RockMelt: The “social” web browser

In games on November 30, 2010 at 8:31 am

The market of web browsers is somehow full. Apart from the so-called “big five”, there are variations based on open source attempt to cover those holes present in browsers more “traditional”, hoping to make an own place and capture a bit of attention. Some alternatives are seeking to join the aspect social, which today is an essential part for the communication of the users, but have failed to make much noise.However, what little we have seen RockMelt so far is very interesting, and if you’re an avid user of networks such as Twitter and Facebook, you should look you hardly you can.

If there is something missing in these days, are web browsers. Each and every one of them have shown a very positive development, and this applies even to the beta of Internet Explorer 9. Still, the pace of development seems to have found some stability. Chrome keeps its updates, Opera continues to advance “builds” and bet Safari slightly to stealth, still not know departure date for IE9 Firefox 4.0 was delayed until next year.Unlikely five largest web browser offers to provide anything new by end of year, so it is not bad idea look to other objectives. As Twitter or Facebook social networking users must rely on extensions to add functionality of these networks to browsers or search options already “armed” style “Flock”. Even so, probably no more resistance thing after the operating system to a change in the web browser.

But RockMelt is presented as something different. Isn’t just a web browser with social functions “glued”, but that those features are an integral part thereof, to a point that one of the first things you are requesting is login with the Facebook user.It is based on the Chromium, code so your updates and their level speed should give RockMelt an excellent basis for their release, although its capabilities don’t end there. Its developers have bet very strong about HTML5, and several of the functions of the browser are based on sign language, thus reaching a higher level of compatibility. RockMelt is available for Windows OS X, but at the moment is in closed beta.If you want early access, you will need to visit the official site and login with your Facebook account there.

Time is in closed beta, but be sure to go through the official site. Maybe you get an invitation soon. (Source: Mashable.com)

At a glance, RockMelt may seem a simple variant of Chromium, but the two sidebars speak for themselves, for Facebook left and right for Twitter, bookmarks and other feeds. Neither the “Share” button next to the address bar goes unnoticed.RockMelt identity as “social browser” is more than clear, therefore, you can also determine what kind of users will use it, and who will ignore it completely.RockMelt developers expect a more or less humble start, and speak a million users in the next six months.Twitter and Facebook have many more users than that number, so that everything will go through the attractive initial can transmit the browser. It will not be easy, of course.”Confusion” that continue to generate web browsers is very large, and more good intentions having RockMelt, his appearance helps disorder, instead of improving it.RockMelt depends on himself: soon we will know if you have what you need.

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