Gmail Peeper: Alert email to Gmail

In games on December 6, 2010 at 10:47 am

There are different ways to receive alerts for new emails in your Gmail account. Some of these forms are based on extensions that certainly work very well, but you need an extension for browser if you wish to receive notifications on all of them.The alternative is a browser-independent application who reports new mails in Gmail directly in the system tray, and Gmail Peeper does exactly that.

It is a habit for me keep a tab open with the Inbox in Gmail, waiting for any email. Both Firefox and Chrome have extensions capable of issuing an alert, but say that the conditions of use for such extensions are not always entirely appropriate. In my personal case, used under Firefox extension has stopped working on the beta of version 4.0, while several extensions for Chrome have problems to work on the Incógnito mode, which is as I use this browser. Some may recall the official tool from Google, but not updated for four years.Still, there are moments in which I have not even that open tab.Close the browser is a sacrilege nor much less: when you don’t need, so close to retrieve resources, so simple.

The alert is simple and efficient

But what about emails arriving? If you need to check the contents of your Inbox, you must once again to the browser, which restarts the cycle. However, there is an alternative, and is to use a program that sends alerts directly to the system tray.One of the lighter available is Gmail Peeper.Still has some other sharp edge, but is very efficient. Set up the account, enter the time interval between each check (one minute sounds somewhat paranoid, but works), and finally specify if you want the program to start with Windows. We have not detected any problem of stability, even in Windows 7 x 64, and as unique details we detect that does not have an option to check your Inbox, and double clicking on a new mail leads us to the main page of Gmail, instead of displaying the tray directly.

Gmail Peeper will automatically check for updates

Aside from these two things, Gmail Peeper is a great candidate to replace any extension installed nightingales and receive alerts regardless that have open or not the browser.According to her official website, the software requires version 3.5 of the .NET Framework.Windows Vista and Windows 7 users need not to worry, but those that are Windows XP riders must download it soon to make it work.Although we have always given welcome to extensions in browsers, have multiple that do the same in different browsers is not practical.Some things work better outside, and Gmail Peeper confirms it.


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