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Chrome will have its own PDF reader

In games on December 10, 2010 at 3:16 pm

The next version of Chrome browser from Google, will have several improvements and additions, and one of the most interesting is the implementation of a PDF reader, you will avoid having to use external applications each time you open one of these files on the web.For now you can test this option in Chrome beta pre-release, and though lacks it options, works as it should.

Although some time ago that we do not see an official update for Google’s browser, recently released a very complete extension for Chrome.Now, a new updates is a Reader PDF to come built-in to the program in the next version, but already you can to try it in advance in beta form.

If you want to try the next version of Google’s browser, you can download the pre-release version, which in this case allows you to open PDF files from the same browser, without the need for an external such as Adobe Reader or FoxIt Reader application.It is likely that at this point already have a program to display this type of file, but to be integrated into the same browser, we can have a fast and smooth experience.

Or at least this is what promise in Google, since PDF readers generally use many resources and can take time to respond.In addition, the blog explains another novelty is a “new layer of security” called Sandbox, which helps protect you from malware and attacks that are often directed to PDF files.In our tests, we note the reader works very well and fast, but by the time options, missing as zooming with the mouse scroll and move through the pages easily.

Google continues working to refine this new version and get a stable, hope that the reader is much faster and has even more options interface.For the rest of the information on this new version will have to wait for the official launch, but it seems that one of the novelties will be this useful implementation.Now you can try the first version of PDF reader by downloading the Beta Google Chrome here.


Deep Impact photo Hartley 2

In games on December 9, 2010 at 12:49 pm

In the last hours, NASA Deep Impact spacecraft has approached the comet’s nucleus Hartley 2. After a journey of more than five years of the robot to reached its second objective, revealing details of the comet’s nucleus. This body of 2200 metres in diameter, is composed of 280 million tonnes of a mixture of ice water, carbon dioxide and Silicon dust ice.The mission could provide key data on the formation of the Earth and other planets of the solar system.

Deep Impact/EPOXI spacecraft was released January 12, 2005 with the Mission of studying two comets: 9 p/Tempel 1 and Boethin.The first part of his Odyssey was fulfilled smoothly on July 4 of the same year, and a projectile cash just embedded in Temple 1, opening a 100 meters in diameter crater and lifting a cloud of particles was duly analysed by instruments aboard the robot.However, astronomers did not locate the comet Boethin – possibly have been fragmented into too small pieces to be detectable – so decided change of purpose. New white would comet Hartley 2, discovered by Australian Malcolm Hartley in 1986.

Deep Impact, only about 700 km 2 Hartley (NASA)

Malcolm Hartley, 63, felt “very excited” when he learned that the NASA probe would visit the Comet that found 24 years ago.Hartley had not been notified of this event, and learned to receive a call from a journalist from Science magazine. “This is a very special time, when we detect the comet first I never thought that we could see so close”, commented. In the last hours, Deep Impact has approached the comet to find only some 700 kilometres from its core. This has allowed to take great photos of the body and determine its most important features. Thanks to this mission not only learn the secrets of Hartley 2 but they also learn much about the mechanism involved in the formation of planets in the solar system.

Probe input helped to confirm the size of the nucleus of Hartley 2 – a few 2.2 km long on its axis – and calculate its mass metric 280 million tonnes. It is primarily composed of water ice, ice carbon dioxide and Silicon powder. These materials are quite common in comets – are waste training system solar makes approximately 4.5 billion years – by what many refer to them as “dirty snowballs”. Its small size did not gravitational forces will provide the sphericity got used to see in the majority of celestial bodies, so that their appearance is closer to of a pickle than a soccer ball.Hartley 2 core complete a return on himself every 18 hours.

Its appearance is quite approaching a gherkin (NASA)

The Mission has provided very good resolution images.Aren’t the first with this celestial, body since from Earth is it had photographed before.However, the enormous distance which separates it from our planet and its small size made it very difficult to obtain details of your kernel.”Photograph comet Hartley 2 from Earth is the equivalent for the image of a cucumber 15 centimeters long 836 km away,” explained Jon Giorgini, a member JPL Arecibo which took images of Comet computer scientist.

Deep Impact has been taking photos of Hartley 2 c ada five minutes during the last weeks.The meeting occurs few days once the comet has become “only” 18 million kilometres from Earth, their greater approximation since it was discovered in 1986.Success in the precision with which the meeting produced since the robot had traveled over 5,000 million kilometres, was filled with joy at the NASA team members.You are now expected to arrive images taken with the high resolution camera to begin with the scientific analysis of the data received.Hartley 2 has thus become the fifth visited Earth spacecraft Comet nucleus.

Electric shock to learn math

In games on December 8, 2010 at 12:49 pm

The human brain is an organ with an incredible potential beyond that science has yet to determine its full capabilities.While the idea may seem risky sight, a group of researchers would have shown that applying electrical brain stimulation could rise your performance on mathematical exercises for a considerable time without affecting other functions and cause damage.

More careful we may have, there is always an opportunity in which electricity reminds us that is there, and demand respect constantly. Not necessarily have to be electricity network, since a little static accumulated will make us to leapfrog surprise and unpleasant. But used properly, electricity has provided us with incalculable benefits. Electricity has also had its degree of presence in medicine.Famous shock therapies were widely used in different psychiatric boxes during the last century, but with the advancement of drugs, are only very specific cases and complexes (some very advanced levels of depression, for example) that you can still use it.Therefore, the idea of giving shocks voluntarily may not seem entirely rational, unless they are suffering from any limitation.

Stimulation is applied in the parietal lobe, highlighted in color (source: Wikipedia)

A group of researchers at the University of Oxford have developed a method non-invasive brain stimulation known as stream direct Transcraneal, through which a mild electrical current is applied to increase or decrease the neuronal activity stimulation. There are many medical conditions in which a patient may lose either partial or total ability to perform and/or understand mathematical operations. In testing, study participants had a normal mathematical ability, but after receiving stimulation in the parietal lobe, capacity study participants increased significantly, assimilating numbers and formulas that had not seen before, and the “effects” (if we can call them that), lasted for a period of six months.

Now, before they leave running towards the outlet, wait.One thing to boost the speed of a person with no special mathematical learning, and a completely different is to improve the mathematical ability of someone who has suffered some kind of brain trauma, or who has been diagnosed with dyscalculia.If you work in these cases, progress would rather than significant.Those suffering from conditions of understanding mathematical reduced are unable to perform basic as read the quantities of ingredients to a recipe, or determine how much money you have in your pocket.All attend which improve the quality of life, is welcome.

FileThin: Simple NTFS compression

In games on December 7, 2010 at 10:49 am

In these days of HDDs with thousands of gigabytes of capacity, for compression of files, folders, and volumes in the NTFS system can seem a bit redundant, but those users who wish to maintain strict control over your available space and to maximize the efficiency of storage, do not lose anything to make strategic thrusts in certain folders.FileThin is a program that simplifies the process of compression and presents more information than we can obtain the standard procedure in Windows.

Those seasoned riders DOS will remember things such as DoubleSpace, DriveSpace, and Stacker. These three programmes had a goal very clear: compress the hard disks that, apart from leaving a fortune at that time, had very humble capacities. Had to be juggling very strange and monitor closely any detail compatibility, because otherwise the saved information could fade away in the air, literally. Abandonment of DOS, the emergence of new incompatibilities, and the increase in the density of hard disks, disk compression tools recorded a steep fall in its use. However, the NTFS file system continues to provide a compression system today.How much space can you win?Well, it depends on the kind of files that are compressed, but despite the hundreds of gigabytes available in most modern units, there are some folders that might well use compression without inconvenience.

The best thing is to compress specific folders or disks intended exclusively for storing

Windows only allows you to place a tilde in the properties of the file, folder or volume to start compression, but FileThin is a kind of “user interface” a little more elaborate for that function.By default, FileThin offers compress entire, drives, although this can be useful on disks that are used exclusively for storage.The idea is to have a little finer control of what you compress, what can be achieved by manually specifying the path. FileThin also has a system of “intelligent compression” you will be compressing files and folders as they will be generated, but we insist on its strong through more advanced control, and not by a simple Automation. The operation is finished, FileThin shall submit a report indicating earnings from space.

Configuration options are quite simple

Now, if you wonder if it is worth taking the time to process folders and minimum profit space on a disk with hundreds of gigabytes, everything is reduced to recognize what as efficient wants to be with the use of the disk.Despite the huge numbers, an inescapable truth is that hard drives are filled, and this comes from someone you are scheduling the purchase of a new hard disk by end of year, a few months ago when I thought that you had “space”.Compress folders with FileThin is far from being a definitive solution, especially when dealing with formats already compressed (jpeg, mp3, avi, etc.), but if every byte counts for you, you should give you a taste.

Gmail Peeper: Alert email to Gmail

In games on December 6, 2010 at 10:47 am

There are different ways to receive alerts for new emails in your Gmail account. Some of these forms are based on extensions that certainly work very well, but you need an extension for browser if you wish to receive notifications on all of them.The alternative is a browser-independent application who reports new mails in Gmail directly in the system tray, and Gmail Peeper does exactly that.

It is a habit for me keep a tab open with the Inbox in Gmail, waiting for any email. Both Firefox and Chrome have extensions capable of issuing an alert, but say that the conditions of use for such extensions are not always entirely appropriate. In my personal case, used under Firefox extension has stopped working on the beta of version 4.0, while several extensions for Chrome have problems to work on the Incógnito mode, which is as I use this browser. Some may recall the official tool from Google, but not updated for four years.Still, there are moments in which I have not even that open tab.Close the browser is a sacrilege nor much less: when you don’t need, so close to retrieve resources, so simple.

The alert is simple and efficient

But what about emails arriving? If you need to check the contents of your Inbox, you must once again to the browser, which restarts the cycle. However, there is an alternative, and is to use a program that sends alerts directly to the system tray.One of the lighter available is Gmail Peeper.Still has some other sharp edge, but is very efficient. Set up the account, enter the time interval between each check (one minute sounds somewhat paranoid, but works), and finally specify if you want the program to start with Windows. We have not detected any problem of stability, even in Windows 7 x 64, and as unique details we detect that does not have an option to check your Inbox, and double clicking on a new mail leads us to the main page of Gmail, instead of displaying the tray directly.

Gmail Peeper will automatically check for updates

Aside from these two things, Gmail Peeper is a great candidate to replace any extension installed nightingales and receive alerts regardless that have open or not the browser.According to her official website, the software requires version 3.5 of the .NET Framework.Windows Vista and Windows 7 users need not to worry, but those that are Windows XP riders must download it soon to make it work.Although we have always given welcome to extensions in browsers, have multiple that do the same in different browsers is not practical.Some things work better outside, and Gmail Peeper confirms it.

NBA 2K11 PC Game

In games on December 5, 2010 at 3:25 pm

Preview NBA 2K11 PC Game – Online PC Game Reviews

The best basketball series will take a leap in quality. Michael Jordan returns to the slopes!
2K Games is quite clear: for the creators of this prestigious basketball franchise, NBA 2K11 will involve a new departure. And no wonder, because after being able to establish a nearly finished version of the new edition of the ultimate basketball simulator, we are very confident that it will become a new standard for the genre. The number of qualities that will cherish going to be awesome!

All those you’ve tried the demo for NBA 2K11 PC (through PSN and Xbox LIVE!) Sure have you got a good idea of the many virtues that will present NBA 2K11. However, we were able to dig a little deeper in the title and the fact is that we made very good impressions.

With you, Michael Jordan
By now (just have a couple of weeks to launch the game) probably already know that the real hook of this new edition of NBA 2K11 is the picture of Michael Jordan, regarded as the best player in the history of the sport. And we can confirm you that your presence will not be merely “figurative” or that it will work just as a marketing strategy (though that too), as the title exploited to their full potential. And how do you get? Well, among other things, designing various game modes focused on it, details of which really seem suggestive a priori.

The feeling spread to behold NBA 2K11 PC Game is to stand before an interactive television broadcasting. It is awesome!
A good example of this is called the Jordan Challenge. In this way we plant the top ten personal conduct of the star of the Bulls of his career … that must be replayed if we pass each test. It will not be easy, since we asked them several targets simultaneously as scoring a certain amount of points, a level of success, etc.. The good thing is that they get over it will get a good reward, which will result in additional game modes will be unlocked.

But do not think that only Jordan will be possible to control in certain modes of play and little else. All those who are curious to know what would happen if, for example, Jordan is currently measured to LeBron James on a basketball court may leave doubts quickly. Yes, because thanks to NBA 2K11 will be possible to let Jordan play with these stars of the basket as Kobe, Wade, Pierce, Rose or Nowitzki.

The main attraction of this new edition of NBA 2K11 PC Game will be able to play with Michael Jordan, a real privilege for the true lovers of basketball.
Improving the present and leaving aside the “Jordan effect”, NBA 2K11 2011 PC will continue with its ongoing annual refinement. In this case the improvements will focus on three fundamental aspects: the system passes, the defense and finished graphic. The intention of the developers is that in this issue the pass system is more accurate and realistic than before, in which players have to be more aware of making each pass at the right time to avoid losing possession. Thus, NBA 2K11 not just press the pass button without regard to getting the ball to our partners: to ensure that each pass will be more attentive to the positions of both the thrower of the ball as the receiver, and their respective markings.

As for the defense, 2K Games has confessed to not display at all happy with what I managed to achieve in this field in the last delivery of the simulator. That is why new systems will incorporate defensive behavior in the players more realistic, more consistent support in defense and other advances to significantly improve this aspect of the game.

The figure will reach a level of realism bestial levels. Players will be the living portraits of the real.
And finally, 2K Sports intends to increase further if possible the degree of realism in its title. And they will further refine the modeling of the players (eye to their faces and gestures), the setting of flags, the animations of both players and audience, and coaches … The result of this effort will be a game that will resemble much to the current television broadcasts of the NBA in HD.

Another little innovation on the PS3 version that will be present but we have not been able to prove is the compatibility with PS Move. It is assumed that thanks to Move the main actions (passing, shooting …) will be more natural and accurate, but, we repeat, is something we have not been able to experience.

What I do is that we will advance a pint NBA 2K11 is fantastic and that, unless it becomes a major problem last time, will become the new king of the basket. Motives and qualities do not go missing.

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Invisibility and flexible metamateriales

In games on December 5, 2010 at 10:47 am

There have been many occasions where we’ve talked about devices or able to make invisible to an object or person mantles. Recent technological developments have focused on the metamateriales that can bend light waves. So far, the metamateriales were rigid, or worked in a range which we could not see.However, a recent development has given way to a metamaterial that in future could operate in our visual spectrum, and is it sufficiently flexible to apply it in different ways.

When the word invisibility floats in the air, our minds are things like the Predator, the Klingons, the famous Harry Potter, James Bond car layer and Kevin Bacon making murderous psychopath (what?). But in recent years Science took very seriously development of invisibility. The application that would most benefit from this is of course the military, but the point is that many of the lines of research dedicated to the desired “cloaking device” can bring great benefits to fields such as optics. Finally, after all, everything boils down to light: when you look at an object, you are actually seeing light reflected on it.If light bends, deviates or is interrupted, the object will disappear before our eyes.Until now, science fiction, but we are increasingly closer.

The image on the left shows the flexibility of the metamaterial while right it is possible to observe their adaptation on a contact lens

A group of scientists in United Kingdom, headed by Dr. Andrea Di Marco, have created a thin flexible metamaterial that has the potential to work in our visual spectrum. The problem is that the metamateriales are too rigid to have a practical application, or those with certain flexibility working on wavelength that we cannot see.The visual spectrum is located between the 390 and 750 nanometers. How achieved flexibility? Instead of resorting to the classic siliicio process, used a polymer. Combine flexibility with a better process manufacturing nanometric seems to be the key to achieving the expected “invisible cloak”.

Even so, we have to wait.Scientists still unknown many things about the metamateriales, as for example how to behave when folder or bends, and its sensitivity to motion.Then we must determine the best method of manufacture for an operation in our visual spectrum, what will be your applications… anyway, much, much work ahead.Front of the eyes of our mothers-in-law disappear as did it Bilbo Baggins in the region still is something that we can only hope, but these and other scientists are determined to succeed.We hope that they can.

Kung Fu Panda 2 (trailer)

In games on December 4, 2010 at 10:45 am

While there are a lot of original animation films, the world still not can survive without sequelae. It is why DreamWorks is finishing its work in Kung Fu Panda 2: The KaBOOM of Doom meet again a roster full of stars, joining Gary Oldman and James Wood, among others.You can see 3D, at the end of May 2011.

In 2008, DreamWorks brought us decent family movie, Kung Fu Panda, starring Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Jackie Chan and Angelina Jolie, to mention a few actors present, and how could it be otherwise, in a few months we will see the sequel, under the name Kung Fu Panda 2: The KaBOOM of Doom. Below you can see the first advancement, in the form of a teaser trailer.

As good teaser video leaves no see much, but according to official sources explained, plot continues to Po the panda who know kicking back, along with his companions and several other companions, on a mission to stop the Lord Shen, a powerful King with a deadly weapon capable of destroying the Kung Fu forever.And although Po now has powers at its disposal to stop it, will also have to contend with its past, which returns to haunt him. And knowing it, insurance has to do with food.

This sequel will be directed by Jennifer Yuh, whose sole director role was in the animated series of Spawn and based on the screenplay written by Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger (Monsters vs. Aliens).In addition, the sequel to marked the return of the original cast, Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Jackie Chan, Angelina Jolie, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu, David Cross, James Hong, so also new characters by Jean-Claude Van Damme, James Wood, Gary Oldman, Michelle Yeoh.

The original film surprised more than one, when many expected a low-quality film and ended up being quite entertaining.The sequel now has the difficult task of achieving the expectations of the spectators who want to see a movie of the same quality, with the same familiar mood which characterizes.Of course, as it cannot be otherwise, this sequel viewable in 3D and has release date for the end of May 2011.

Links recommended of the week (No. 75)

In games on December 3, 2010 at 8:38 am

We ended the previous week with some technical defect, and very much appreciate the patience of our readers and the help of a few that, via Facebook, gave us a hand with the subject. But it is already fixed! There is nothing of what worry! Why, and to close an intense semanita, go to the links collection which is already a classic on Fridays in the Strip. We have since NK tits up Virgin boas.What else want!?

Do dogs urinate in the wheels of cars?: Let’s start by answering one of these fundamental questions that have become too long without being resolved. Do dogs have predilection for urinating wheels of cars? It is what intuyes, Yes: these wheels is cargadísima of odours and the dog it is irresistible.

Why bats “drink” mirrors: “the biologists Stefan Greif and Björn Siemers Institute Max Planck ornithology, years studying the system which allows them to catch their prey in darkness the bat echolocation and even distinguish between species of others.” “His latest research, however, indicates that the system is not always as precise and leads them to confuse any smooth surface with a source where to quench the thirst.” Although not the topic interests you, please enter to view the video. It is great.

The “Greek i” called “ye”: “the Greek i shall ye, the (b) shall be (and not be high or long be);” the ch and the ll no longer letters of the alphabet; “eliminating the single tilde and demonstratives (this, this…) and o (5 or 6) numbers and quorum will be cuórum, while Qatar will taste.” disfiguring it clear?Uffff…

Tim Michin – Storm: A musical poem 9 minutes has no waste. It is Tim Michin, ladies and gentlemen, a new favorite with Storm, a monologue that is already in the annals of skeptical humor. Do you know how to call alternative medicine when tested to work? Through the link.

Asesenos (NSFW): maybe you should not put this link in this respectable selection of science and Humanities fine articles, but I can’t help it! The Asesenos forcing me to do so!Threatening to bite me in bits if I do not do! There are worse ways to die, I must admit. Queen…ahem…i.Although it does not contain desnudes, if you are a minor or you are at work, you should not see it, so you also leave one without breasts killer, but that is just fun.

McGurk effect which you see changes you hear: “our brain likes to fill gaps and makes us believe things that are not actually happening.” “With regard to the hearing and sight, scientists described a few years ago called effect McGurk, which demonstrates the vision of lips can do we create listen to something that we are not listening.”(Extract)

Beard blue, the dangers of marriage: Another tale of Perrault, but not suitable for minors: “rather it is a grisly warning about the dangers of marriage (one hand) and those of greed and curiosity (on the other), more related in our modern films of terror that culture to Disney cartoons.” There is a very old film which was both subidita tone.We must get it.

First ‘virgin birth’ of a boa: “many invertebrates such as insects, can have offspring without having copulado.” Usually do so by cloning, and their offspring are genetically identical.”But among vertebrates are a novelty, because they are only documented in less than 0.1% of these species.” (Extract)

The night long: it is always fun to discover that something that you did too interesting before, seen on another light you can reach fascinated.Didn’t believe we could say much on shifts, for example; but obviously you can because the borders blog made, almost a colloquium on the subject! Super interesting!

Man is the only animal that stumbles twice with the same picture: who doesn’t learn from its mistakes is doomed to repeat them, say there. And we know that we as a species, have enough problems of learning. It is not surprising, but yes a little saddened discover graphics, precise and concise evidence that we have learned very little. The link bad wave of the week.

When a sonar misinterpreted a signal, killing millions of fish: “on May 6, 1945, American underwater listening devices rastreaban offshore presence of enemy submarines.”Several men equipped with microphones (commonly known as hydrophones) submarines, recording instruments and amplifiers are removed headphones since they were registering deafening sounds. “Over the waters reigned calm, which led to senior officials to defend against the imminent attack submarine fleet.”But…

More expensive in the world food: I never took very well with the luxuries, I’m rather coarse and pragmatic, so it is not surprising that there is nothing that I too tempting more expensive foods in the world (and I don’t know if even do not seem a little obscene).But here we go: pizza € 8300, an omelet $1000 and caviar by 27.800 USD per kilo. To eat!

DE TODO UN POCO: Photobomb (bomb pictures) is the art of invade photos of brash manner, and that these animals are doing! In fact, there are around a site dedicated to the photobombs. And if the car had faces, these would be evil.More cars? Look these science fiction.In addition, 25 years Back To The Future, life in the laboratory, very futuristic art art game of fight, and best of all, a Manchu spacecraft Gallery.Among the videos, we have a spectacular timelapse, people stop-motion, old advertising Star Wars movies robots and a girl super evil, sent by Warcracker.

The “Heart of the demon” dead: Eran scientific formed part of the scientific team in the framework of the so-called “Manhattan Project”.Died in laboratory accident while working on in the “heart of the demon”.

8-Bit game soundtracks: Martin made another list to collect.On this occasion, most played songs of 8-bit video games.From Final Fantasy to Super Mario Bros., passing by Tetris, Ninja Gaiden, The Legend of Zelda, and my favorite Duck Duck Tales.

Best (and worst) of Auto-Tune: and speaking of synthetic music.Auto-tune is a processor that makes real dogs sublime singers (literally and metaphorically) audio.Read the special article and cries (of laughter and sadness).

How to configure a router: these notes Lysander does more by frustration, for work.The bride didn’t understand how to configure your router and phone did not understand, decided to write a guide.But do not say anything, is secret.

10 Years of service of the ISS: during the week were met 10 years since the ISS began his mission in outer space.Passes and read the story of the human stronghold in space.

Mass Effect 3 Game News

In games on December 3, 2010 at 8:32 am

The famous maker of video games, BioWare started work on the new Mass Effect 3, the third installment of the much followed the saga of science fiction into a frenzy that sent millions of players around the globe, we learned that it appears that Bioware will propose soon a new multiplayer mode!

The news indiscreet jumped out in these last hours, following the publication of a job listing on a popular social network, which states clearly looking for a multiplayer programmer for Mass Effect series. BioWare decided to expand the gaming experience in the world of Mass Effect through the inclusion of a multiplayer mode. Of course, at best, this should come together in the third chapter of the game since the team is currently engaged in creating expansions for Mass Effect 2, released on PC and Xbox 360.

The Canadian software company has so far not commented on these rumors, however, after the announcement of the work on the third chapter of the saga is becoming increasingly apparent confirmation from sources close to the same BioWare, the third chapter of the game Commander Shepard and his crew will use the expertise gained from the software house for the new Star Wars: The Old Republic, with which it could share many elements of online gaming.

Despite support for the project related to Mass Effect 2 will continue for many months (as evidenced by the liveliness of Cerberus Network), the upper echelons of BioWare already beginning to question what to do to bring to gaming history through the saga worthy of a final chapter ‘be remembered for years to come.

New Mass Effect 3 News: It will be more “light and fun” , says BioWare

We do not say anything new to say that Mass Effect 2 pc game was a delivery darker even than his predecessor, who managed to overcome in a lot worse. Well, now since its development, we anticipate that the closure of the trilogy will be much more fun and relaxed than the second half.

This has been confirmed to PCGameTrek UK magazine Casey Hudson of BioWare, who has materialized that this increased “lightness” of this package will be seen, for example, in the many comic scenes featuring Joker and EDI (artificial intelligence Normandy) taking place in the game.

We can not tell you much about Mass Effec 3 right now but the second installment of any trilogy is usually quite dark finish. The third part is when you are trying to bring back a little more fun and lightness to the set.

Something we try to do with Mass Effect 2 PC Game was in addition to achieving a more mature, to introduce many more comic elements, something that powers the hand ME3 characters like Joker and EDI.

Mass Effect 3 (PC) will be an epic conclusion … so it will be much darker, but also contain large doses of humor.

Personally I’m surprised the comic emphasis seems to want to give the franchise, which, however much he says Hudson, is not very common at the end of any trilogy, especially if it has the epic tone that has always characterized Mass Effect.

When questioned by the children of 10 to 16 years old, in fact, Christina Norman of BioWare said what will be the road that the developers of the popular EA’s Canadian subsidiary will undertake to make Mass Effect 3:

“With Mass Effect 2, we wanted to learn all aspects regarding the fighting and shooting, just because BioWare, historically, is strong in the narrative and the creation of role-playing games but is less good in action sequences. And it is precisely for these reasons that with Mass Effect 3 will focus on component role, multiplying in number and longevity exploratory stages but at the same time taking care to perfect the artificial intelligence of enemies. On the advice of our fans also see each other again from zero the phase of planetary exploration. ”

Casey Hudson of BioWare, seems to be clear that they do not want to spend that much time between the two deliveries remaining in the Mass Effect trilogy as there was between the first and second.

“We’re already working on new Mass Effect 3. We want to develop awareness and listening to what the community of gamers has to say while experimenting with Mass Effect 2. We also have a lot of DLC in which we are also working, and somehow in that mix business and eventually move to full development of the third. ”

“We do not want development on forever and we would like people to be able to finish this trilogy that has accompanied us for years. It is envisaged that the development time of the third party occupying the same as Mass Effect 2 DLC, that is, a couple of years. ”

Casey Hudson, Project Manager, BioWare says that right now are with the first details of the story of ‘Mass Effect 3′ and suggests that perhaps the title in the trilogy will be released within two years.

Meanwhile, says Hudson, and to make the wait more bearable (and incidentally keep filling their coffers a bit, of course), will be launching a host of downloadable content that we will have access to new adventures. No, we will not be bored.

I still shiver in the shins after seeing the amazing trailer for ‘Mass Effect 2′ Alex brought us this morning. What a feeling, gentlemen, what a feeling. That music, such as film composition, the universe at stake, these aliens totally crazy and a lot of eyes, that Commander Sheppard able to sacrifice everything for humanity … a lot of iron masters, BioWare will show us what that game will be worth mention.

But of course, can not stop the wheel spinning and so is already talking about the next iteration of the franchise. ‘Mass Effect 3′, the episode will end the trilogy and, once and for all, save humanity from catastrophic destruction. The question is clear, How long before we see it? For less than you think, that there is a hurry to keep winning base metal.

At least this is clear what Casey Hudson of BioWare, which recently said in an interview that “Mass Effect 3 ‘is already in development and will arrive within a couple of years.

We Sheppard and inter galactic adventures for a while. Hey, and we are delighted, of course.

So, the end of the trilogy might reach 2011, or later, in early 2012. Meanwhile, we are already playing at Mass Effect 2, and so that you do not make you eternal wait until the January 29.

If even half the promises made to us by Miss Norman will be confirmed in Mass Effect 3, between late 2011 and early 2012, the society of lovers of role play science fiction, having had a tough setback with the second chapter of the series , officially receive the final blow.

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