OpenTTD: Transport Tycoon free and free

In games on December 2, 2010 at 8:50 am

On the web there are many people willing to give life to old classics in the form of free and free alternatives. It has already happened with other games and this time it is the turn of Transport Tycoon Deluxe, the popular strategy game designed by Chris Sawyer and released in 1994.This free alternative, called OpenTTD, lets you play a campaign and multiplayer mode for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and many other platforms.

Provided that appears on the web an open and free version of an old classic, we try to recommend it, and this time it is the turn of Transport Tycoon, probably one of the best and most popular series Tycoon, which is among the first to play competitively with friends.The original title was published by MicroProse, developed by Chris Sawyer and you put in the shoes of a magnate transport, with the aim of creating your own monopoly of trains, planes and buses, among other vehicles.

The classic Transport Tycoon Deluxe in widescreen resolution.

Although this free version of Transport Tycoon requires multiple files to operate, its creators devised an installer for Windows that downloads and installs everything automatically, which saves us long to us. Once have run you you will note that OpenTTD, is identical to Transport Tycoon Deluxe, with some new features, such as new vehicles, the option to join workstations, the option to bribe a city authorities able to configure the game to the taste of each player, among many other things that aim to improve the interface of the game simulation. You can see the whole list of improvements here.

In speaking of simulation business, very few reached the level of Transport Tycoon. It is not only necessary to manufacture vehicles than transporarán cargo and passengers, but also to design its routes, thinking that are efficient, but at the same time travels every corner of the city. And all this taking into account that there are other companies competing with you, trying to do better routes, taking more vehicles on the street and offering a better service. And this is only the basis of the game, because as you progress and pay the initial loan, you can improve each of your transport technology moving forward through time, decade after decade.

As well we said at the beginning, Transport Tycoon remains as popular and fun as it was 16 years ago.The Civilization of corporations we could consider it, but one could take it as an exaggeration.If you’ve already played it, it does not need to recommend, but if you’ve never tried it and you like good strategy games, then you should call to several friends and play a few games.Open TTD is currently available for a variety of platforms, Windows and Mac OS X, BeOS, DOS, FreeBSD, MorphOS and OpenBSD.You can download it here.

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