ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead

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*Release Date: June 29, 2010

After more than a year after the mass market ArmA 2, here come his first stand-alone expansion: Operation Arrowhead. For those not familiar with the original game is one of the most complete and best war games available today. The way it differs greatly from most FPS on the market because of its high realism, making him a game for only a few. Bohemia Interactive will be managed through the issuance of this new chapter to improve the flaws that plagued its predecessor?

*Developer: Bohemia Interactive
*Distributor: Halifax
*Players: Online Multiplayer
*PC Game Trek Online Magazine For Latest PC Games

War is war everywhere
Three years after the events in the state of the Soviet Chernarus told in ArmA 2 (PC), a new outbreak of fighting is kindled in the desert Takistano and a coalition of forces commanded by the U.S. military is bringing the place to restore peace and to minimize losses among civilians. The Takistan is an imaginary country but closely resembles both in morphology of the landscape for geographic location, the current Afghanistan. Choosing a location dummy developer Bohemia Interactive could forge the plot of his title at will avoid having to rely on real events. This has created a campaign that will cover varied through nine missions, different roles in the armed forces, from simple infantry until you get to pilot a tank or helicopter.
The first task will be assigned will be to make a clean sweep of the rebel forces at an airport and take control. A rocking music will accompany your flight arrival in the hot area, no time to get off the helicopter that the voices of your teammates you will report the enemies approaching, their position and the distance you just throw in the collision. The high simulation title will force you to come closer to your targets carefully, trying to exploit all possible shelters. AI enemies do not always respond appropriately to situations that will be created. The problems encountered during our preview unfortunately were not corrected in the middle of firefights over a long distance throw the enemy to the ground, sometimes in the middle of nowhere immobile for several seconds, thus giving us time to take aim at accurate and safe target shooting again. The problem is known even more about them when there are obvious cases such as shelters or vehicles behind which to hide prefer making the most of the time however the option to lie down or just approach them. In the clashes over medium distances but the AI seems more receptive and able to get in trouble much more easily. Forget then to be able to launch into action shooting lonely because even one bullet, if well placed, it can kill you. Then you will be required to interact proactively with the rest of your team, follow orders and try to attack always in numerical superiority. The latitude given by the children of Bohemia Interactive as regards the completion of objectives is still the highest level. The battlefield of Operation Arrowhead is alive and pulsating life of its own, once a task to complete the streets from which the fighting will hire at your discretion. Often happen that the mercenary on a mission you complete objectives for you if left undisturbed, increasing even more if possible implication arising from the battles. Every action has a direct impact on the development of the plot, some are linked in a veiled way to succeed in tasks to complete while others will be much more pronounced as you will be asked directly as to achieve a target list with many possibilities to choose from.

Many possibilities and infinite space the maps are huge, we talk almost 300 km of territory, divided into three main zones: the desert, featuring wide open spaces and consequently few covers, the mountainous area of Takistan, where ambushes and sniping from the hills will be on the day and the city of Zargabad ideal place for lovers of short skirmishes. The variety of maps and situations make only the first small part of the immense amount of options that comes with Operation Arrowhead. Will be available to us assault rifles like the M16 or FN FAL rifles and precision as the M110, but also Apache helicopters and Bradley tanks to name a few of over 300 articles and resources that we use. To learn how to drive various vehicles and use all the possibilities offered by rich interface like ArmA 2 PC Game: Operation Arrowhead comes to our rescue a substantial tutorial consists of 15 missions that will teach everything needed to enjoy the tranquility of product. Each individual is different equipment just like in reality everyone else here then reappear with the arrogance of the high component simulation title, each weapon has a recharge time, a recoil and a specific rate of fire and he will be the player to learn all the strengths of the various guns. To experience all items have been included how precious Armory, here we choose a vehicle (including even the newest media remote-controlled UAVs) and weapons at our disposal and turn freely for a map. Occasionally there will be required to complete certain objectives which, if successfully completed, we will provide bonus points required to unlock new equipment. Missions usually consist of moving targets in the center or guard against a sudden attack when you are testing a weapon and will most likely be entrusted with escort missions or attack against the urban areas where we board a vehicle. This mode does not miss anything and you can really prove anything in the game including goats and chickens (yes, you read that right). The major innovations introduced in the field of equipment are mainly two: the first is a new method of thermal imaging (called FLIR) for night missions, through which you can distinguish the various means by enemies only left traces of heat, as well as whether the vehicles were moved recently due to possible heat from the engine while the second is the modular backpack that allows a comfortable ordering all the equipment that we carry with us. The new bag will be necessary during longer missions when players have the desire to change often the best weapon to adapt to orders to complete. If you are not satisfied with the campaign, the ability to drive tanks, helicopters, trucks, motorcycles, airplanes and everything else has an engine Operation Arrowhead also offers a powerful editor with which to create your own missions easily and quickly. Most experts’ use the editor will develop new maps very detailed as you can go to change the parameters of each NPC added, so that change voice and even clothing.

Heavy-duty engines
Although the graphics engine used by Bohemia Interactive will be able to present detailed models of vehicles and characters and gives the opportunity both to calculate everything that happens on such large maps, the heaviness that comes out is a nerve. Even on newer machines will have to sacrifice something in terms of aesthetics, for example, have found beneficial to system performance by lowering the maximum distance without losing so excessive visual details of the battlefield. As mentioned before, despite the good words during the development costs of this expansion, the AI still suffers from serious gaps in our response to attacks both in the search for ways to run once you have been given the command, greatly extending the time need to climb on vehicles for example. Some other minor problem we found on the NPC drivers seem to have a body made of plaster with arms and legs still and only the head that rotates to indicate the direction in which the medium is direct. Another problem with the graphics engine of Operation Arrowhead resident in some animations in particular have found horrible management of climbing on ladders. During the climb hands rarely able to accurately grasp the rungs continued unabated despite the character to move upward, but the descent is even more problematic. Falling from a height of several meters almost inevitably cause a broken leg with the consequent loss of movement and ability to compromise the objectives to be achieved. The coupling system in this case was completely investigated more carefully in order to make the approach to the point of descent is more fluid. The huge amount of available commands will not be easy to store much less immediate execution of the same during the direct action on the ground. Will often have to pause the game and quickly trace the customization options of the keys to control precisely the corresponding control action that you want to play. Assuming that ArmA 2 (PC): Operation Arrowhead is a realistic simulation and articles at our disposal are manifold control system it seemed too cumbersome, however, would have been preferable to have the menu overlay as it is for the options dialog, with a complete list of equipment rather than to assign each item a specific key.


If there were enough single-player campaign, the mode Armory, the twelve scenarios of single missions, fifteen levels of tutorials and great editor, to keep you more involved will think the multiplayer. It ‘can be tackled in a cooperative campaign with up to three other players or getting out in lots with a maximum of 64 players. The options when creating the host allow you to choose one of the huge maps where available and set the clash between dozens of missions to choose a preset or reload directly via the editor supplied with the game. You can also set the difficulty of the enemies in order to offer a unique game experience and that is perfectly suited to their needs. The code review that we tested did not allow us to analyze with due care the multiplayer part of the title; as soon as we can be there we will report in detail.

Minimum Requirements
Operating system: Windows XP
Processor: Dual Core CPU
256 MB RAM & Pixel Shader 3.0
DirectX 9.0c
Free Space: 9GB

Final Remarks
ArmA 2 PC Game retains balance scepter of war for the best mortgage currently on the market and the new standalone expansion Operation Arrowhead does nothing but strengthen this view. The road taken by Bohemia Interactive is clear to players who love to provide military technology and tactics of a point of reference in the play, and succeed fully. We would make clear that this title is not suitable for everyone; it is difficult, complex and completely different from all the FPS movement, exactly what fans of this genre want. Forget the solitary actions then John Rambo to kill dozens of enemies and hide behind a wall, hoping to magically return to health, this is war and war is not for play.

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