DIRT 3 PC Game 2010

In games on December 2, 2010 at 9:42 pm

Realism, ambition, immersion and talent. DiRT 3 PC 2010: Motor driving sensations.

In the spirit of being a bridge between the core of the first hardcore DiRT and the leap into the accessibility of the second, presents the third installment in the series Rally, Codemasters. “This is the greatest driving game in which we have embarked,” say those responsible. They do not lack ambition, “talent? Neither.

DiRT PC Game series has deservedly earned herself a name in the always difficult off-road genre, and have done so thanks to a saga that has made distance themselves from the name of Colin McRae who tragically disappeared with extraordinary critical and commercial revenues.

A few months ago that we told of the early development of the third installment of the franchise, but has not been until now when its leaders have made public the first details about the game. Very important additions in terms of vehicles and locations for a title that promises to raise the quality bar even higher levels.

Barro and Fuel
First DiRT 3 PC will be a superb technological leap over previous releases. The first two chapters of the series and were outstanding examples of the unification of graphics and technical points to achieve an outstanding viewing experience and playable, but the new episode will be a leap forward thanks to the fact that takes advantage of advances collected for F1 2010, Codemasters also.

DiRT 3 PC 2010 will bring the opportunity to play with a friend on the same console by the alternative of the split screen.

“The nature of a unified graphics engine means that the improvements that are developed for a franchise will benefit others, so we’ll see the dynamic effects of future F1 2010 racing game. All this kind of healthy competition between studies means that players will enjoy the rewards in the next issue of Dirt, which will take even more extreme conditions, “said Codemasters recently a member of Andrew Newby-Robson. “Some of the inclusions that we have not yet seen in a game Codemasters Rally carried out a welcome return and, of course, it would be if Codemasters would bring some surprises.”

The additions to this technological breakthrough will mean they are not yet entirely clear, but it has been finalized and some elements that have to do with the sophisticated climate of the gala will make the game. For example there will be very sophisticated light patterns and differentiated according to time of day when we meet, and there will be some tests that night with some extremely realistic lighting techniques.

On the other hand will pay enormous attention to the debut of snow or rain strong presence that will make the circuit not only more unpredictable, but also will equip a resounding sense of aesthetics.

At Codemasters, aware of the growing importance of social networks, offered with DiRT March 1 tight integration with Facebook for sharing data and statistics with our friends.
The title also will continue to have the careful balance between arcade and simulation for management. It seems the best aspects of polishing DiRT 2 will control in mind of those responsible for this third party but with the obvious improvements, which together with sophisticated collision engine will bring some very respectable dose of realism.

The Compound is one of the main attractions of DiRT 3, carrying more than an idea with which he flirted shyly in the second half. This is a large arena that will be available to the online multiplayer to the experience alone, and will allow you to move freely throughout its length conducting spectacular maneuvers, mini or alternative tests at our discretion.

DiRT 3 PC Game 2010 promises to be one of the most important driving games next year 2011 thanks to its polished control, its improvements and additions and impressive list of vehicles that will be but has not yet been detailed. With Formula 1, Grid and Codemasters DiRT is intractable to stay on top of studies with the best portfolio of speed.

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