Top 5 Best Value PC Games

In games on November 27, 2010 at 7:19 pm

By: PC Game Trek Magazine

There are many people reluctant to buy video games. Unfortunately many people are able to spend 250 pounds on a graphics card without blinking and then be unable to pay 20 or 25 pounds for a game that will enjoy months.

The reality is well and above some will argue that they are unaffordable. I acknowledge that I have not bought a game or xbox 360, because 50 pounds seems excessive to me and besides that I’m a PC GAMER!

I refer in particular to PC gamers. And we can use many methods to buy video games online in a fast, direct and, as we shall see, cheaper.

Buy import:

One option is to buy games cheaper imported physical. For example, a heavily visited site is Play.com
But you may have a problem with the language. For example, you buy an import game in the UK but you can have a surprise with a non- English version.

Digital Platforms:

Many have criticized digital downloads of video games, mainly by the purists who prefer to go to GAME on duty and buy the box that blew up or because sometimes the price of the digital version is similar to the physical version.
I understand and I do not deny, but it is questionable whether digital platforms also have their advantages.

The most powerful is surely Steam, Valve, with an impressive catalog that has many more functions than simply paying for the game and put it down instantly. For example, the games are patched alone, you have access to mods, demos, videos, reviews of Metacritic, and voice chat system, a system of groups and friends, achievements, …

Steam has been criticized for their prices at times, but is continually getting offers on plan “this weekend 50% X game”, or “X this pack of games at this price.”

For instance, recently Mass Effect was about 5 pounds for a weekend. It is a game a couple of years, but even so the price is right.
On another occasion pulled left 4 dead at 19 pounds when they had gone a short time and was sold twice.

In summary, Steam has a huge catalog, with many add-ons and interesting offers. No doubt the essential platform for any game is still PC and probably the best gaming platform today.

On the other hand we have EA Download Manager, Electronic Arts, which is nothing more than an interface that lets you download games you’ve purchased from the EA Store.
This is limited to video games from Electronic Arts and is nothing more than a download manager, but also sometimes offered us good prices.

Other platforms have not tried are:

– Direct 2 Drive
– Game Tap
– GoG
– Impulse
– Green House

Acquisition of serial number (or CD keys serials):

Another way of buying cheap is to buy only the serial number of the game.
That is, you download the ISO of the game plan you put your pirate but I bought the serial number on these sites, at least to my knowledge, are totally legal.

In fact, in some cases, these serial numbers be added to Steam or your account Electronic Arts, and then you can download and install these tools.
It is important to read the description of the serial number you go to buy, to see if you serve to Steam, Electronic Arts, or just for a retail version (on CD or ISO) game.

On this page Steam has a list of Retail serial number which is allowed, ie games purchased on Steam not but add the serial number on the application you will appear in your list of games and you can install.
And the serial number can be a physical box or bought from sites selling these keys.

I put a very recent example. In http://www.cdkeyhouse.com I bought the Deluxe Edition of Dragon Age by 15 pounds, when steam is 43. Instantly I was in my mailbox the email with activation key for the Ea Download Manager along with the serial number for the extra content.

So I turned the game on my account from the same Ea Download Manager and the moment I was losing the game to the maximum speed that gives my ADSL.
But I was error adding serial number of extra content, so I went to the website of cdkeyhouse.com and a couple of minutes, I chat and I have indicated that the extra content added from game, not EA account.

Some stores to purchase serial number are these:

Direct Game Keys (I bought this and everything was ok)
CDkeyhouse.com (I bought this and everything was ok)
Cdkey-game.com /

In summary:

In short, there are several options for buying PC games at low prices delegitimizes what the pirates do not spend a penny on them.
Probably bought all the games, especially for hardcore gamers, is something unreal and impossible, but there is no middle. Terms means that Microsoft does not include bans on your system, which is his biggest mistake. But that’s another story.

“Where to buy cheap computer games”, “what are the best shops selling PC games”, “looking for PC games” are frequently asked questions from our readers. We selected the top-selling 5 best value 2010 games for PC now. What I think is PC gaming is the best, thanks to the exclusive partner discounts stores for best prices. Do not miss the latest PC games offers, locate your adventure computer game, simulation, strategy, musical games, sports PC game, shooter, driving and course of action and adventure games.

Here is the list of our top five:

1) PC James Cameron’s Avatar
Category: Game PC Action / Adventure

Impressive computer game based on James Cameron’s film Avatar. Meet the Na’vi, inhabitants of the wonderful world of Pandora and fight on their side for the survival of tradition and the species or, conversely, fighting on the side of the GDR. Avatar Gaming PC.

2) Splinter Cell: Conviction for PC
Category: Game PC Action / Adventure

Action, justice, betrayal and revenge are the research strengths of the game. Guide to exagente Sam Fisher in the leading research of his life: the death of his daughter and the betrayal of Third Echelon agent. Immerse yourself in one of the best detective stories.

3) The Sims 3 Ambitions PC
Category: Simulation PC Video Game
The Sims 3 and create your new family builds a home

Discover a new life with your Sims stroll with your new friends, visiting a friend, conquest to a friend, take your family to the park, famous or thief, everything is possible with the new Sims game 3. Do not be the last to discover and compratelo.

4) Dragon Age Origins Deluxe Edition
Category: Role-Playing PC Game

Direct download one of the best video game RPG. Download free expansions “Castle of the Guards,” “the Prisoner of Stone” and the Rings of Fire and Memory, Blood of the Dragon armor, the Grimoire of the Wastes and accessories Cold Ones Dragon Age cheap.

5) PC Need For Speed Shift Game
Category: driving computer game

Need For Speed Shift puts emphasis on realism, you will feel a real driving experience, the speed is well simulated and the damage you produce in your car are not only visual … The game Need For Speed PC is made for real drivers.

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