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Sinclair X-1: futuristic bike motor

In games on November 28, 2010 at 2:13 pm

We could call him also electric two-wheeled car because concepts are approaching both that there comes a time in which it is difficult to separate them. Whatever the case, an old acquaintance of the computer world presented us a bike that works cycling but assisted -powered batteries and protects you from the weather.In addition, a more relaxed and pleasant, with a margin of safety added thanks to its rigid outer structure driving position lets you are willing to pay what it costs.

Many of those who read our page are so young that it may not recognize the name with which this bike has been named. However, Clive Sinclair represents an unforgettable time in the first steps of the universal computer.The oldest place we can talk first-hand how were those times and how Mr Sinclair (Steve Jobs 1980s) revolutionized the digital era with its mythical first computer in the modern era of personal computing, the ZX80.Then improved, bringing to market another myth called ZX81, and finally reached the Summit on his third attempt, with the acclaimed ZX Spectrum, which became the King of games. Paradoxically, the company went bankrupt because of a failed project called Sinclair C5 electric car, and since then have not lifted head.

What was before, egg or bike?

It seems that they want to recover and start a new journey not roads of the electric vehicle.The new equipment, baptized as Sinclair X-1, mixed concepts and tries to convert an electric bike in a kind of minor two-wheeled car. To have the advantages of others. Prima excessively the economy costs because your small engine batteries barely reaches the 190 w. also have careful too in finishes or in the equipment, but we must not forget that you it’s a simple bicycle, by very futuristic make. This allows adjusting manufacturing costs and to launch a very curious bike content priced (700 €).

You invented this mythical computer is the same that makes the X-1

Weighs about 30 kg, its monocoque chassis supports tubular structure containing the seat and overlooking the protective shell egg shape.It has a horizontal pedalboard with which you can exert the force required to move around, being assisted by the battery when the slopes you get in a bind.The armchair increases comfort with the usual conventional bicycles and plastic casing adds protection against the weather that do not have this type of vehicle. However, by the hollow side can enter the rain and the water you sprinkle others.In this regard have been left midway.Nor carries wiper, therefore, the vision in the middle of a storm unlikely to be strong.Us consolamos thinking that if you fall, rodarás as an egg and you will not do damage.