FileThin: Simple NTFS compression

In games on December 7, 2010 at 10:49 am

In these days of HDDs with thousands of gigabytes of capacity, for compression of files, folders, and volumes in the NTFS system can seem a bit redundant, but those users who wish to maintain strict control over your available space and to maximize the efficiency of storage, do not lose anything to make strategic thrusts in certain folders.FileThin is a program that simplifies the process of compression and presents more information than we can obtain the standard procedure in Windows.

Those seasoned riders DOS will remember things such as DoubleSpace, DriveSpace, and Stacker. These three programmes had a goal very clear: compress the hard disks that, apart from leaving a fortune at that time, had very humble capacities. Had to be juggling very strange and monitor closely any detail compatibility, because otherwise the saved information could fade away in the air, literally. Abandonment of DOS, the emergence of new incompatibilities, and the increase in the density of hard disks, disk compression tools recorded a steep fall in its use. However, the NTFS file system continues to provide a compression system today.How much space can you win?Well, it depends on the kind of files that are compressed, but despite the hundreds of gigabytes available in most modern units, there are some folders that might well use compression without inconvenience.

The best thing is to compress specific folders or disks intended exclusively for storing

Windows only allows you to place a tilde in the properties of the file, folder or volume to start compression, but FileThin is a kind of “user interface” a little more elaborate for that function.By default, FileThin offers compress entire, drives, although this can be useful on disks that are used exclusively for storage.The idea is to have a little finer control of what you compress, what can be achieved by manually specifying the path. FileThin also has a system of “intelligent compression” you will be compressing files and folders as they will be generated, but we insist on its strong through more advanced control, and not by a simple Automation. The operation is finished, FileThin shall submit a report indicating earnings from space.

Configuration options are quite simple

Now, if you wonder if it is worth taking the time to process folders and minimum profit space on a disk with hundreds of gigabytes, everything is reduced to recognize what as efficient wants to be with the use of the disk.Despite the huge numbers, an inescapable truth is that hard drives are filled, and this comes from someone you are scheduling the purchase of a new hard disk by end of year, a few months ago when I thought that you had “space”.Compress folders with FileThin is far from being a definitive solution, especially when dealing with formats already compressed (jpeg, mp3, avi, etc.), but if every byte counts for you, you should give you a taste.

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