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Supercomputer in a EXAFLOP (2018)

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The San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California has launched a project aimed at designing the next generation supercomputers. The project is part of UHPC (Ubiquitous High Performance Computing), a program that is responsible for the Agency DARPA. Responsible for the project plan have ready a thousand times faster than the current supercomputer capable of performing a EXAFLOP (a trillion operations per second floating-point million) in 2018.It be achieved?

FLOPS stands for FLoating point Operations Per Second, or floating-point per second, and is used to measure the performance of a computer. The FLOPS a modern computer may make a second amount is enormous, so use the prefixes “mega” (MFLOPS, or one million FLOPS), “giga” (GFLOPS, or billion FLOPS), etc. A PC equipped with a microprocessor running a 3 GHz desktop has a power of several tens of GFLOPS.The fastest computer in the world (at the time of writing this article) is the Tianhe-1A, able to conduct more of 2,507 PFLOPS (petaflops), or equally, 1,000,000,000,000,000 floating point per second. 7.168 14.336 Processors Intel Xeon the Tianhe-1A and Nvidia Tesla M2050 graphic processing units allow you to be approximately 50 million times faster than a desktop PC. But even this power may not be sufficient for certain simulations.

Indeed, some problems require an enormous amount of calculations to be solved, and when it comes to problems must be solved “real-time” (such as those relating to the trajectory of a missile that is coming to you above), faster computer handy, you better.The Research Agency (DARPA, by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Defense Advanced projects is among organizations interested in have extremely fast supercomputers as such problems falls right in your workspace. Therefore, have been targeted in the next generation of supercomputers which should be a thousand times faster than Tianhe-1A, surpassing the fantastic EXAFLOP (a million trillion floating-point per second) barrier. To achieve this, a team of San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) of the University of California, with funds provided by DARPA, UHPC (Ubiquitous High Performance Computing) program has begun work on this machine than should be point-to-point 2018.

Tianhe-1A, the fastest in the world (NVIDIA)

Largest manufacturer worldwide, Intel, CPU also participates in the project.One of the problems to be solved so that this computer becomes an actual device is power consumption.Tianhe-1A machines consume more 4 megawatts, and without a major change in the architecture of circuits used to build the machine dreamed by DARPA, the energy required to make it work would be about 1000 times higher, something completely unacceptable. Resources from Intel and DARPA certainly provide a clever solution to this problem.Tianhe-1A, for example, if you only use CPUs had consumed 12 megawatts, but the amount of energy required to rely on Nvidia Tesla M2050 graphics processing chips is three times less.The early stages of the supercomputer design should be completed in 2014, and the first functional prototype would see the light in 2018.

PES 2011 PC Game

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Review: PES 2011 PC Game – New PC Games 2011

New season, new installment of the legendary Pro Evolution Soccer. “Candidate for the title?
When a series takes a step forward in a supply and two back in the next is that something is not working. After the encouraging PES 2010, Konami returns to its old ways and gives us another Pro Evolution Soccer totally inconsequential. Interesting for the fans, forget the rest … PES 2011 PC offers hours of fun but also frustrating and, above all, the feeling that there must be much more demanding of a saga that in the past provided us so much joy as this.
Steps forward, steps back … The Pro Evolution Soccer series has become something that the fans never know what to expect. There is absolute uncertainty with each release of a franchise that once seems to rise with the notable PES 2010 PC Game Review, and regresses sharply in the following episode, 2011 delivery in question.

Sensible speed drop by Seabass and Co. for this release, in its efforts to introduce innovations in the gaming experience, have changed some mechanics that were beginning to be successful in the last episode. Therefore, we expect great things from PES 2011 PC Game. The path of Chapter 2010 aimed extraordinary ways in the future, but Konami has decided to change course and outcome frankly surprisingly discrete.

Problems? “In the analysis we will try to clarify them, but the biggest is that PES 2011 lets clearer than ever that Konami did not just find the site of the series in the market. In previous years, in its heyday PlayStation 2, the franchise was known for being a formidable arcade, though perhaps for the FIFA push slowly has been taking an approach to simulation aspects that just do not fit into the formula. The new release of Pro Evolution Soccer PC Game is a very dangerous no man’s land between arcade and simulation, with elements of both sides not just build a consistent whole. In short, a completely indefinite limbo or not please fans of one style or the other, and that only please the fans of the series.

New season, new installment of Pro Evolution Soccer. “Candidate for the title?
Champions-League for Methods of Game
Gradually Pro Evolution Soccer is catching up with its rivals in terms of game modes, and in this sense PES 2011 is the most serious alternative that the series has offered so far.

A solo player level in our own desk where more time will probably invest in the Master League mode is one of the great pros of the game when giving it a huge life. Here, as is traditional in the series, we take a real team and lead to higher levels or create one from scratch with the template of classic saga and manage to make it grow . The truth is that it is a very attractive method, as you know the veterans of the series, a true bottomless pit of hours spent, all this in spite of having some remaining elements back to the player as much participation, for example The management of all the intricacies of a signing by the observer.

The UEFA Champions League is returning, and the Copa Santander Libertadores, which debuts are the two big bets as to leave part of the game. The two have a very similar approach, with a special pulse by Konami at the time to take advantage of the tournament and to play it alone or together, and the licensed teams behind them in both cases.

In fact, regarding the equipment available in leagues and exhibition games little comment. The full list of clubs available to it and framed it in real leagues following this link you can see, likewise there are national teams and other European clubs that have increased significantly with the additions of some notable absences as if coming Bayern München. Moreover the 40 teams who dispute the Cup are available within this modality, but against all odds, not for solo play. Within the South American clubs can only play games with the classic fast Boca, River and International.

The national teams are there, with the possibility of reissuing big games with teams that starred a very placid performance in the recent World Cup.
The community, moreover, is again a point in favor of tremendous importance in the series, especially considering that this is a game to enjoy with our friends. Here we can re-create the profiles for our fellow football exploits, record in great detail even the smallest statistical and preference of their games. A fantastic tool that knows no rival in the current generation of consoles, and that is the great bulwark in regards to local multiplayer.

And at last paragraph is talking about on-line, real engine of the play experience of a sports title. Here are multiplayer versions of nearly any alternative that offers the game playable as a modes, with presences Leagues, Cups, friendly and even the Master League, which debuts with a multiplayer that moves it within the expected parameters. For the moment, and although the multiplayer is thoroughly tested, we were unable to test the latency of the title in back-end servers because of problems outside the magazine, so we’ll wait to have another version to update the text analysis if they have some kind of lag.

Dance Steps – The Positive-
As there is much to say about Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 and do not want to distress the reader with an analysis too long, we decided to divide the factors of the text between positive and negative aspects of his role playable, obviously starting with the first.

Among them we can mention a number of patterns that are characteristic of the series and not lose their degree of importance in this release. The first is, of course, that of accessibility and how much fun it is to play any delivery of PES with our friends, especially if they do not have much experience in the genre since this new chapter is as intuitive as all above.

Again, the dribbling is really complicated to make. On these occasions appealed to the change of pace and power of our players will be the only option to break down enemy defenses.
In fact the unpredictability of the game and the vagaries of AI in resolving aspects of the game could be something framed in both positive and negative side interchangeably, something that would depend on the player profile. But we decided to introduce it in this part to be an essential feature of the franchise that brings the ability to surprise with its eccentric goalkeepers, as fickle in the shooting at goal or state of random form of the players.

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Swinglet CAM: photographs from the sky

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Swinglet CAM is a “flying camera” easy to use, secure and very attractive to look at while does its job. Its mission is to obtain high resolution photos automatically on the basis of ordinate (GPS) user-defined. While many argue if their marketing and use is legal or not, this small and quiet spy plane can get air with a resolution of up to 12Mp images, giving you many hours of entertainment and that is better still, provide you with an overview of any sector for many different uses that may occur to you. Since monitor crops in a field to control, in a discreet manner, all activity of the neighborhood.A very special how toy?

Most interesting aerial photographs tend to be most at risk for flight cameras, however, to this toy company Switzerland senseFly is very simple and secure. This is because your radio to 35 MHz. link system allows control of the aircraft to a distance of 2 km. While the range of operation exceeds the 20 km., security measures advised by the manufacturer indicate operating the aircraft at shorter distances.Its lightweight design (500 g) and thank you use batteries Li-Po Swinglet CAM can reach a speed of up to 50 km/h winds not exceeding 25 km/h. using a small electric motor (brushless) located strategically at the back. In addition, as part of the product, the system incorporates a digital camera (integrated electronically to your computer), an external hardware that connects to any laptop in minutes to offer you an entrancing experience. Note in action:

The spacecraft flight control system is performed automatically, i.e. can operate in stand-alone mode using an application configured before telling you the flight control system coordinates upon which you must navigate, height to reach, speed and other data of interest.When everything is connected and ready to go, (aileron control tilt give us notice with a simple automatic movement) is sufficient to release it in the air and Swinglet CAM control system shall be responsible for the operation of flight. Once the mission is completed, the aircraft will drop automatically on space selected in advance. Remember that the system works using GPS coordinates which should be incorporated to “flight plan” prior to the same though for those more experienced “pilots”, the team brings a command that allows you to operate the aircraft without Automation.

Control software is very easy to use and works on any platform (still – SenseFly)

Software that accompanies the product allows you to alter the flight strategy while the device is in the air to allow you to obtain images of sites not foreseen at the time of organizing observation flight.This way we can add or remove reference points to the “autopilot” that explore areas larger or smaller than expected. With a capacity of up to 20 points of reference to delimit the area of flying, the system offers the possibility of making pictures of excellent quality and stability thanks to its system control interrupts energy impulse engine to avoid unwanted vibration and perfect images at the appropriate time.Other advantages to highlight are, as we mentioned before, its design and materials used in its construction that allow you to use its features as “glider” while gets images.No doubt this is a very interesting artifact and “ready to use“, elementary condition to not forget it for few days, make the list of orders to Santa Claus.

The Flintstones 2010 PC

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The Flintstones 2010: In Las Vegas Again – Video Game for Flintstones 50th Anniversary – Latest PC Game News & Reviews

Here come the Flintstones PC Game, with Peter and Paul at the head, running through the circuits of the PC 2010 a crazy race not good enough for his fame.

The Flintstones, these characters so charismatic to have jumped to the big screen a few times, we watched on TV since childhood and made us laugh with their adventures and their appliances of prehistory, have now decided to participate in a great career from 2007 Rock in Veges to Las Vegas again, the great “Boulderball Run”, and with them a lot of riders who want to like our characters, be the first to reach the goal.

The races of this style are the main touchstone know-all-in “Mario Kart PC Game“, the brilliant work of Miyamoto. There have been many who have tried to copy it, even Nintendo itself – “Diddy Kong Racing” – but only Naughty Dog PSX Crash Team Racing “has been able to reach their level. Now, in PC, SWING! Entertainment also attempted, but with more pain than glory. Let’s see why.

The Flintstones 2010: In Las Vegas (PC) Graphics

To begin with, there is no selector 60 Hz, and have not included even one over scan to remedy this deficiency, so it starts and our disappointment that, despite being a French game developer, have not even care what minimum quality required of a PAL PS2. And of course, the anti-aliasing reappears in all its glory.

The best thing about the game in terms of graphics is the variety and quality of textures, which despite not being in “hi-res (high resolution) are quite good and varied. Textures of stones, rocks, wood and others are visible quite well polished and gives the sense intended.

With regard to the models give the impression of being a PC game. Tracks with sharp objects and environments, almost all semi-empty, it saves only a few details to go through a set of 32 bits (for example, the giant dinosaur that bridged a career).

The variety of tracks is another point that is saved from the burning, but being very empty environments and without personality, is a point that is overlooked when we be running. And I say running to say the least, since the sensation of speed is zero. Not even the turbos to the tracks we will give that touch of sparkle that should detach.

The Flintstones 50th Anniversary Game: In Las Vegas – Game Details

The modeling of the vehicles and characters in Flinstones PC Game 2010 that go into not meet the minimum requirement. Cars disappointing, with few details and modeling very poor, with many angles and with a character inside that only knows how to make a move, what do you want me to say?

Moreover, apart from the turbo and invincibility, the other items are all very similar in their effects. A point in their favor is also that those items have been transferred very well to the environment and the style of the TV series.

When you start racing you will find four vehicles, but at no time will your features, if you have more grip than the other, or faster, or it does not matter the vehicle you pick, why are all the same. Winning races to go in the Championship mode will open a door and another car appears. The bad thing is you have to start from scratch each time the Championship mode you unlock a circuit, which is always a little heavy going at the beginning of everything.

The Flintstones 50th Anniversary Game Play:
Playing only have one career choice and championship, and when the championship mode is activated winning Grand Slam. If you enable all tracks have 12 in total, with its attendant mode will mirror the 24 tracks you’ll find in the game.

In multiplayer mode will include more game modes, a career type, other deathmatch and capture the other flag. In total there will be 4 multiplayer modes, but in battle mode there are four more sub-modes, which are the most, used to play with your friends.

Returning to the 1 player mode, the AI of opponents is not optimized much, so although there are 5 levels of difficulty will not be very difficult to win almost every race, and I say almost all because what matters here are the time total tracks, not every track itself. No matter what you do not win every race, while you’re total time is less than that earned you a clue, you will be the champion.

Finally, just to mention the high load time to put up with. Charging time for the cars to the tracks, to return to run a single track takes a lot of time (long overdue, by the way). This is a detail that speaks very badly for the optimization of the loadings by the programmers.

The Flintstones 2010: In Las Vegas Again Conclusion

The truth, disheartening. The Flintstones 50th Anniversary 2010 Video Game PC version is a game that should never have gone out for PC, as much for PS3. And even then it could have alienated much of what we’re seeing now. These characters deserved better to make your entry into PC.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops will be cuts in Japan

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With the name Call of Duty: Black Ops known as a shooter in first person developed by Treyarch American company and distributed by the American company Activision (which bought Treyarch in 2001). This is the third edition of the series Callus of Duty, which is set in the cold war carried out specifically in Viet Nam.

This video game will be released in November of this year, 9 so missing very little to enjoy it. While still remaining a few days for release, were carried out some statements involving this game. It is that Call of Duty: Black Ops will be released with cuts in German territory both Japan.It is important to note that this same happened with Modern Werfare 2 in 2009.

Apart from this, it is essential to consider Japan, Square Enix, title editor came to testify with respect to the subject.The company says that in order to adjust to the demands of the Japanese classifier organ (so-called zero), it was necessary to make a few cuts in certain aspects of the game for those versions that were intended for the market of Japan.

One of the biggest changes to the game Japanese version is the swastikas of the nazis by Iron Cross (symbol that the German army had been until the first World war when it was changed), without fail to mention that those desmembramientos and excessive cruelty that possess certain crimes scenes will be deleted.

Google Video Games

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By Erman Porttal – PCGameTrek Video Games Magazine

The search company Google is threatening to enter fully into the world of video games, following a relentless expansion in services over the Internet.

The video game market (PC Games, Console Games) even with the scourge of piracy, remains buoyant and profitable. Although in the beginning was a thing of companies dedicated almost exclusively (Atari, Nintendo, SEGA …), with the arrival of Sony’s 32-bit was the first major companies in the world of electronics and / or computing want to take advantage of a sector with great potential. The consoles stopped being toys for good, becoming multimedia devices with multiple capabilities and had come to everyone. This has been exploited especially in this generation thanks to Internet connectivity offered: voice and video chats, surfing, playing movies, series and music streaming, etc.

Of course, if we talk about Internet, there’s an actor who does not want to miss any event, none other than Google. No, do not be afraid, we have not heard of any “gconsole” or anything, but the Mountain View giant wants to join the new fashion, of course, style. I do not know if you heard of Google TV, the new commitment of this company to venture into the living room of our house. It is basically an interface to provide online applications that appear directly on the TV screen, which can be handled by the TV itself (there is Sony) or external devices to the DVB-T tuner (which appears Logitech). Call it a way to expand the functionality of a device in advance only for the viewing of audiovisual content.

The truth is that this issue is not very exploited. Some people have purchased a hard drive player that supports multiple formats, which has mounted even a small computer or who simply use their console, but use is often intended to watch series and movies. However, it is very convenient to have a Windows with their sensitive lyrics and a keyboard and a mouse in a teleconference from several feet away. So here comes Google, which gives developers a way to create specific programs to run on television, with a control or an appropriate interface. And where there is a possibility of launching applications of any type, here come the games. And if not, tell that to Apple AppStore which is full of video games, and even was the case before the JAVA mobile. As the aim of this paper is not explain what Google TV is, the better you see a short video to continue talking about it.

As I say is not intended to deal with Nintendo, Microsoft and, of course, Sony, one of his allies in this adventure. It does not seem interested in the hardware, but they are others who believe the devices that carry its software solutions. Here we have the Nexus One, that if he did really well HTC, was the only phone that could be defined as “made in Google”, the first and last time. They do Android, terminals that do others, a way to avoid competition and gain market share. Its main rival Google TV is curiously Facebook, one of the few enemies to beat that remain on the Internet and who has not been able to overcome any of his inventions, be they called Wave, Buzz or otherwise.

A place on the TV allows a new route of entry for their services, such as Picasa or GTalk. Can you imagine video conferencing via TV? It seems so far away. And if you use those services on TV and Google Android, why not continue using the PC? For that, another way of eating ground to competition on the Internet in all areas, games as well. Because one of the reasons for the success of Facebook is its applets among which are the games that we simply do not leave it to several of causing anger among a large number of people who do not need more than a video game for entertainment for a while each day without much difficulty.

I’ve seen a few suspicious movements in recent days that do nothing but point out what is an open secret. First, we have Google releasing the pasta in Zynga, the creators of the famous Farmville. Over a hundred little million investment, said soon. This has been followed by negotiations with other studies such as Playfish, recently acquired by Electronic Arts and also with significant presence on Facebook. Parallel Logitech has announced its intention to sell peripheral device for Google TV and presumably also for compatible televisions, since that is their primary business. Among them would be a command to play. And if I say that Google TV will soon be compatible with the Android SDK, it seems clear that we will not have to limit ourselves to pc games in Flash, but as we encounter more serious conversions from the mobile platform.

No I watch people go to pay for games of this caliber on your TV, but if the offer is wide and have enough free overtones to get a large audience. Then there is the obstacle of having to buy separate devices, either the peripheral or even the “tuner” to call it somehow. On the opposite side we have the PC, which at the end of the day and comes with everything standard, or even the consoles, which although would have no way be compared in terms of games, another world is the subject through Internet multimedia is still a little green. So I still maintain my reservations: not the same play for a while connecting to your computer from wherever they have to turn on the TV specifically for care of a shabby-farm (with all due respect).

Personally, I see Google TV itself, beyond the games, with a mixed feeling. On the one hand, it is another step in Google’s world domination. Almost monopolistic control of online searches, hardly a day that we went into YouTube, and is embedded securely in a corner of your browser, or even whole provides us with the browser, is coming to our phones with Android, you probably have a email account and uses Buzz GMail, Google Calendar, Google Reader or any of its other services; when searching Google Maps employ a direction, a good part of the online blogs are created on Blogger … and so on to infinity. Yes, above all, and what gives him more strength to this company is that owns almost complete Internet advertising, which allows all the above is free, and has such great success. And now he wants to enter our room and take our television?

On the other hand, the idea seems interesting and it was rare that anyone would step forward to unite in a much more comprehensive and easy Internet and television. Each one made war on their own, separate and specific services including YouTube, Hulu, Netflix or even general-interest channels. What was missing was someone to put order into chaos and surely no one has more potential than Google for it. I as a consumer, and sure many of you also, since the Internet provides many facilities to see what we want when we want every time I go at about the disastrous national television, except live events obviously. We will see what is the matter this fall with unknowns as what other manufacturers will join Google, which will be the availability of content (especially in our country) or what level and will use the applications, including games.

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Confirms launch of Okamiden

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In recent years, one of the best titles from Capcom released for the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 2 has been the Okami. And within several months of uncertainty, the developers have decided to launch a sequel, which will be known as Okamiden, exclusive release for the DS portable console n. Grand

The continuation of this fantastic game action-adventure will keep many aspects of the original game, and the thematic playable will be basically the same.The most important changes will occur in the plot, positioned nine months after the facts that closed the Okami argument.

It is true that at the time the game not was a commercial success when it was released for the PlayStation 2, but this does not imply that this was not a very well working title. Seems that bad luck often also borne by large enterprises, and re-examine was Capcom which suffered major setbacks.

However developers have not lowered their arms and announced the relocation of the fantastic world of the DS with Okamiden Okami. But what really interests us here is the official release date has already been provided.Title will be released for the Nintendo handheld console 18 March next year.

According to developers, it has not been anything easy to tailor Okami worldwide to console n great, although support did a great job and remain optimistic about their possible success.We must wait to see what is what gives us Okamiden in sustainable development.

Best applications for Twitter

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Founded by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Evan Williams in March of 2006, and launched publicly in July the same year, the social network for microblogging Twitter allows users to publish what they want in 140 characters, space on the web, by instant message or from a mobile phone text message. Currently has approximately 150 million registered worldwide and growing at a steady rate of 300,000 new users per day, which published more than 100 million tweets on a daily basis.

As we know that those who entered in this article are people interested in much say in few words, we move quickly away from absurd introductions and we get full naming and describing, in 140 characters (or less), applications and tools you need to know if you’re addicted to the famous network of the bird.Let’s start:


Twittercounter: want to know how famous are you?Put a counter and see the number of people entering your Twitter account.

Retweetrank: Shows the influence of your tweets on your social network and how many are republished by other users.

Twtrfrnd: you still or I do not follow you?Use this tool to compare supporters between two users to know if you have common followers.

Foller.me: what interesting Eres for me? Access a complete analysis with statistics on topics of interest and keywords of any user.

Untweeps:We can hear inactive users to know what bird has closed its piquito forever.

Twit Cleaner: Analyzes the people that we follow and creates a detailed report on each of them to know what their most common interactions.

Friendorfollow: Application that allows you to know who we are and we do not follow, who follows us and we do not follow and who are our true friends.

Twitaholic: want to know who is really famous?Let you have a one and look at the millions of people who follow the Twitterati network.

Twitaholic: These are the ten absolute leaders of Twitter.

Give life to your tweets

Twitpic:Share photos with speed and simplicity.Required if you want to expand your information with an image that is worth more than 140 characters.

TwtGal:Creates a beautiful photo gallery to share with your followers.

Yfrog: Shared videos (and photos also) in a very simple and fast way.

Qik:Lets you record, transmit and share live videos from a telephone and comment in real-time with your Twitter followers.

Twtpoll: A tool that lets you create surveys for Twitter users invited to participate in any topic that interests you.

Twitterkeys: text is boring? Adds icons to your tweets with this expressive tool.

Twitterkeys: not everything is text in life!

Optimize your account

Twitterrific: Nothing better to manage your Twitter account from a convenient window on your desktop.This is tremendous.

Twalala: already a famous enough?Make disappear the tweets of all users that bother you or topics you’re not interested.

Twittermail: Post images, writes long messages and receive all replies to your tweets from your email account.

Tweetbeep: An alert via email keeps us abreast if someone made a comment about us or a topic, site, or particular keyword.

Twuffer: is time to Tweet?Program a list of future tweets to these published automatically in a day and a specific timetable.

Bit.ly: Compresses urls in only 20 characters.These addresses are associated with your profile to have always at hand so you’re interested.

Tweetdeck: Streamlines and sorts the notifications for new tweets without having to enter your Twitter account.

Twitterfeed:Updates your Twitter from your feed reader by adjusting the frequency with which you want to receive messages from Twitter.

Twitbin:Something like a TwittChat.A sidebar on your desktop that allows you to converse with your followers.

Twitter Times:Creates a newspaper, in real time, with the most important topics of the timeline of your Twitter account.

Twitter Times: the newspaper of Twitter.

The most interesting

Twitscoop:Helps you to be aware of the hottest topics of the social network in real time.It is updated automatically.

TwitTangle:A tool that allows you to tag and sort accounts that interest you.Ideal for those who are still large numbers of users.

TwapperKeeper:Organizes the tweets on a topic, keyword or user you want so that you can then consult them comfortably.

Trendistic:Presents statistics on the most popular topics in Twitter and what people is saying about them.

Tlists:Directory in which you can find, create and view lists of topics that interest you and share tweets with other users.

Trendsmap:Displays in real time, the most popular topics according to their geographic location in the world.

Trendsmap: Look what you are talking about in Europe!

There are many other tools and applications that help you enhance your Twitter experience.Sites like Twitdom or TwitTown function as real directories full of interesting proposals to discover.So it is high time that you create a Twitter account and you wear to investigate.Don’t miss the opportunity of piar worldwide to what interests you!

Test first “interstellar GPS”

In games on November 22, 2010 at 7:13 am

Today, determine our position is extremely simple thanks to the GPS technology. A bit of hardware, other software, and some satellites in orbit may provide this information in seconds. But if we take this objective to a spatial scale, things get complicated in equal proportion. As Einstein said, everything is relative, and therefore determine the position of the Earth in space is a huge challenge.However, a group of Italian researchers has developed something similar to a “interstellar GPS“, using radio waves emitted by distant, pulsars as points of reference.

Where we are and where we go can be two issues with an important philosophical depth, but at the same time are the root to determine if we are missing or not. In normal cases we use a mix of references and memory to know our position, but when it is necessary to cover large distances or reach truly complex areas, the GPS comes to the rescue. It can be installed in our car, available on our mobile or integrated to another device, and slowly being transformed from “technological privilege” to “common function” these days.We can now, we know easily what place on earth we are.But what happens to the earth itself?

Constancy of pulsars is allowing you to calculate the position

In toxic excess of obviousness, the space is large, and while it is possible to calculate or estimate trajectories of celestial objects, determine its position with total accuracy is something much more complicated. The Sun can serve as a “local” reference, but at the Galactic level not. The center of the milky way can be used to determine an intergalactic position but universally nor is it appropriate. You need something far more accurate, and a group of researchers at the Politecnico di Torino used as pulsars as points of reference.Formidable constancy of pulsars of emit radio waves allowed researchers to determine the position of the Earth in space, but there is a problem. In the test used the Parkes telescope in Australia, which only can track a single pulsar at once. A conventional GPS system requires at least three satellites to determine a location with a minimum of precision, whereas in this case need four pulsars. For this reason, they turned to a software called TEMPO2 to simulate signals known pulsars hearing if they were detected by the telescope simultaneously.

This shortcut is used to verify that the methodology use of pulsars as interstellar lighthouses is correct, but the results are far from being precise.Apart from using simulations, ever-present relativity complicates the scheme, due to tremendous speeds that move objects in space.However, the level of precision could increase if the flow of data is kept constant until reaching a margin of error of a few hundred meters.This would be more than enough to determine planetary positions, something which in future could be used by spacecraft.Sci-fi carries more than 50 years in anticipation of the use of interstellar lighthouses to determine positions.But in the same way in which the GPS is something common to us today may interstellar GPS have the same value for future generations.

Dragon Age Legends for Facebook is confirmed

In games on November 21, 2010 at 7:13 am

For fans of free games that are both fans of Facebook, recently boys Electronic Arts took place an advertisement that will surely be to their liking. It is the arrival of a new video which you can enjoy free shape thanks to the Facebook platform game a few days ago made public.

It’s Dragon Age Legends, an ideal game for fans of the saga of BioWare.Done, through Dragon Age Legends can be accessed much information related to the second part, without fail to mention that you will also unlock multiple exclusive content for this edition also, it is important to consider that Dragon Age Legends would be as a kind of presentation which gives rise to the development of a completely new part.

Responsible for the development of the game came to give statements with regard to this, stating that Dragon Age Legends will be based on tactics and co-operative gameplay in order to exploit the multiple strengths that Facebook has as much as possible.

The announcement was carried out at the hands of the general manager of Electronic Arts, Mark Spenner, who assured that this video game will be characterised by its “deep and sophisticated experience” without fail to mention that you will involve innovative materials in the future.In fact, the idea of EA is continue captivating fans with this type of video and numerous content for their games.

“We have had the privilege of working with BioWare to bring Dragon Age universe to hundreds of millions of players from Facebook,” expressed Spenner.