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Electric shock to learn math

In games on December 8, 2010 at 12:49 pm

The human brain is an organ with an incredible potential beyond that science has yet to determine its full capabilities.While the idea may seem risky sight, a group of researchers would have shown that applying electrical brain stimulation could rise your performance on mathematical exercises for a considerable time without affecting other functions and cause damage.

More careful we may have, there is always an opportunity in which electricity reminds us that is there, and demand respect constantly. Not necessarily have to be electricity network, since a little static accumulated will make us to leapfrog surprise and unpleasant. But used properly, electricity has provided us with incalculable benefits. Electricity has also had its degree of presence in medicine.Famous shock therapies were widely used in different psychiatric boxes during the last century, but with the advancement of drugs, are only very specific cases and complexes (some very advanced levels of depression, for example) that you can still use it.Therefore, the idea of giving shocks voluntarily may not seem entirely rational, unless they are suffering from any limitation.

Stimulation is applied in the parietal lobe, highlighted in color (source: Wikipedia)

A group of researchers at the University of Oxford have developed a method non-invasive brain stimulation known as stream direct Transcraneal, through which a mild electrical current is applied to increase or decrease the neuronal activity stimulation. There are many medical conditions in which a patient may lose either partial or total ability to perform and/or understand mathematical operations. In testing, study participants had a normal mathematical ability, but after receiving stimulation in the parietal lobe, capacity study participants increased significantly, assimilating numbers and formulas that had not seen before, and the “effects” (if we can call them that), lasted for a period of six months.

Now, before they leave running towards the outlet, wait.One thing to boost the speed of a person with no special mathematical learning, and a completely different is to improve the mathematical ability of someone who has suffered some kind of brain trauma, or who has been diagnosed with dyscalculia.If you work in these cases, progress would rather than significant.Those suffering from conditions of understanding mathematical reduced are unable to perform basic as read the quantities of ingredients to a recipe, or determine how much money you have in your pocket.All attend which improve the quality of life, is welcome.


Catalonia launches its electric bike

In games on November 1, 2010 at 5:07 pm

Although it is not the first electric bike to be marketed in Spain, if represents the bet a traditional motorcycle brand on the market of vehicles two wheels running on batteries.  Rieju, Catalan company with great tradition, intends to include a motorcycle electrical catalogue so that the public has her bulk and through its official dealers.Want to produce the model for the year 2011 and release it at a reasonable price.

Rieju plans to join a big wheel electric scooter its catalog of offerings to compete with traditional gasoline models. The company Girona will to produce the vehicle in its factories through the joint development of five Catalan companies that have coordinated to achieve a comprehensive, modern and attractive design for the public at large.These entirely regional companies have collaborated from design until the same I + d.This is Arianetech engineering JJuan, Guilera, BEoN automotive, Advanced Frame Technology. All participating companies are integrated package of momentum for the electric bike which has formalized the Generalitat of Catalonia in its cluster of Moto and aims to promote the use of two-wheeled electric vehicle.

General appearance identical to any scooter petrol in their category

The bike has been named as MIUS 4.0 and is intended to be operational in 2011, when Rieju have ready your production plan. This curious high wheel Scooter has some very advanced features, it can connect to the computer to configure, for example, the power or receive a diagnosis about your condition. You can also connect a GPS navigation system or an iPhone, the famous Apple phone. In general terms, the bike does not distinguish a model powered by engine combustion. Takes battery lithium ion (900 €) hidden in the hole below of the seat and the other components are the same ones used for burning oil (suspension, chassis, brakes, plastics, etc.) models.

Their performance specifications nor awestruck and give us a feeling of having everything seen. Presents an autonomy of about 50 km in town. His recharge does not require any adapter, but is connected to the current through any outlet and takes about 6 hours to be 100%. Battery, used daily, lifecycle round three years and reaches in plain of 65 km/h, as it weighs half that of a gasoline engine vehicle.And its price, somewhat expensive to compete with traditional engine models: 4000 €.Anyway, the cost per kilometre of this motorcycle is 7 times less than a traditional bike with similar benefits.Shall be taken into account to see if offset us its acquisition. Whatever the case, the Catalans have your first electric bike designed entirely by brands in the region.Components and spare parts are manufactured in Catalonia, except tyres.Everything’s at home, then.