Links recommended of the week (No. 75)

In games on December 3, 2010 at 8:38 am

We ended the previous week with some technical defect, and very much appreciate the patience of our readers and the help of a few that, via Facebook, gave us a hand with the subject. But it is already fixed! There is nothing of what worry! Why, and to close an intense semanita, go to the links collection which is already a classic on Fridays in the Strip. We have since NK tits up Virgin boas.What else want!?

Do dogs urinate in the wheels of cars?: Let’s start by answering one of these fundamental questions that have become too long without being resolved. Do dogs have predilection for urinating wheels of cars? It is what intuyes, Yes: these wheels is cargadísima of odours and the dog it is irresistible.

Why bats “drink” mirrors: “the biologists Stefan Greif and Björn Siemers Institute Max Planck ornithology, years studying the system which allows them to catch their prey in darkness the bat echolocation and even distinguish between species of others.” “His latest research, however, indicates that the system is not always as precise and leads them to confuse any smooth surface with a source where to quench the thirst.” Although not the topic interests you, please enter to view the video. It is great.

The “Greek i” called “ye”: “the Greek i shall ye, the (b) shall be (and not be high or long be);” the ch and the ll no longer letters of the alphabet; “eliminating the single tilde and demonstratives (this, this…) and o (5 or 6) numbers and quorum will be cuórum, while Qatar will taste.” disfiguring it clear?Uffff…

Tim Michin – Storm: A musical poem 9 minutes has no waste. It is Tim Michin, ladies and gentlemen, a new favorite with Storm, a monologue that is already in the annals of skeptical humor. Do you know how to call alternative medicine when tested to work? Through the link.

Asesenos (NSFW): maybe you should not put this link in this respectable selection of science and Humanities fine articles, but I can’t help it! The Asesenos forcing me to do so!Threatening to bite me in bits if I do not do! There are worse ways to die, I must admit. Queen…ahem…i.Although it does not contain desnudes, if you are a minor or you are at work, you should not see it, so you also leave one without breasts killer, but that is just fun.

McGurk effect which you see changes you hear: “our brain likes to fill gaps and makes us believe things that are not actually happening.” “With regard to the hearing and sight, scientists described a few years ago called effect McGurk, which demonstrates the vision of lips can do we create listen to something that we are not listening.”(Extract)

Beard blue, the dangers of marriage: Another tale of Perrault, but not suitable for minors: “rather it is a grisly warning about the dangers of marriage (one hand) and those of greed and curiosity (on the other), more related in our modern films of terror that culture to Disney cartoons.” There is a very old film which was both subidita tone.We must get it.

First ‘virgin birth’ of a boa: “many invertebrates such as insects, can have offspring without having copulado.” Usually do so by cloning, and their offspring are genetically identical.”But among vertebrates are a novelty, because they are only documented in less than 0.1% of these species.” (Extract)

The night long: it is always fun to discover that something that you did too interesting before, seen on another light you can reach fascinated.Didn’t believe we could say much on shifts, for example; but obviously you can because the borders blog made, almost a colloquium on the subject! Super interesting!

Man is the only animal that stumbles twice with the same picture: who doesn’t learn from its mistakes is doomed to repeat them, say there. And we know that we as a species, have enough problems of learning. It is not surprising, but yes a little saddened discover graphics, precise and concise evidence that we have learned very little. The link bad wave of the week.

When a sonar misinterpreted a signal, killing millions of fish: “on May 6, 1945, American underwater listening devices rastreaban offshore presence of enemy submarines.”Several men equipped with microphones (commonly known as hydrophones) submarines, recording instruments and amplifiers are removed headphones since they were registering deafening sounds. “Over the waters reigned calm, which led to senior officials to defend against the imminent attack submarine fleet.”But…

More expensive in the world food: I never took very well with the luxuries, I’m rather coarse and pragmatic, so it is not surprising that there is nothing that I too tempting more expensive foods in the world (and I don’t know if even do not seem a little obscene).But here we go: pizza € 8300, an omelet $1000 and caviar by 27.800 USD per kilo. To eat!

DE TODO UN POCO: Photobomb (bomb pictures) is the art of invade photos of brash manner, and that these animals are doing! In fact, there are around a site dedicated to the photobombs. And if the car had faces, these would be evil.More cars? Look these science fiction.In addition, 25 years Back To The Future, life in the laboratory, very futuristic art art game of fight, and best of all, a Manchu spacecraft Gallery.Among the videos, we have a spectacular timelapse, people stop-motion, old advertising Star Wars movies robots and a girl super evil, sent by Warcracker.

The “Heart of the demon” dead: Eran scientific formed part of the scientific team in the framework of the so-called “Manhattan Project”.Died in laboratory accident while working on in the “heart of the demon”.

8-Bit game soundtracks: Martin made another list to collect.On this occasion, most played songs of 8-bit video games.From Final Fantasy to Super Mario Bros., passing by Tetris, Ninja Gaiden, The Legend of Zelda, and my favorite Duck Duck Tales.

Best (and worst) of Auto-Tune: and speaking of synthetic music.Auto-tune is a processor that makes real dogs sublime singers (literally and metaphorically) audio.Read the special article and cries (of laughter and sadness).

How to configure a router: these notes Lysander does more by frustration, for work.The bride didn’t understand how to configure your router and phone did not understand, decided to write a guide.But do not say anything, is secret.

10 Years of service of the ISS: during the week were met 10 years since the ISS began his mission in outer space.Passes and read the story of the human stronghold in space.


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