Panel solar “and” keyboard for notebooks

In games on December 1, 2010 at 8:31 am

Battery life in portable devices most performance has increased significantly in recent times. It is no longer so strange to find a laptop to achieve six hours of autonomy, while there are models that can go further. However, the need for energy is constant, and does not always have a spare battery.To counteract this, UA Optronics people has presented a solution to keyboard for notebooks, which at the same time acts as a solar panel.

A portable device functionality depends on many factors, but one that has been critical always is energy. Today we find tablets and mobile phones with an autonomy of several hours, a fact that is also present in different models of laptops. Without going any further, some netbooks offered by Samsung averaged seven hours and a half, while the latest revisions that limit an impressive eleven hours.Of course, an appropriate combination of hardware can form an environment of low power, sacrificing performance in the process, but the trend is not going down, but upward.Portable devices, in all categories, They are becoming more powerful, and require more energy.

The idea is very interesting, although we would have liked to AUO submit slightly larger press images

By way of response, people of UA Optronics, one of the planet’s most important LCD panels manufacturers has presented a solution of keyboard for notebooks, which also fulfils the role of solar panel. The solution has in total two panels, one on the cover of the laptop and the other being the keyboard itself.How can keyboard and solar panel at the same time it be? Firstly, has integrated touch technology, which offers an experience more inclined to “touch” the keys to “click” write. And secondly, the thickness of the solar panel is just 2.1 millimetres, what you should not add a significant amount of weight. Unfortunately, no data have proved the efficiency of the panels, but manufacturer believes that the laptop power consumption can be reduced by twenty percent.

Having more energy for our laptops always is a good thing, and would not be anything wrong install a solar panel on the back of the screen, but what we more intrigue is the keyboard pane.After all, man is an animal of habit, and it will be necessary to look closely to see what so how will be typing on a keyboard as well.Toshiba introduced a similar concept with “keyboard LCD” of his Libretto W105, but everything is reduced to accept both manufacturers and users.Personally, I think that while the initial feeling would be very strange, would eventually as controlling a tablet with all fingers at once.UA Optronics presented this solution at the next Convention Japanese FPD 2010, next Wednesday.

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