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In games on December 3, 2010 at 8:32 am

The famous maker of video games, BioWare started work on the new Mass Effect 3, the third installment of the much followed the saga of science fiction into a frenzy that sent millions of players around the globe, we learned that it appears that Bioware will propose soon a new multiplayer mode!

The news indiscreet jumped out in these last hours, following the publication of a job listing on a popular social network, which states clearly looking for a multiplayer programmer for Mass Effect series. BioWare decided to expand the gaming experience in the world of Mass Effect through the inclusion of a multiplayer mode. Of course, at best, this should come together in the third chapter of the game since the team is currently engaged in creating expansions for Mass Effect 2, released on PC and Xbox 360.

The Canadian software company has so far not commented on these rumors, however, after the announcement of the work on the third chapter of the saga is becoming increasingly apparent confirmation from sources close to the same BioWare, the third chapter of the game Commander Shepard and his crew will use the expertise gained from the software house for the new Star Wars: The Old Republic, with which it could share many elements of online gaming.

Despite support for the project related to Mass Effect 2 will continue for many months (as evidenced by the liveliness of Cerberus Network), the upper echelons of BioWare already beginning to question what to do to bring to gaming history through the saga worthy of a final chapter ‘be remembered for years to come.

New Mass Effect 3 News: It will be more “light and fun” , says BioWare

We do not say anything new to say that Mass Effect 2 pc game was a delivery darker even than his predecessor, who managed to overcome in a lot worse. Well, now since its development, we anticipate that the closure of the trilogy will be much more fun and relaxed than the second half.

This has been confirmed to PCGameTrek UK magazine Casey Hudson of BioWare, who has materialized that this increased “lightness” of this package will be seen, for example, in the many comic scenes featuring Joker and EDI (artificial intelligence Normandy) taking place in the game.

We can not tell you much about Mass Effec 3 right now but the second installment of any trilogy is usually quite dark finish. The third part is when you are trying to bring back a little more fun and lightness to the set.

Something we try to do with Mass Effect 2 PC Game was in addition to achieving a more mature, to introduce many more comic elements, something that powers the hand ME3 characters like Joker and EDI.

Mass Effect 3 (PC) will be an epic conclusion … so it will be much darker, but also contain large doses of humor.

Personally I’m surprised the comic emphasis seems to want to give the franchise, which, however much he says Hudson, is not very common at the end of any trilogy, especially if it has the epic tone that has always characterized Mass Effect.

When questioned by the children of 10 to 16 years old, in fact, Christina Norman of BioWare said what will be the road that the developers of the popular EA’s Canadian subsidiary will undertake to make Mass Effect 3:

“With Mass Effect 2, we wanted to learn all aspects regarding the fighting and shooting, just because BioWare, historically, is strong in the narrative and the creation of role-playing games but is less good in action sequences. And it is precisely for these reasons that with Mass Effect 3 will focus on component role, multiplying in number and longevity exploratory stages but at the same time taking care to perfect the artificial intelligence of enemies. On the advice of our fans also see each other again from zero the phase of planetary exploration. ”

Casey Hudson of BioWare, seems to be clear that they do not want to spend that much time between the two deliveries remaining in the Mass Effect trilogy as there was between the first and second.

“We’re already working on new Mass Effect 3. We want to develop awareness and listening to what the community of gamers has to say while experimenting with Mass Effect 2. We also have a lot of DLC in which we are also working, and somehow in that mix business and eventually move to full development of the third. ”

“We do not want development on forever and we would like people to be able to finish this trilogy that has accompanied us for years. It is envisaged that the development time of the third party occupying the same as Mass Effect 2 DLC, that is, a couple of years. ”

Casey Hudson, Project Manager, BioWare says that right now are with the first details of the story of ‘Mass Effect 3′ and suggests that perhaps the title in the trilogy will be released within two years.

Meanwhile, says Hudson, and to make the wait more bearable (and incidentally keep filling their coffers a bit, of course), will be launching a host of downloadable content that we will have access to new adventures. No, we will not be bored.

I still shiver in the shins after seeing the amazing trailer for ‘Mass Effect 2′ Alex brought us this morning. What a feeling, gentlemen, what a feeling. That music, such as film composition, the universe at stake, these aliens totally crazy and a lot of eyes, that Commander Sheppard able to sacrifice everything for humanity … a lot of iron masters, BioWare will show us what that game will be worth mention.

But of course, can not stop the wheel spinning and so is already talking about the next iteration of the franchise. ‘Mass Effect 3′, the episode will end the trilogy and, once and for all, save humanity from catastrophic destruction. The question is clear, How long before we see it? For less than you think, that there is a hurry to keep winning base metal.

At least this is clear what Casey Hudson of BioWare, which recently said in an interview that “Mass Effect 3 ‘is already in development and will arrive within a couple of years.

We Sheppard and inter galactic adventures for a while. Hey, and we are delighted, of course.

So, the end of the trilogy might reach 2011, or later, in early 2012. Meanwhile, we are already playing at Mass Effect 2, and so that you do not make you eternal wait until the January 29.

If even half the promises made to us by Miss Norman will be confirmed in Mass Effect 3, between late 2011 and early 2012, the society of lovers of role play science fiction, having had a tough setback with the second chapter of the series , officially receive the final blow.

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