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BioShock 2010 PC

In games on June 23, 2010 at 3:56 pm

There are moments in the history of video games, where something clicks and these moments are not timetabled or expected just a group of programmers, skill and intuition to create something that marks a new step in gaming entertainment evolutionary step: BioShock has marked one of those moments.
By now, many things have changed, partly because the title mentioned above, and evidence that must support his successor Bioshock 2 to reach the Hall of video games is even more difficult. Aware of this situation, the guys at 2K Marin, which has been entrusted the development of the title, have repeatedly said they want to create a sequel to eliminate all those little teething the first chapter, while developing a plot can compete with the latter, not only remains to go to analyze the final results to see if the programmers have succeeded in their intent or if BioShock represented by the emblematic beauty has been lost in this evolution.

Big Daddy was born, and I, modestly, I was born!
Rapture, 1958, beginning of civil war in the shoes of Delta Alpha prototype Big Daddy, we are called to accompany our sister, Eleanor, in the recovery of the substance behind Rapture ‘s ADAM. After struggling to defend the recombinant, we will be forced to suicide by the leader of one of two warring factions, Dr. Sophie Lamb. 1969, we wake up in the same pool where we collapsed, contacted by Dr. Tenembaum, old friend of the first episode, save for Eleanor and our other new Little Sisters.
The events recounted in this sequel to take place ten years after the end of Bioshock: Andrew Ryan after the fall of Rapture is not a new order collapsed, a new leader, took possession and aims to revive it with the sacrifice of the Sisters now mistreated. We are essentially unrelated to all this, we will have to choose only to maintain the ethics to achieve our goal, or rejoin our little Eleanor.
Our Eleanor, this milestone is based on the history of the title as a prototype Big Daddy, our relationship with the sister is completely different in nature from that of others of our race, we are emotionally and physically “linked” to a single sister, whose survival depends on proximity and our very existence. Not advance beyond the plot, but its progressive development will capture you, the large amount of audio-log and these dialogues will descend further into the history of Rapture and in ours, going to find interesting joints for users of the predecessor. The surprise factor is lacking, because the setting is not very different from the original, but good work can not bring to bear everything; Rapture Rapture is always the result of insane and brilliant minds. Leaders change, people die, but she will remain steadfast in its decline or rise again under a new form. This implementation will inevitably create a rift between the players, because many distorting this issue would create a brand new, other than Bioshock, while for others the title in question will be shared with a relatively constant nagging feeling of deja-du.

Bioshock 1.5
Bioshock 2 is essentially an evolution of the first chapter, which reoccurs the advantages and improves the defects, but no lack of novelty, which is not limited to the use of a Big Daddy as the protagonist, but as already stated in the review the console version, with some interesting additions.
These can be summarize in a few new enemies, a new battle interface and greater interaction with the Little Sister.
Under the appearance of new enemies, the most highly publicized and interesting appearance is represented by the Big Sister, a kind of evolving technology of Big Daddy, it manifests itself in the adult version of Little Sisters, which through a process of taking an ‘agile surprising, together with a remarkable physical strength and ability to use plasmids. Needless to say, their task will be to supervise the younger sisters, appearing after we decided to release them or drain, a warning screen background noise and I decided we will advise when these fearsome hunters will be on our tracks, leaving a few moments to prepare any strategy to address them. The fighting will prove to be fun and rewarding, as the sorellona are a nice variation of challenge, in addition to a very tight rhythm fighting, without considering that their defeat will allow us to seize the coveted ADAM. Other news on opponents is represented by Brute, an enhanced version of recombinants, with a tonnage and a not inconsiderable physical force that will put us in difficulty in the case of multiple battles.
In terms of gameplay, the main change introduced is the new interface of combat, its prototype embodying the Big Daddy, who has the ability to use plasmids and weapons simultaneously. This introduction facilitates and expands the possibilities offered by the offensive title, because we will not be taken as the first to use only the most offensive powers, but they can count on both arms and talents we can begin the experimentation and variety, combining weapons and plasmids until we discover the most suitable combination, aware that the possibility, though not endless, are quite numerous. To guarantee this variety will think of the many weapons at our disposal and the various plasmids: For the first, we will have a good arsenal provides different kinds of fire, as well as spectacular as a useful drill typical of the Big Daddy, will also attend a special gun can afford to bypass the turrets and cameras from a distance through a mini-game much easier than the first Bioshock, but useful to keep up the pace of the game. As for plasmids, the choice will be revealed extensive and varied, largely taken on the allocation of the first chapter, but enriched by better upgrades and some amusing variants are always present various incineration, shock and freezing darts. Moreover, the whole is enhanced by a considerable amount of tonic, partly taken from an old episode and partly totally new, very large sample in which we gradually discover and equip to benefit consistently effects such as increased armor, increased damage or speed, up to the possibility of restoring EVE with medical kits.
Finally, the relationship has been strengthened with the Sisters, the Big Daddy of our nature will allow us to combine them just like our “brothers”, but to accomplish this step we encroaching on the true guide, which will mean a tough fight for power of small. Once we had the better of the rival firm but not prohibitively difficult, we can decide whether to drain the Little Sister or whether to take with us in the first case we get a large amount of ADAM, while in the latter, we accompany the small hunting the precious substance, bringing it to drain the bodies of particular recombinants and defending it in the process of assimilation. These steps represent an interesting variation to the gameplay and adrenaline, as well as provide a small dose of ADAM, we put in the position of having to prepare the ground surrounding the impending collision by placing traps around the perimeter and by buying up kits and ammunition recovered . Once sucked the substance of two corpses, the sister must be accompanied by the pipes which used to go out, and at this point will be up to us to decide whether to free from the influence of the dangerous substance or drained and put an end, more malevolent, his suffering.
As in the past, the choices we have carried implications about the plot in an indirect manner, leading to various possible conclusions.
Regarding the factors that are almost identical from parent included in the series are primarily environmental, recombinant, Big Daddy, and finally how to progress in the adventure of life and the rooms, along with some arms and some Plasmid among those present.
But above all, Rapture. The city is just as we left it ten years ago, for better or worse, civil war has brought to power Dr. Lamb, but the situation has not changed, the streets are full of crazy recombinant ready to kill and dismember any So come between them and the ADAM. The feeling of loss and anxiety is fully implemented, as happened in the past, the choice of programs was not likely to overturn a cornerstone of the success of the brand while lukewarm tempting to give a little more, with irregular but beautiful undersea walking in an area of the metropolis to another. Is inevitable for the users of the original feeling of being already seen, but the environment remains a major impact.
Regarding the enemies, the recombinant will be the majority of opponents we will face and how our position in the food chain of Big Daddy seems to assume a certain superiority, we will often retract it under the assault of well organized and armed groups, also the advent of Big Sister has done everything except overshadow the Big Daddy. These scenarios will be around ready to support the Little Sisters, but even if we had released or consumed by all defeating their protectors, others appear to make the place walking around like automatons to the scenarios, we are ready to respond to any hostile attitude, not are as agile and can not use sorellona plasmids but had little firepower and armor that can wipe us out if we decide to bother them without proper precautions.
Finally, progress will be marked in the narrative, as in the predecessor, the indications that we will be given by radio from Tenembaum and beyond will also return the love-hate rooms of life, which if used wisely without danger of ruin ‘ gaming experience, providing a continuous respawn to destroy any sense of constant tension.

Suspended In Time ….
The old suit, dusted and polished, defends himself well in times to come, this must have thought programmers against the graphics of the title. The result is nonetheless appreciated, thanks for a great job of optimizing and cleaning can defend themselves very well and compete with many titles today, without reaching the top. The style is not lacking, and the ability to set each parameter until the maximum resolution of 1980×1200 with settings, now fully in standard play for the title that sees so lighten what is likely to be the Achilles heel of Production. Unfortunately, to report the lack of support true widescreen, set this mode when it will be with a “cut” the screen to fit the selected format, either 16:9 or 16:10.
The fund is without sound but, once again, delighted. 60s music, sound effects, dialogues, everything has been carefully edited, able to dive again into the atmosphere of the decaying underwater city, and the wise use of environmental effects and voices of replicators contribute to maintaining high level of tension and anxiety player. Just dubbing deserves an honorable mention, with actors much in the mood and dialogue well written.
Much work has also been done on optimizing the interface and controls, in addition to the traditional keyboard and mouse combination tested so dear to the FPS were used for the selection of plasmids and weapons, respectively, function and numeric keys, the whole works very well and allows for excellent use of the title. This variation of ‘PC version of HUD, however, opened the door to another problem, namely the lack of support for traditional gamepad, which quickly create discontent among users.
Longevity is around today’s production levels, hovering around 10-15 hours to complete the adventure, depending on the time devoted to research and explore every corner of Rapture, is guaranteed a fair amount of replayability date different from the final which will take us to our moral choices.

Runs year 1959, and civil war in Rapture has just broken out, so we are called to fight for Sinclair Solution in order to evolve through the acquisition of ADAM in what is practically a big lab experiment. With this simple but effective incipit is introduced multiplayer title, which beyond any doubt or concern, it shows well made and enjoyable, despite the single-player component is undoubtedly the backbone of BioShock 2, the implementation of sector Multiplayer proves more than a simple addition function.
To challenge the other recombinants in the race to survive, we have several ways:
Survival: Classic deathmatch-all.
Civil War: Team Deathmatch mode.
Capturing the Little Sister: Variation of the classic capture the flag, turn the two teams will alternate between defending his sister and capture to bring to a duct.
Conquest: How to teams where we win and keep possession of the various control points.
Protect The ADAM: in single or teams mode, where we take and protect his sister by a certain time acquiring the ADAM.
Last recombinant: How to survive without teams fall in which he won the last or the majority of recombinant surviving after the game.
Inevitable also the chance to become Big Daddy in the game, simply finding the suit and taking possession, in this mode we will be armed with nail guns and mines to close, as well as having a strength and endurance much higher.
Last but not least, we have introduced a system of character growth that gradually unlock new upgrades, as well as a trophy during the game to achieve certain objectives, which will provide experience bonus.
The only sour note, the multiplayer can not count on the support of the LAN, then it will be impossible to compete in local network with their friends.

Minimum requirements:
-OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
– Processor: AMD Athlon 64 processor 3800 + 2.4Ghz or faster, Intel Pentium 4 530 3.0Ghz or higher
– Memory: 2GB
– Graphics Card: NVIDIA 7800GT 256MB or higher, ATI Radeon X1900 256MB or higher
– DirectX 9.0c
– Hard Drive: 11GB
– Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

Recommended Requirements:
– Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200 + Dual Core 2.60Ghz, Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 Dual Core 2.13GHz
– Memory: 3GB
– Graphics Card: NVIDIA 8800GT 512MB or higher, ATI Radeon HD4830 512MB or higher

Ultimately, the return to Rapture has been very intense and intriguing, the title has lost some magic on the originality of three years ago, as was expected, but its environment remains one of the most charming and well kept landscape of gaming . We are dealing with a masterpiece that pays a dear duty to his predecessor, as it follows the example by offering a limited amount of new ideas, the plot is very well made and exposed to a player, but the charisma of the antagonists in this sequel loses hammer blow, though the figures of the past have not disappeared completely. At a technical level we have not made those great strides that were expected, however this feature is partly hidden by the style and rendering graphics better on PC. The audio industry is Mighty, the gameplay has made great strides and longevity in single equals the average production today, has given further impetus by a multi-sector quality.
We find ourselves before the milestone was its predecessor, but Bioshock 2 is a title of note, worthy of being part of the toy library of every enthusiast.