of Rocksteady to accompany him. In the study constantly insist on the fact that the relationship between Batman and Catwoman is still very early in the universe that have been devised. But one of the main narrative of the game given utmost importance to its connection with a relationship that constantly flirts between romance and rivalry. Batman knows that she has crossed the line several times and has broken the law, “said Hill. “She’s a thief, but he thinks he is someone who can still be saved.”

However, apart from this struggle of emotions and redemption, the only thing that is clear is that Batman does not have too many friends at this time in the city of Arkham, and dangerous than it is right that having your hand Catwoman going to help fight a battle more even with the huge number of enemies and supervillains who must cope.

To begin, we know that Joker returns as revealed in the first announcement of the game. Without wishing to cause unnecessary spoilers can say that it ended somewhat disrupted by the end of the first part by the abuses of venom Venom, and it seems that the trailer itself is recovering from it in the company of Harley Quinn. From time Rocksteady have chosen to explore the matter, but it seems clear that given its dominance in the first video its presence is also important in the sequel.

Moreover Harvey “Two Face” Dent also makes an appearance in Arkham City, with a much closer look at his portrait hysterical Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Forever unbearable that the recreational solemn held Aaron Eckhart subsequent Dark Knight. How does this translate? Back in high fidelity to the designs of comics, a line depart and extraordinary artistic results in Arkham Asylum.

Instead of seeing the occasional supervillain and through bars or windows, in Arkham City will have a much more direct contact and frequent contact with them.
Enigma is another character who debuted on this occasion, and that the presence of his testimonial challenges of the original should not be considered a full-fledged appearance. Those intellectual duels will be replaced Edward Nigma on this occasion by his pursuit, to be carried out with different interrogation that happen often with the thugs who meet in the streets of the city. “We are adding more depth to the experience of Enigma,” said Hill.

Victor Zsasz also appeared briefly in Arkham Asylum but, however, will have a major presence in the second half. The serial murderer will be part of a secondary mission of the many that punctuated the experience of the game, and that the title will have a number of such stories that will be joined by key figures within the game, so we have the main story as primordial experience, while abundant parallel orders and optional lenses.

The enemies will again be marked with different colors depending on its characteristics where green glow is that they have ties with Enigma and we can interrogate them to extract information.

Batman: Year Zero
In the first game had a huge presence in the watchword of the character created by Bob Kane, gadgets. On this occasion again to enjoy them much more difficult challenges. “We have crime scenes much more complicated than in the first game,” said Hill. “As you progress it becomes more and more complicated and we have some forensic aspects based puzzles as well.”

However, the fact that the puzzles are more dense and deep, does not mean you will abuse them, in fact the message being transmitted is rather the opposite. “It was a gameplay decision making detective vision so strong … we will try not to repeat that mistake again,” said David Hego Develop the portal in an interview in which he said he had heard that some players had exceeded the entire game in detective mode, and with night vision enabled her to locate the enemy with great distance clearly among other advantages. The demonstration is being shown to the press, in fact, we must figure out where left a sniper bullet, and for this we must use all our accessories and gadgets.
Rocksteady has not delved into them, but there are many new movements and actions with those who destroy the enemies as the ability to plunge from the heights.
Once ascertained the origin of the projectile will pass into action pure and simple, which shines again Arkham City. Once again we light attack, strong and with intent to knock out opponents with our gas, plus all the usual litany of gadgets. To make matters worse Rocksteady prepares a number of developments in the fight, and in fact introduced a new form of struggle that has winged superhero that allows you to hit at full speed regardless of their enemies that they are covered or not. Obviously this type of maneuver may be used only rarely, but its leaders still have not detailed.

It should be noted, finally, recently has been rumored that the game could have some kind of multiplayer experience. The news was leaked by a member of the study course on the official forums of fan site, thus their accuracy is far from proven. However, and although not specified whether it would be a cooperative or competitive mode, the mere possibility of enjoying with a friend on the streets of the city in the roles of Batman and Catwoman is too juicy to at least not considered.

Batman: Arkham City, unfortunately, there is still something remote. Its launch is planned for late 2011, Rocksteady time devoted to perfecting the formula of his memorable original game to achieve the fantastic promises more and better than the sequel.

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