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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC

In games on June 7, 2010 at 3:47 pm

After three years away from our PC screens, with his back to Battlefield Bad Company with a technical renovated, variations in game structure and the same charisma that determined success during his first appearance.
Will says this in these circumstances to wrest the scepter for the best FPS of the year and while not to disappoint the fans who have been looking forward to this sequel?

A giant leap backward
The beginning of the single player campaign launches us back in time just before the end of World War II, aboard a boat with three other comrades with the primary objective to save a Japanese scientist. From the first moments of the game you realize how DICE has decided to push this film Battlefield to cut even more marked than its predecessors and the atmosphere is exceptional: even if the setting is classic, an assault night to enemy position, the tension starts to rise and explodes when we discovered. After just a few minutes of the game we are already fully immersed in a firefight, the space for pleasantries has jumped beautifully and bullets are already flying everywhere. The first thing you notice is the total absence of the interface, no counters for health or bullets, but the high aims of the enemies and their ability to exploit the trenches maximum force us to focus on tactics, leaving little room for other points. Ended the first mission-flashbacks “we will again in this together with our beloved B-Company: Marlowe, Haggard, Sweets and Sergeant Redford would revert to the protagonists as always loads of humor and humorous banter about the events. Never before at this time the conflict between Russia and the United States is on a prominent member of the CIA and was taken prisoner, the work is not easy let alone clean and who else but our team will be dispatched to resolve this situation?
Compared with the first mission in which there is no trace of HUD from now on we will have a ‘more intuitive interface and rich in information, because in the lower corners of the screen space will find the counter of ammunition and a small tactical map that we will report targets and weapons by collecting scattered around the war zones. Compared to the past is lost medikit infinite need for treatment and consequently the life bar, this chapter of the health status of the player will be assessed according to the patches of blood on the screen will fade gradually if that will avoid entering fighting for an extended period of time. Our team from now on will enmeshed in the most intense battles and spectacular views this year on our monitors. Programmers are given a great deal to do to propose new and adrenaline and situations will change from desert landscapes to lush jungles to finish coming in from the arctic cold climate in which we run from house to house to not freeze to death in short, good ways to diversify the playing levels of the campaign, however, intended to last only six hours, leaving the poor player with a bitter taste and the desire to play again on the very high quality. To lengthen the gaming experience has been included in the maps radio stations to explode to get extra bonus level at the end of that range to replace the gold bars in the first Battlefield and powerful weapons that can be used in the campaign only if discovered their hiding place.

It ‘s time of Destruction!
Anything you’re looking on the battlefield as you know that tradition can be razed. While the singleplayer missions duran avenues for engagement in fighting the enemies are fairly linear plot to allow for development with twists and ambushes worthy of the best war movies, the complete opposite is true of gunfire which give maximum freedom to a player allowing him to attack enemies from all directions. Leveraging on the fact that all buildings are destructible, nothing will stop you equipped with a rocket launcher and blow up a house to take the enemy from behind, always keeping in mind however that although the fact that a concrete wall to collapse in head with a sniper enemy is also true and you must be very careful where you repair if you want to avoid getting buried under the rubble. This differs Battlefield: Bad Company 2 from all the most recent productions that take as their starting point from which systems secure shell fire and invulnerable to enemy fire. The firepower that Bad Company is capable of is devastating, their will be available to more than twenty different types of weapons and any weapon you find or ruberete forces of resistance will be recorded in your database and can be worn with you on the battlefield in the future. During the game you can only carry two different types of weapons as well as grenades and explosives will be given the opportunity to change equipment, supplies scattered through special funds for the war zones, with the one you most suited for the target .
Marlowe and Co., however, should not have it on foot and in fact in almost all missions there will be sections to do on board means of transport. The variety of these is considerable and ranges from the usual jeeps armed with machine guns on the back of the tanks, to jump to sections frenetic combat helicopters on board, only the vessels were excluded from the singleplayer campaign and made as special for matches Online.

Sand in the eyes
The part that most impressed us this Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is definitely the technique, the battles are a perfect example of how the tension can be given in a video game without necessarily having to use endless sections in the dark. The dust that is raised by the explosions or from snow storms we face reduces visibility and fear of falling into an ambush is always there making us jump in the case before us like an enemy unexpectedly. The environments have an incredible variety as mentioned at the beginning of the review and the landscape is reproduced with care: background you can see photo-realistic scenery around you while the battle ignites all that envelops the player in the history accomplice also a gripping storyline certainly, although unoriginal and a good characterization of the team that takes up literally being of every single member in the past. Polygonal models are of the same bill so egregious’ as those of the media assault of enemy soldiers who will perform different animations depending on the point of impact of projectiles.
The music that makes surround sound is appropriate and the department has excelled both in the explosion that background noise. During the shooting in open areas you can even hear the echo of their shots in the distance. A meticulous work also covers the dubbing in Italian, which incorporates the same voice actors of the first chapter devoted to reviving Marlowe’s companions and a pleasant dejavu.

The single player campaign of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is just the tip of the iceberg, though it ends too quickly because you have a whole new game and a lot more durable to discover in the online mode. Set aside so our four protagonists you can join the fight in person, menus rapid disappearance in the selection of matches will be visible already in the main screen and give you the opportunity to try out four different game types with a maximum to 32 players. Conquest mode two opposing teams must capture a flag in the center of the map and maintain station to achieve the necessary points to win the game. There will then be the classic Team Deathmatch where you must kill fifty members of the team to get the win, taking care to defend a single armored vehicle in the center of the map, safe source of easy steps, and the Race mode, which we We extensively discussed in our preview. The latter type of game is very similar to this in the first chapter of Bad Company, except that here instead of gold, there will be precious to defend communication stations. You can take any of these modes choosing among four different classes each with strengths and well-defined roles, you can choose to be a sniper to kill enemies with shots from distance, gunfire for an attack in the heat of battle, an engineer equipped with rocket launchers and possibility to adjust the military or medical support class for excellence with heavy machine gun and the ability to revive fallen comrades. The decision on which class to play before you play will affect the progress of the severity of that fact for every kill or objective completed will earn experience points that allow you to pass grade and unlock better weapons and equipment. There is instead a global level that your ability to play and a specific level for each type of soldier, and if you continue to play with the assailant, for example, unlock bonus just for this class while the others remain stationary. For each there are seven more than a dozen unlockable weapons accessories such as grenades or land mines and endorsements for weapons that will allow you to add scopes or silencers more powerful. During your game you will be able to collect kits of equipment from corpses opponents style without changing thus inevitably wait for the respawn. There are also special weapons that are tied only to your level of play like the shotguns or light machine guns that can be selected as standard equipment regardless of class monitor. All these things together in addition to six maps per mode and DLC already planned for the future provide to online Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to prevail in the field of FPS and go to undermine the absolute leading position held until Modern Warfare today, thanks to support for dedicated servers, absent the last great chapter in the series competitor.

Minimum Requirements
OS: Windows XP
Processor: Core 2 Duo@2.0GHz
Memory: 2GB
Video Card: Graphics card with 256 MB (GeForce 7800 GT / ATI X1900)
DirectX ®: DirectX 9, 10 and 11 supported
Hard Drive: 15 GB

Recommended Requirements
OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad processor or higher
Memory: 2GB
Video Card: Graphics card with 512 MB (GeForce GTX 260 / ATI Radeon 4870)
Supported Controllers: Logitech G15 and G19 LCDs multiplayer

DICE gives us a second time the adventures of B-Company in this sparkling and exciting new chapter better in every respect than its predecessor. The target is centered in the middle, the gameplay is frantic and full of twists, the graphics engine renovated and pumped up makes the battles immersive sound also helped by a fund management and artificial intelligence respectable.
Compared to the past are gone all serious defects: the boring medikit infinite respawn single campaign that did turn up our noses at more than one player has been replaced by an automatic regeneration of wounds that can keep you focused on actions War and the fixed checkpoint classic FPS.
The difficulty well balanced allowing the player having to undertake more excited to get out of situations but not stress forcing him to repeat it ad nauseum to be able to cope. Despite the short campaign, the multiplayer is the part that will keep you busy for most of the time you spend in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and that will give you a good longevity of the same: excellent from all points of view have online play varied and well thought-leveling system that can make you move continuously to unlock bonus benefited from useful once you get off the field.
A new benchmark for the FPS genre that saw its vote undermined only by a single-player campaign with only six hours leave a little ‘bitter taste in the mouth once completed but we can say almost perfect in all other points of view.