Chrome will have its own PDF reader

In games on December 10, 2010 at 3:16 pm

The next version of Chrome browser from Google, will have several improvements and additions, and one of the most interesting is the implementation of a PDF reader, you will avoid having to use external applications each time you open one of these files on the web.For now you can test this option in Chrome beta pre-release, and though lacks it options, works as it should.

Although some time ago that we do not see an official update for Google’s browser, recently released a very complete extension for Chrome.Now, a new updates is a Reader PDF to come built-in to the program in the next version, but already you can to try it in advance in beta form.

If you want to try the next version of Google’s browser, you can download the pre-release version, which in this case allows you to open PDF files from the same browser, without the need for an external such as Adobe Reader or FoxIt Reader application.It is likely that at this point already have a program to display this type of file, but to be integrated into the same browser, we can have a fast and smooth experience.

Or at least this is what promise in Google, since PDF readers generally use many resources and can take time to respond.In addition, the blog explains another novelty is a “new layer of security” called Sandbox, which helps protect you from malware and attacks that are often directed to PDF files.In our tests, we note the reader works very well and fast, but by the time options, missing as zooming with the mouse scroll and move through the pages easily.

Google continues working to refine this new version and get a stable, hope that the reader is much faster and has even more options interface.For the rest of the information on this new version will have to wait for the official launch, but it seems that one of the novelties will be this useful implementation.Now you can try the first version of PDF reader by downloading the Beta Google Chrome here.


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