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Analysis: Arcania: Gothic 4 PC Game – PCGameTrek.Com

Battles, fantasy, and adventure rolero touches. The new tour of the famous and veteran saga.
With the promise of reviving the Gothic series on PC, Arcania change of focus and developers to get rid of all the layers that have traditionally characterized the role-playing franchise. It is not an RPG and definitely not a Gothic, the title under consideration is a solid action adventure and even moderately interesting moments, however, has lost the essence of the relief to which it belongs.
Reset, reinventing, rethinking … Three of the most feared words for the gamer, and most beloved by the studios as they try to resurrect a franchise that, for one reason or another, is not working commercially as it should.

Now with the game on their hands can only feel that in many respects this is a missed opportunity. In the magazine we deeply value innovation proposals, but always mean a breakthrough for franchises, for example, are already ossified. Not so this Arcania, reinvented himself in the wrong way, leaving aside the questionable but always exciting rendition of the franchise record, but doing so in a way that bypasses the purely solid and at times only interesting.

Aside from some beasts who repeat of past shows, and a taste for natural scenery and woodlands, there is very little in this Arcania Gothic.
Raising From the Ashes
The cutting more representative of western European role has always been Gothic, developed by the folks at Piranha Bytes, the game was loved and hated equally by each other, but always showed an untreatable personality and character. Unfortunately with the change to Spellbound, responsible for games like Helldorado very discreet, Desperados and Airline Tycoon, has lost much of the essence.

However it should clarify that nobody has done particularly well with the change. Piranha Bytes the project undertook after being apart of the saga was the discreet Risen, applauded among certain sections of supporters but reviled by others for their mediocrity and accommodating development. Spellbound also been shown to rise with this Arcania, reduced significantly compared to their predecessors in the series, and also somewhat lower than the Risen own roller factors but ends up finding some support to help you visualize progress if only as adventure.

And to call this Gothic IV a pure role-playing game style of the series would be an exercise that would border on deception. True, the title under review is rolero abundant elements, but more so is an action game with RPG components or its packaging describes “an adventure of intense battles of continuous action.”

Finding the Melges Dagger will be one of our first adventures. Her know the first dungeon of the game.

Regarding the argument that there is little comment, not only because it develops as we go on an adventure, but also because it has a big presence. The game takes place 10 years after what happened in Gothic III PC, and again put us in the shoes of a nameless hero who must fight against a threat that will grow as we progress in the campaign and find out more and more of it. The game begins with a prologue in which embody the king of Myrtana, Rhobar III, and that in a first few minutes of dreamy as prove some of the limited system of title bout.

After this disconcerting start begin to move around the village where the adventure begins, and fulfill our mission first and straightforward. Kill the plagued my farm animals, looking for treasure in a cave, finds a certain character … Everything moves within the traditional standards of the genre, and all can be accessed from our Book of Missions. Unfortunately if we hope that they will enjoy deep along the adventure we are going to run into a wall seriously, not only by the absolute linearity that ends up in the adventure, but also because they are not particularly well written or enjoy much interest.

Combat is something discreet in every way. The finish is acceptable, but after a few hours of play will miss a little more depth in their approach.
Unsung Heroes
That said, duly marking the focus from where it should be noted Arcania, we can already get to dissect some aspects purely playable. Among them the most will resort is undoubtedly the combat, which is resolved with moderate effectiveness in both PC and console. The Gothic series veterans will notice a marked increase in the speed of the fighting, and also in frequency, although most fans will appreciate this hack and slash so markedly faster pace.

Little do we have to complain about this change, the high or low speed of the action in a title does not necessarily affect its quality, the problem is the lack of depth that the title shown in this field. Arcania does not really work in combat or as RPG or as Hack and Slash, and while we improve our weapons or using potions and other obvious features of the genus rolero, the truth is that is not working properly. The difficulty recommended for a user with a minimum of seniority console games should always be high, and mainly this is due to factors such as the pause in the middle of the fighting to manage our health recovery, allowing us to “get air” in the middle of the struggles and simplifies very much everyone in the fighting.

To make matters worse is unequivocally wrong design decisions, for example, doing so powerful evasive maneuver that allows us to roll-up to the point that almost knocked completely blocked with the shield, completely useless. Except for the nuances to which we refer and simplicity that accuses the whole, it works moderately well, responds effectively and fairly flexible offers some alternatives, but when we go deep a few hours in the single player campaign, we realize that in the medium term pure lack of interest in repeating patterns.

Such considerations suggest development hit something, or at least one phase of a stipulation of concepts that should not be entirely clear during production. Unfortunately this simplicity in the fighting is accompanied by an equally simple approach to other aspects such as the actual user’s progress during the adventure. There is nothing wrong with it is linear, once overlooked the degree of freedom in making decisions that should have RPG Arcania is not, however, the approach is crying out for some participation by the user in such things. There is no alternative in the missions, so there are only two ways to comply, or, as Spellbound or otherwise. Moreover there is no possibility to choose whether to comply or not, or often not even the order in which to do so since non-compliant will not release the next area to which to turn.

Want to be a true master of the bow? No problem. “At the same time want to be one of the sword? Neither. Arcania allows us to progress as we will not look to professions or specialties.
So all in Arcania is tightly corseted and the ability to scan is completely zero, which is no less surprising when compared with some aspects of great freedom, for example, the ability to interact directly with all objects found scenarios. This means we can get them, stealing and so forth. This is very positive and some negative. Needless to say, most of the objects we collect will not help much, since many of them are not intended to be useful, but attributed some depth to the game. Unfortunately there are no major implications questionable acts, such as can be, to steal, which in fact is of no consequence at any ethical or, in this way is it the case that spending money in a store or steal products depends only on the morale of the player himself, since there will be any outcome of his character.

All this remains to dive and effectiveness of a campaign overwhelmingly, as does the fact that we can not interact or influence directly or indirectly on any other character in the world who live on Arcania. And with that we are not referring only to kill, steal directly from their bodies or any other hue of that type, but rather the feeling that whatever we do not exist for them beyond what they are for us also, mere ghosts that roam and we can barely cross the floor.

Returning to the character who stars in the adventure the combat system and spell casting has its own procedure, and we also have the skill tree inevitable that we will unlock with the experience we get in the course of the adventure. Gothic IV PC Game What is striking here is that no difficulties of any kind offers the player when developing your character as you wish, which means that we need not specialize in anything since we can improve our completely free skills of combat, ranged combat and spell combat, to cite just three examples. A severely simplified if it is more than acceptable in terms of possibilities, deeply irritated the RPG fans are used to choose faction, race, profession, etc..

Some faces are better portrayed than others, but the effort is appreciated Spellbound when making every dialog with the immersive close by they have chosen.
Fantasy Worlds
The first thing to note Arcania visual and technological level is that it is a much more polished game than the three previous deliveries, especially the third, which was a veritable nest of bugs unbearable until it released a really huge number of updates. Gothic IV has bugs, many bugs in fact, but more or less can enjoy it with great stability, and small problems that are mainly attributable to the size of a deck of its kind.

Apart from that the game at hand is aesthetically good, though not dazzling, but a creditor of an artistic direction that is above the other facets of the program. This is a colorful title and care, regardless of artistic style select in the options menu or European-American, and a sense of good taste strongly accused throughout the adventure to design, finish, and so on.

The title is supported where it presents the best looking of all versions. The images here are sharper, the rate of frames per second the most stable and physical issues and effects are better treated. Arcania graphics engine is certainly versatile but also very demanding, and we will alter a handful of visual texture and quality of SSAO, lights, shadows, dynamic shadows, shadows of the world, as characters, quality in the world, quality of the particles and draw distance.

The scenario is quite large, but is divided into parts that work like compartments. Unfortunately the invisible barriers abound in Gothic IV.
After testing the game on the computer testing high-end Intel i7-writing, GTX 260, 8GB Ram, we obtained moderately acceptable results, maximizing the visual options with a resolution of 1920×1080, although somewhat less than would be expect from a title as corseted as a stage and overall finish like this. With a modest team and moving closer to the minimum requirements, you can see from here, the game suffers a lot more to keep the guy.

As regards the audio side, it moves more or less the same exponents as other points of the game. The game is completely folded into our language, though with a fairly discreet, while the soundtrack that does its job brings with remarkable effectiveness.

Rating Arcania: Gothic 4 PC Game 2011
The reset of the Gothic series has been a step backwards for the franchise. Not so much for the gender change, but certainly a decline in quality in all respects charges. Arcania not that bad a game, is estimable from some points of view, but we expected much more of a saga as veteran as this.

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