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The best basketball series will take a leap in quality. Michael Jordan returns to the slopes!
2K Games is quite clear: for the creators of this prestigious basketball franchise, NBA 2K11 will involve a new departure. And no wonder, because after being able to establish a nearly finished version of the new edition of the ultimate basketball simulator, we are very confident that it will become a new standard for the genre. The number of qualities that will cherish going to be awesome!

All those you’ve tried the demo for NBA 2K11 PC (through PSN and Xbox LIVE!) Sure have you got a good idea of the many virtues that will present NBA 2K11. However, we were able to dig a little deeper in the title and the fact is that we made very good impressions.

With you, Michael Jordan
By now (just have a couple of weeks to launch the game) probably already know that the real hook of this new edition of NBA 2K11 is the picture of Michael Jordan, regarded as the best player in the history of the sport. And we can confirm you that your presence will not be merely “figurative” or that it will work just as a marketing strategy (though that too), as the title exploited to their full potential. And how do you get? Well, among other things, designing various game modes focused on it, details of which really seem suggestive a priori.

The feeling spread to behold NBA 2K11 PC Game is to stand before an interactive television broadcasting. It is awesome!
A good example of this is called the Jordan Challenge. In this way we plant the top ten personal conduct of the star of the Bulls of his career … that must be replayed if we pass each test. It will not be easy, since we asked them several targets simultaneously as scoring a certain amount of points, a level of success, etc.. The good thing is that they get over it will get a good reward, which will result in additional game modes will be unlocked.

But do not think that only Jordan will be possible to control in certain modes of play and little else. All those who are curious to know what would happen if, for example, Jordan is currently measured to LeBron James on a basketball court may leave doubts quickly. Yes, because thanks to NBA 2K11 will be possible to let Jordan play with these stars of the basket as Kobe, Wade, Pierce, Rose or Nowitzki.

The main attraction of this new edition of NBA 2K11 PC Game will be able to play with Michael Jordan, a real privilege for the true lovers of basketball.
Improving the present and leaving aside the “Jordan effect”, NBA 2K11 2011 PC will continue with its ongoing annual refinement. In this case the improvements will focus on three fundamental aspects: the system passes, the defense and finished graphic. The intention of the developers is that in this issue the pass system is more accurate and realistic than before, in which players have to be more aware of making each pass at the right time to avoid losing possession. Thus, NBA 2K11 not just press the pass button without regard to getting the ball to our partners: to ensure that each pass will be more attentive to the positions of both the thrower of the ball as the receiver, and their respective markings.

As for the defense, 2K Games has confessed to not display at all happy with what I managed to achieve in this field in the last delivery of the simulator. That is why new systems will incorporate defensive behavior in the players more realistic, more consistent support in defense and other advances to significantly improve this aspect of the game.

The figure will reach a level of realism bestial levels. Players will be the living portraits of the real.
And finally, 2K Sports intends to increase further if possible the degree of realism in its title. And they will further refine the modeling of the players (eye to their faces and gestures), the setting of flags, the animations of both players and audience, and coaches … The result of this effort will be a game that will resemble much to the current television broadcasts of the NBA in HD.

Another little innovation on the PS3 version that will be present but we have not been able to prove is the compatibility with PS Move. It is assumed that thanks to Move the main actions (passing, shooting …) will be more natural and accurate, but, we repeat, is something we have not been able to experience.

What I do is that we will advance a pint NBA 2K11 is fantastic and that, unless it becomes a major problem last time, will become the new king of the basket. Motives and qualities do not go missing.

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